Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SF Giants Payroll Manager Woman Arrested for $1.5 Million Embezzlement

There's been yet another crazy female embezzlement story much like those I've been reporting on over the past few months.  I've been posting for quite some time about an epidemic of middle aged women who've been siphoning hundreds of thousands of dollars from their employers into their personal bank accounts.  According to Marquet International, authors of the Fraud Talk Blog that specializes in monitoring fraud trends, this epidemic is based primarily in greed.

Robin O'Connor, 41, who had an $80,000 salary as a payroll manager, is facing federal charges of wire fraud being accused of a $1.5 million swindle from the San Francisco Giants baseball team.
"Giants' management confronted O'Connor on July 6, in the team's China Basin offices, where she admitted diverting $608,562 to her personal accounts without authorization, and to forging the letter to the bank seeking a loan to buy a home in San Diego, according to the court affidavit. She was dismissed that day. She also agreed to return the amount she confessed to have stolen, and the money was wired back to the team, the affidavit said.
The Giants then conducted further reviews and found additional suspicious deposits into O'Connor's accounts - money that allegedly was intended for nine different Giants' employees, according to the affidavit. In all, the amount that had been misdirected to O'Connor's accounts totaled $1,513,836.28, the affidavit stated. She sometimes worked on a team-issued laptop from her home in American Canyon." SF Giants Payroll Manager Accused of Embezzlement -

A front office employee of the San Francisco Giants has been arrested on Federal charges, accused of embezzling more than a million dollars from player accounts.

"Here's how the scheme unraveled. Last month, O'Connor applied for a loan to buy a house in San Diego. The affidavit says she forged a letter from the Giants' HR manager, explaining large deposits into O'Connor's account 'Because of her outstanding contributions ... that assisted us in accomplishing our goal of winning the 2010 World Series, she was given two additional payments of compensation in May 2011. $100,090.71 and $200,348.89.'
When the lender, Bank of America, sent a copy of the letter to the Giants for confirmation, it was over." - Giants Payroll Manager Charged With Embezzling Player Money -

Here's Robin's Facebook page job description:
"My roles over the years have involved daily contact with several departments within a company. I am extremely knowledgeable in the payroll tax area, and I have acted as a liaison with Local, State and Federal Governments and other external agencies to provide any required information as well as resolving any problems (e.g., such as paying back the hundreds of thousands she stole into her personal bank accounts?).  I have numerous years of experience managing staff, interviewing, hiring and training personnel as necessary."
For the latest hot off the press embezzlement cases, visit Fraud Talk Blog

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Smart People Don't Ignore Symptoms of a Parasitic Government

The amazing thing about the human immune system is when it begins breaking down, we often note the symptoms giving full warning of approaching illness.  Smart people use their symptoms positively to defeat the problem while others often ignore them until it's too late.  We call those who ignore symptoms as being people in denial.  We all know what happens to people who ignore their symptoms in spite of the fact their bodies urgently try to forewarn them.  These people often end up dying of diseases that could have easily been prevented with a little knowledge and proper intervention.

What our society currently has are symptoms of a sick government and its so called legal system.  Right now, courts all over the country are complaining to the public by issuing press releases.  For instance, the San Francisco Superior Court has been fear mongering over budget cutbacks requiring staff layoffs they say will greatly hinder justice.
"Justice as we know it today in San Francisco will be dismantled," Presiding Judge Katherine Feinstein said. I can't emphasize enough just how devastating this would be for our Court and for all people who depend on us. In short, justice will be on hiatus." SF Superior Court Preparing for Unprecedented Layoffs - SF
Why can some states not afford fully staffed court services?  What is this symptom that tax payers can't afford their own legal system any longer? My guess is the "host", otherwise known as the tax payer and public at large, is dying from a huge parasite sucking the life out of it, otherwise known as the government.  In responding to an article about alleged forthcoming layoffs of San Francisco Superior Court, one commenter posts:
"The real cash cow of the San Francisco Superior Court is the Probate Division. Corrupt fiduciaries, conservators, attorneys, commissioners and judges have perfected the white collar crime of the century. Together they steal our loved one's (grandparents, parents, etc.) life savings. They prey on the elderly and the disabled and call it a conservatorship. These monsters are court appointed by judges and/or commissioners who instead of protecting our constitutional rights and upholding the law have chosen to line their own pockets with the hard earned money of our elderly and disabled population. The probate system in San Francisco generates hundreds of millions of dollars each year for themselves instead of the intended heirs. Can you say class action?"
When the court system uses justice as a marketing ploy to the public, let's examine what kind of justice it really provides to warrant such a huge expense to its citizens. Though we occasionally hear about police officers and judges being convicted for crimes, there are many cases where serious offenses are given a slap on the wrist proving alleged justice is nothing more than a selective highly controlled rigged game.  Take the veteran Chicago police officer who swindled an elderly man with Alzheimer's out of his $1 million estate.

In sentencing former police officer Donald Owsley, 63, for financial exploitation of the elderly and forgery, a judge cited a number of letters sent to him from Owsley's former colleagues as well as his history as a police officer.  The judge's citing these factors prove beyond a reasonable doubt that one can commit a serious crime and get away with it as long as they are a police officer.  Owsley faced a possible 15 year prison sentence. In the name of "justice" of and for itself, the system gave Officer Owsley a slap on the wrist of a mere 3 years probation for his offense.  Additionally, the former officer made a killing profiting from his crime when he was only fined $36K for a $1 million scheme:
"Authorities alleged that in 1999 Owsley met Theodore Hoellen, then in his 80s, after a neighbor contacted police with concerns about Hoellen's mental state. Hoellen is now deceased.  Authorities contended that over time Owsley persuaded Hoellen to sign over his Northwest Side residence as well as investment accounts worth a combined $1 million.

Owsley was charged criminally in late 2004 hours after a Cook County judge, ruling in a civil lawsuit filed by the Cook County public guardian's office, found that the officer had swindled Hoellen out of his estate.  The public guardian alleged at the time that Owsley attempted the same scheme on three other elderly victims, but he was charged criminally in only the Hoellen case." - Probation For Cop who Cheated Man Out of $1M - Chicago Tribune
In my opinion, when a police officer violates the public trust and law, he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law not given any special privileges.  The reason for not giving leniency to a police officer would be to discourage others from using their positions to commit crimes as such.   If an officer believes he can use his friends to send letters to the judge where he receives ego praise and support that a judge such acknowledges, it is clear the government no longer serves the people or Constitution.  This case proves my theory that police officers are above the law on a wide scale, free to commit perjury to victimize innocent people while being granted special powers and authority over them.  It's a dangerous precedent the courts set covering up for serious criminal offenses as such.

In another sign of government approved corruption,  in its article Cheats On The Beat, The Sun reported that police officers in the U.K. convicted of criminal offenses while on the job are allowed to remain on the force.   The officer's crimes, including DUI's, assault, Class A drug possession, were revealed under a Freedom of Information Act request.

"COPS convicted of serious offences are being allowed to remain on the beat, police bosses have been forced to reveal.

Thirteen criminal officers have kept their jobs in London's Met - Britain's biggest police force - since 2008. And dozens more in Britain's other 42 constabularies are believed to have been allowed to stay too." Cheats On The Beat - The Sun
What these kind of facts all point to is government being above the law.  There's one set of laws for you and another set of laws for police officers and judges.  To learn more of how a corrupt government operates, all one has to do is research parasites.  Parasites are the best metaphor to use in describing how governments grow in abnormal fashions to oppress citizens.

Monday, August 29, 2011

U.S. Federal Gestapo's Targeting American Companies For Extinction

I might agree there are too many lousy guitarists in this day and age, but that doesn't give the U.S. Federal government the right to raid manufacturer's such as Gibson Guitar without any lawful reason as it has twice the past two years. 
"For the second time in two years, armed federal agents have illegally raided the manufacturing facilities of Gibson Guitars Corp., this time confiscating more than a million dollars worth of imported wood and ebony -- and they did so without proper notice or warning, without any valid reason, and without lawful charges of any kind." Federal Gestapo Illegally Raid Gibson Guitar Factories. . . . Natural

The real issue: Gibson's CEO Henry Juskiewicz's "guilty" of recently hiring 580 workers in the United States against the plans of those who want to ship all U.S. jobs overseas the benefit the world economy.

It seems the real reason why the Feds are upset with Gibson is they refuse to outsource their manufacturing overseas against the wishes of the one world economy fiends.  It's become crystal clear businesses that manufacture or farm in the U.S. are being targeted for extinction by a gestapo based Federal government. 
"While many other US instrument manufacturers have outsourced production to other companies, Gibson has hired 580 American employees in the past two years alone, which build its guitars domestically. It is one of the few major US companies that still produces a tangible, valuable product within the country's borders, and one that is led by a humble and forthcoming CEO Henry Juskiewicz who has chosen to stick his own neck out on the line in defense of his company and his employees." Federal Gestapo Illegally Raid Gibson Guitar Factories. . . . Natural
People who own Gibson guitars are also affected by the insane acts of a pirate government that will confiscate their instruments at airports under the Lacey Act:
"In the meantime, those who own Gibson guitars, and potentially even guitars of other brands, may want to prepare themselves for potential targeting by the federal government as well. The vague wording of the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Lacey Act of 2008, which is the law that was somehow used to warrant the Gibson raids, places all guitar owners and resellers in the cross fire of potential federal scrutiny.

"According to [The Lacey Act], if you bought a guitar from us and you resell it, you are criminally liable," stated Juszkiewicz. "Everyone who touches the product, the store owner who sells that guitar, is criminally liable. It doesn't matter whether you knew or not that there was some issue here. It's a pretty dangerous precedent in my opinion." Federal Gestapo Illegally Raid Gibson Guitar Factories. . . . Natural
It has now come to this, buy or sell a Gibson guitar go to jail!  Keep in mind what's being done to Gibson USA and other businesses is without any due process whatsoever.  The Feds strongly rely on their SWAT raids to create an appearance to the public of wrong doing of a company.

Gibson Guitar Chief Denies Wrongdoing After Raids - The Tennessean

Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Time To Dismantle The FDA As A Domestic Terrorist Mafia Group Of Thugs

I'm so disgusted with the actions of the FDA as reported last week by Mike Adams in his Natural News investigative story FDA Wages Secret War On Raw Milk Farmers Using KGB-Style Spying and Infiltration Techniques, it just makes my stomach turn.  These people at the FDA are off their rockers!  Something needs to be done about the nut jobs at the FDA before they go even more nuclear.

In his story, Mike Adams sadly reveals the truth many Americans don't want to know:

"That this situation exists in the United States today is a disturbing and powerful commentary on the runaway power of regulatory agencies which have essentially built their own lawless kingdoms of power, subject to no law and no checks or balances.
The FDA, in particular, simply writes its own law without any congressional approval whatsoever. It wages its own secret wars, runs its own spy network and is essentially rising up to become its own secret police organization (or terrorist group). None of this has ever been approved by Congress. The head of the FDA is not elected by the voters. And President Obama is either unaware that all this is going on or refuses to do anything about it. (President Bush did nothing about it, either, and you can bet that unless the next President is Ron Paul, this same look-the-other-way attitude will continue at the White House)." - Natural
Throughout this blog I've posted about the outrageous activities of the FDA's SWAT style raids and oppression of several health food companies and private businesses such as Rawesome Foods in Venice, CA.  (See posts FDA Terrorists Seize Elderberry Concentrate As Unapproved Drug,  Surprise! FDA Exposes Itself As Terrorist Organization,  U.S. Government Terrorists Are Stealing And Destroying REAL Foods From Americans)

The behavior of the FDA is nothing short of crooks out to destroy viable business and health based farm enterprises on behalf of those who wish to maintain a monopoly in the marketplace.  The FDA is essentially using large amounts of tax payer funds to commit Mafia-like organized crime against legitimate farmers and U.S. businesses.  Based on the facts, it's clear the FDA's behaving much like a Mafia operating as spies and hit men on behalf of the greedy criminal corporations like Monsanto that bribe them.

Something needs to be done to investigate and dismantle this horrifying government terrorist group that's been operating outside the law and authority of the U.S. Congress.  Please, everyone notify their congressional representative demanding an end to the FDA's unlawful, unauthorized activities against lawful American citizens and businesses before it's too late.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

New York Under Siege: Suspicious Earthquake, Hurricane on Eve of 9/11 Ten Year Anniversary

At one time, one of the few things New Yorkers could say about living in their city was "at least we don't have to deal with earthquakes" but now even that's changed overnight.  If that wasn't bad enough, the USGS has warned the recent Virginia based quake may even be just a forewarning of a much larger one to come.  That sounds very strange, I've never heard such a panic based warning from the USGS before.  Rarely does the USGS ever start frightening Californians after a large quake.
"Minutes after the quake, the director of the USGS, Marcia McNutt -- who watched objects falling from the shelves in her office -- cautioned that the shaking might not be over. 'What the concern is, of course, is that this is a foreshock. If it's a foreshock, then the worst is yet to come,' McNutt told The Washington Post." - USGS Warns Virginia Quake May Be a Foreshock - International Business Times
I did a little research on the net to come across the possibility this was a manufactured event due to what they call "fracking".
"Experts are looking for a reason behind Tuesday afternoon’s unlikely 5.8 magnitude earthquake that shook people up and down the East Coast, and some are saying that a recent rise in fracking could be the culprit.

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” is the man-made splintering of underground rocks to expedite the exploiting of natural resources. It’s become a widespread phenomenon since its introduction in 2004, and though the practice can help increase supplies of oil and gas without reaching out internationally for imports, the result it can have on the geological make-up of the Earth can be ravaging. Now some experts say the rise in fracking could be to blame for yesterday’s quake." - Fracking Could Have Caused East Coast Earthquake - Global Research - Center for Research on Globalization
Now a huge hurricane storm is headed for New York they say could possibly cause devastating flooding to cripple its infrastructure for weeks if not months. See 65 Million Await Irene's Wrath As Hurricane Swirls North -  I just can't help feel this has all been coordinated for the 9/11 anniversary in some way since these are all historical events of great magnitude.  We already know the government can manipulate the weather using HAARP and cloud seeding.  It just seems very suspicious the timing of it all.

Last year New Yorkers dealt with one of the worst winters in their history referred to as The Great North American Blizzard of 2010. 
The Great North American Blizzard of 2010 was a big storm, walloping places like Washington, D.C. with more snow than they had seen in decades.  By Friday, February 12, for the first time anyone could remember, there was snow on the ground in at least 49 of the 50 states.  (We say “at least” because there seems to be some debate whether any of Hawaii’s mountain peaks carried a dusting of white stuff that day.)  - Snow Day! The 6 Worst Storms in US History - Shmoop

It seems New York's been targeted for destruction one way or another. Even the historic landmark Statute of Liberty's closing for a one year renovation. See Statute of Liberty Will Close For a Year to Improve Safety - NYTimes.  My intuition tells me the statue will be blown to bits one day just like in the ending of the 1960's classic version of the Planet of the Apes.  In fact, prior to 9/11 I had experienced a nightmare witnessing the Statute of Liberty about to be hit by a missile, then woke up.  It was an especially troubling dream since I've never been to New York ever before in my life.

Let's hope New Yorkers will show the world how strong they are once again.  People all over the world are praying for their and others' safety on the East Coast.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Americans Need To Find Their Groove Thing Fast!

People who've been depending on corporate America for their income better start getting real because the world's changing fast!  I was talking with a frequent client yesterday, a trust estate attorney, who shared his view one of the reasons the U.S. economy has changed so dramatically is that accessible technology coupled with the Internet revolutionized how people conduct business at any geographic location in the world.  Consequently, many U.S. corporations have successfully dodged corporate taxes by placing their businesses overseas while avoiding paying higher U.S. wages and benefits to employees.

Americans who are still asleep in the old business model better wake up fast because they haven't seen anything yet regarding the massive layoffs forthcoming.
"Do you have friends, neighbors and relatives that can't find work?  Well, unfortunately the current U.S. jobs famine is about to get a whole lot worse.  Right now there are approximately 13.9 million unemployed Americans.  That does not count those that 'are not looking for work'.  That does not count those that are working part-time jobs but that are desperate for full-time work.  The truth is that we need tens of millions more full-time jobs in order to give one to everyone that wants one.  - Wake Up America! 10 Very Obvious Reasons By The Devastating U.S. Jobs Famine Is Going To Suck The Hope Right Out Of America - The Economic Collapse Blog
When major long standing law firms began collapsing in San Francisco a few years ago (i.e., Brobeck LLP, Heller, Ehrman LLP and others), employees were utterly blind sided having no idea the trouble their firms were in.  In fact, yesterday I performed a loan signing for a former Heller employee who shared that she took time off after the firm's collapse to get a paralegal certificate as I did.  I couldn't help but notice the lady's at another major law firm that once again could possibly collapse based on today's deplorable economic conditions and intense competition.

Like these law firm employees, many Americans still live in a bubble world oblivious to the danger posed to their futures for their not adjusting to the new world economy.  These dramatic changes need to be understood as something Americans can't remain in denial about without suffering consequences over.  Not even government jobs and pensions are safe anymore!

The first thing Americans should consider in facing this tidal wave of change is they will need to take responsibility for their own lives and not look to a corporation or business entity to take care of them, let alone the government.  The time is now to look around to see what one's local community needs in terms of business services. In order to survive what's to come, people also need to take a hard look at time management.  Living off a corporation's former wealth and prestige just doesn't cut it in this world any longer, those days are quickly fading.
"We are steamrolling toward a massive global debt meltdown, and at this point world leaders seem to be all out of solutions.  Over the last 30 years or so, the greatest debt bubble in the history of the planet has produced unprecedented prosperity in the western world.  But now that debt bubble is starting to burst and the bills are coming due."  - 3, 2, 1: Global Debt Meltdown - The Economic Collapse Blog
Surely those in corporate America have learned something and developed their professional skills enough to start their own sole proprietor businesses couldn't they?  In this age of social networking,  these employees could give birth to a new business enterprise with a little time, planning and effort.  Internet and cell phone technology provides so much opportunity for people to empower their own lives and those of others.

Americans who still want the old style business model for employment are refusing to acknowledge they need to change their way of life and thinking.  Americans need to find their groove thing fast because time's running out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Washington D.C. Gets a Crooked Crack Whore Monument

It was a very strange day yesterday to say the least.  I kept getting multiple strange phone calls from a client I saw earlier in the day whose name popped up on my iPhone.  What was on the other end of the line sounded like a poltergeist.  When I immediately called back the phone was answered with the same strange noises.  I waited a few hours finally getting the client on the line who profusely apologized she had put her phone in her purse that had apparently been auto dialing me.  That was all well in good but it didn't explain how the phone got answered from her purse.  How could a phone answer itself?

If the phone mystery wasn't creepy enough, later that evening I was reading up on the East Coast earthquake.  Just as I read the headline that had the word earthquake in it, a 3.6 earthquake rocked San Francisco at 11:37 p.m.. PCT  I couldn't believe it!  Then, a few minutes later something began happening with my eye site.  A section of my left eye seemed to be looking through a glass prism of multiple colored refracted lights. I closed my eyes to rest them a moment and there was a yellow tinted light as if I was outside in the sun, not the typical darkness when one closes their eyes. There was also a high frequency ringing in my left ear.  My first inclination was to think it was my new super turbo vitamin LifePak supplements I took a few hours prior, but could it possibly have something to do with a planetary awakening of some sort?

There seems to be a lot of uptick earthquake activity lately picking up in the U.S..   Here's an outstanding video with a likely explanation as to why unusually placed earthquakes are happening.

The Dutchsinse Channel covers a lot of information daily on earthquakes worldwide and has a few things to say about the pattern of recent U.S. earthquakes (Colorado, etc.)

In this clip a D.C. police officer is purportedly concerned about the Washington Monument tilting.  He should be more concerned over Washington's blatant corruption more than a stupid  monument.

The Washington officials are purportedly now trying to cover-up the Washington Monument's tilted saying it was nothing but a rumor.  Maybe they're afraid it will catch on that Washington's cracked tilted monument symbolizes something that's really happening.  See my post A Pathetic Crack Whore U.S. Government Asks Public for Handouts - July 29, 2011

I can't help but wonder if Comet Elenin and/or Planet Nibiru have anything to do with all this strange earthquake activity, not only in the U.S., but all over the world.  As previously posted, Comet Elenin is set to line up with our planet on September 25, 2011 and large earthquakes are anticipated.  People should prepare by getting plenty of canned and dried foods, water and emergency supplies.  I get my supplies at and

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fox News Exposed By Whistle Blowing Journalists As Fraud News Organization

For those who really want to know the quality of news they're receiving from the corporate based media, I found the perfect video that proves the inner workings at Fox News that will blow your minds.  The video proves Fox News works on behalf of corporations like Monsanto to cover up the truth such as that antibiotic based milk poses a danger to human health. In fact, the Monsanto antibiotics posed such a danger to human health that even Canada's government rejected them!

Back in 2008 when former Fox news journalists Steve Wilson and Jane Akre uncovered evidence exposing Fox News, Monsanto and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA)  for covering up the human health hazards of Monsanto's antibiotic bovine products in mass produced milk, they were first asked to lie to the public with a corporate attorney's edits. When they refused to alter the truth and lie to the public they were then offered a bribe to shut up with a full year's salary.  When the journalists both refused to succumb to such outrageous intimidation of their employer Fox news, they were fired allegedly for no cause.

Sadly, there are plenty of Americans who want to be lied to who don't want to know the horrible truth.  For those who really do want to know if antibiotic laced milk is safe to drink and whether Fox News lies to them, this jaw dropping ten minute video will answer all of of their questions.

The whistle blowing Fox journalists were eventually fired for doing their jobs to investigate and uncover the truth.

A U.S. Court of Appeals later ruled against the journalists for their lawsuit based on the fact it's not unlawful to provide untruthful news stories.  We now have 100% factually based evidence there are no checks and balances in the corporate media for telling the truth to the American people. The major media clearly works on behalf of corporations, corporate lawyers and government interests as a mouthpiece to protect its own interests.  Anyone who could possibly continue to watch corporate controlled major media programs knowing full well these disclosed facts clearly wants to be lied to.

Meanwhile, the FDA's busy launching SWAT team raids on fruit juice companies and raw milk private membership establishments as I posted about the past few months. See, FDA Terrorists Seize Elderberry Concentrate as Unapproved Drug, and U.S. Government Terrorists Are Stealing And Destroying REAL Foods From Americans.  

Based on this information,  one can easily observe how a matrix has been formed between the corporations, major media, government and courts to present a false reality to the American public. What makes this all most despicable is they could care less if the antibiotics endangers people's health.

I will never buy another carton of mass produced milk, not even instant milk, as long as I live.  As for Faux News, they should be mocked for what they really are, a corporate based infomercial news service.  Other major news organizations aren't too far behind being on equal footing with the despicable practices of Fox News.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Surprise! U.S. Politicians Embezzled Social Security Funds To Supplement Tax Cuts For Wealthy

As many are waking up to the fact members of Congress have been stealing from the U.S. tax payers' Social Security fund, I like to use the example of the widespread problem of your average American employee who embezzles for years from an unsuspecting employer prior to finally getting caught.  If these every day folks believe they can get away with embezzling their employer out of thousands if not millions of dollars, imagine what those in Congress have gotten away with as professionally polished politicians stealing from a faceless large body of tax payers?

The thought of such massive theft is quite mind numbing -- why should anyone even bother to wonder why our Social Security fund is quickly collapsing? Our crook politicians put their grubby little hands into the SS fund cookie jar issuing an I.O.U., that's why!  The scoundrels in Congress even used the I.O.U. to enable tax cuts for the rich according to one article.
Yes, folks, Social Security has been funding tax cuts for the rich. Only Congress can get away with creating a Ponzi scheme to cover up embezzlement - Will Congress Pay Its Huge I.O.U. to Social Security -  Las Vegas Sun
Many of these politicians are now even referring to social security as an alleged "entitlement program".  See Many Baby Boomers Will Work As Wage Slaves Until They Drop Dead - The Economic Collapse Blog

This video provides facts on how members of the U.S. government are clearly profiting from raping the American people. Also see House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's Wealth Grows 62% under Obama Administration. -

It might help naive and trusting Americans understand how dire our situation has become by beginning to accept the fact all politicians are embezzlers and extortionists of  U.S. tax payers with very few exceptions.  The advantage our politicians have is they have a criminal wall street based political system to protect their interests.  For instance, did you know members of Congress are exempt from insider trading laws?

The following cases are presented on the Fraud Talk Blog about common every day American employees who find insidious ways of getting to their employers' money.  They care not if their employer is a charitable organization, a foundation that benefits the public, or even a police department.  One could speculate these folks are wanna be politicians being just your every day type of Americans who, unlike many professional politicians, got their hands caught in the cookie jar.

California Woman Charged with Embezzling $700K from Police Department.  
Karen Flores, believed to be in her mid-40s, of Santa Ynez, California has been accused of embezzling at least $100,000 from the Santa Barbara Police Department where she had served as its longtime business office supervisor.  According to authorities, Flores could have stolen as much as $700,000, although the final tally has yet to be determined.  The thefts allegedly spanned at least a 5 1/2 year period from January 1, 2006 to August 4, 2011, according to prosecutors.  Flores allegedly skimmed receipts from parking violations and street sweeping citations.  Flores is reportedly a 22 year veteran of the Department and held the business office supervisor position for the past 15 years.  Read the story here and here.

California Charter Finance Director Accused of Embezzling $400K
Sheila Accornero, 42, of Cloverdale, California, has been charged with embezzling nearly $400,000 from the Kid Street Learning Center Charter School in Santa Rosa where she had been employed as finance manager.  According to authorities, Accornero forged the signature of the charter school's executive director on numerous checks written out to herself over a period of at least three years.  Read the story herehere and here.

Texas Woman Indicted for Allegedly Embezzling $237K from Local Non-Profit
Debra Brown, 51, of San Angelo, Texas, has been indicted on charges she embezzled more than $237,000 from the Children's Advocacy Center of Tom Green County, a local non-profit organization for which she had served as its longtime executive director.  According to authorities, over a period of at least 6 years, from January 2005 until December 31, 2010, Brown issued checks to herself or otherwise deposited non-profit funds into her own accounts.  Brown is reportedly the wife of Tom Green County Judge Mike Brown.  She had been executive director of the non-profit for 16 years. Read the story herehere and here.

Missouri Man Indicted for Allegedly Embezzling $133K from Two Local Charities
Sean Patrick Taylor, aka J.R. Wayne Gourley, 52, formerly of Kansas City, Missouri, has been indicted on charges he embezzled a total of $133,161 from the two local non-profits, the Epilepsy Foundation of Kansas and Western Missouri and Westport Cooperative Services, both of which he had served in executive operating positions. According to authorities, Taylor skimmed funds from the Epilepsy Foundation for three years from early 2007 until April 2009 when he was forced to resign upon being confronted about the misappropriations.  Taylor then obtained a job running day to day operations for Westport Cooperative Services which lasted until May 2010 when he was fired for alleged misappropriations from that non-profit.  The thefts involved unauthorized funds transfers and the misappropriation of donations to the non-profits.  Taylor has been indicted on 82 felony fraud counts including wire fraud, bank fraud and identity theft.  Some of the thefts involved unauthorized ATM withdrawals at local casinos and gambling establishments.  Read the story here and here.

Former Exec. of NYC Non-Profit Accused of Embezzling More Than $2.3 Million
Jeffrey Bernstein, 61, has been accused in civil proceedings of embezzling more than $2.3 million from the Albert Ellis Institute in New York City where he had served as director of administration.  Until his resignation earlier this week, Bernstein was also the chairman of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and is the chairman of Archstone Group.  The civil case, brought by the Institute against JP Morgan Chase, alleges that the bank allowed Bernstein to make at least 65 funds transfers to accounts he controlled for his own personal benefit.  The alleged misappropriations began at least a year ago in April 2010, when he became director of administration and continued until February 2011.  However, Bernstein previously served as president of its board of trustees for 3 1/2 years prior to taking the administrative position.  Read the story herehere and here.

Former Head of Idaho Non-Profit Charged With Embezzling More Than $100K
Nancy John, of Glendale, Arizona and formerly of Pocatello, Idaho, has been charged with embezzling more than $100,000 from New Day Products and Resources, a non-profit for which she had served as chief executive officer.  According to authorities, John made numerous funds transfers from New Day's accounts to her own and used the organization's credit card for personal purposes.  She has been charged with 35 counts of theft by embezzlement.  According to published reports more than 30 employees claim to have lost benefits as a result of John's thefts.  Read the story here, here and here.

North Carolina Woman Charged With Embezzling $620K From Hospital Concern
Carol Crawley Maultsby, 56, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina has been arrested and charged with embezzling at least $620,000 from Novant Health, a non-profit operator of 13 hospitals for which she had been employed as vice president of corporate risk management with access to "self-insurance accounts."  According to authorities, over a period of 8 years, beginning in 2003, Maultsby siphoned funds from the accounts for her own benefit.  She had been a 10 year veteran employee.  Read the story herehere and here.

Source:  Fraud Talk Blog.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lighten Up Sundays: Freaky Carpenters Music Videos

I was one of those appreciative of the Carpenters music duo back in the 1970's era but must admit whenever I saw them on television felt uncomfortable. There was just something not quite right about the duo being on television.  Though I loved their music, I wouldn't have even gone to a free Carpenter's concert.

With that said, the late Karen Carpenter was a much admired singer in spite of these issues I raise. In a 1982 interview,  Michael Jackson once mentioned the Carpenters as an inspiration in his musical development.  In spite of their funky visual performances, one can't underestimate the impact the Carpenters had on the music industry in the 1970's era.

I'm sorry, I've never observed the main singer not having a microphone during a performance prior to headsets so this clip is really freaky to me. They also took away her drum set leaving her arms to flop around like a rag doll.

Good music, freaky performance.

Very strange video calling upon the aliens to save earth, 
"Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft"

Good song, but this isn't eye candy in spite of the pink garb and attempts at lighting.  They essentially took away the Carpenter's original appeal by removing Karen from her drums.

It all seems so alien and strange to me now.  To her credit, Karen did improve with time, especially her appearance prior to the anorexia issue.  

For more info visit:

Tremendous Details Of The Day Karen Died

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ron Paul's Dead On Arrival Campaign Exposes Major Media's Fraud

In its actions and messages, the major media has already declared GOP candidate Ron Paul as D.O.A., in other words, dead on arrival.  I personally think Ron Paul should embrace the fact the major media's ignoring him as it reveals much about how our politicians become elected.  This arrogance from those in the media proves they participate in a rigged political game they help shape by manipulating the perceptions of the public.  The underlying message in ignoring Ron Paul is that the media decides whose really running for President.  Who are they to say Paul's not electable under the circumstances? 

It's time for Americans to wake up they really have no say in their government in their being brainwashed by a political circus spectacle into voting for those who are lying to them.  It's nothing but a game to these politicians who become wealthy off this process.  Did you know Rep. Nancy Pelosi wealth increased 62% since Obama took office?  According to Judicial Watch, Pelosi also spent $1.2 million on food and booze on her air force airplane.  All these politicians care about is themselves while paying lip service to the American people. See Recession Queen Lets You Eat Cake -

I was at a client's house the other day, one of the few who have children in the city. They told me they will be leaving San Francisco when it comes time for their child to enter kindrgarten because the public schools are so bad here.  They added that a private kindergarten school is $30,0000 and there's a long list.  I could hardly believe it, how difficult the system's made it raise children in this society. 
dont give a rats ass

These politicians are all into money and greed, having ruined our country with their con game on the American people.  Are Americans really that unsophisticated to give a rats ass what Rick Perry thinks about evolution?  See Rick Perry Knocks Evolution Again -  The politicians are attempting to distract from the real issues by playing on American's religious views to somehow sway them.  Rick Perry is an absolute corrupt politician who looks as sleazy as he truly is.  Bachman worked for the I.R.S. as an attorney. 

I personally believe Ron Paul's not converting to an Independent candidate was catastrophic for him.  I overheard Paul on a radio show say he didn't think it mattered what party he ran under.  I thought that decision was extremely foolish.  Why run under a corrupt party's platform?  Had Ron Paul run on the Independent ticket he would have attracted far more attention. Paul's own party practically ignores him because he doesn't really belong to it.

Jon Stewart stood up for Ron Paul being ignored by major media.

It's not too late for Paul to convert to Independent and he should be strongly encouraged to do so.  Many people refuse to vote for any GOP candidate ever in their lives no matter who it is. I'm one of those people. I will never vote for any member of the GOP.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tin Foil Hat NASA Scientists Threaten Potential Alien Attack Over Global Warming

Frequent visitors to this blog may have noted I'm not covering the alien and UFO stories anymore. I stopped posting after I became aware there's a secret government program known as Project Blue Beam designed to scare and delude the population into believing there's an impending alien attack.  I've since been ignoring all the alien and UFO videos knowing full well this activity could possibly be due to NASA stepping up its blue project.  Likely scenarios of the blue project will be holograms of space craft appearing in the sky and all kinds of means to cause people to panic just as in the days of War of the Worlds radio broadcast.

Here's just more confirmation that NASA's beginning a campaign to introduce alien attacks for political reasons.To prove how dumb those in the U.S. government think its citizenry are, NASA's begun using imaginary space alien terrorist threats in an attempt to scare Americans into joining the global warming fight. According to a Guardian report:
"It may not rank as the most compelling reason to curb greenhouse gases, but reducing our emissions might just save humanity from a preemptive alien attack, scientists claim,” according to a Guardian report. A new study conducted by researchers at Nasa’s Planetary Science Division posits that “green” ETs might get angry at Bubba driving his gas-guzzling SUV and respond by wiping humankind off the face of the earth to “protect other civilizations”. Aliens May Destroy Humanity To Protect Other Civilizations -
Keep in mind NASA is funded by the U.S. tax payer through the U.S. Federal government to participate in this space age blackmail against its citizens. 

NASA's shifted from moon walking to scaring the populace with alien invasion blackmail over global warming politics.

The 1938 War of the Worlds unintentional caused a few people to lose their lives due to panic.
"Let’s not forget this is the same government agency that uses taxpayer dollars to fund the work of global warming activist Dr. James Hansen, the man who endorsed an eco-fascist book that called for cities to be razed to the ground, industrial civilization to be destroyed and genocidal population reduction measures to be implemented in the name of preventing climate change.  Perhaps the aliens should hire Hansen as their PR spokesman.

Hansen has received well over $1 million taxpayer dollars from NASA in the last four years to pursue his activist agenda. He is a key figure in the global warming movement, for it was his 1988 with testimony to a US Senate committee chaired by Al Gore that really got the ball rolling for the elite in their mission to hijack the environmental movement and promote apocalyptic fears of climate change as a means of pushing carbon taxes and a highly regulated society." - Pay Your Carbon Taxes to Al Gore or the Aliens Will Attack -
When NASA reduces itself to this level of corruption, it's a true sign things are being run by the crooks. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Major Quake In U.S. Predicted Today Based On Planetary Alignment - Give This Man Your Money

As I've been posting about the past few months, certain people have been making predictions of major earthquakes lately based on the alignment between between planets and/or that of comet Elenin's with the earth.  Actually, no one is even certain what Elenin is yet, there seems to be confusion on whether it's a brown dwarf, planetary system or comet.

An Alexander Retrov is one of those making a living off of selling tickets to his lectures promoting dooms day scenarios such as his recent prediction of a major prediction on the West Coast of the U.S. today.  In the video below, Retrov presents reasons why be believes there will be a major earthquake in the U.S. on August 17, 2011 due to planetary alignment not to mention the end of the world as we know it in late September, 2011.

Alexander Retrov has the audacity to go around making money giving lectures to scare the hell out of people as if he's a viable source of information.  Note the first five minutes of the lecture he has already declared many countries will be gone in September, 2011!  Also note the entertainment he's providing in describing how people will be incinerated with radiation.

There will be no major earthquake in the U.S. today.  How do I know?  This guy is making money off off fear mongering, something revealing since if the world's coming to an end why is he charging anything for his lectures at all?  According to Retrov, the world's ending in a little over a month!  Money is worthless if there's no future, so why doesn't Retrov give free lectures?  Can't he at least provide free lectures with his alleged "gift" to help humanity?  He obviously doesn't believe his own predictions.

I'm not saying there's nothing to the Planet Nibiru or comet Elenin approaching in September and big things won't happen but anyone whose making money off of this stuff doesn't believe their own predictions.   On his site, Retrov has an Egyptian tour that ends on September 23, 2011.  Is that how anyone in their right mind would want to spend their last days on earth?  Why charge people for one's services if the world's coming to an end?

Large multiple earthquakes happen every day on this planet.  Anyone can say there will be a large earthquake on any given day and be right.  Retrov failed to state what magnitude the earthquake  would even be.  These idiots must be called out for what they are. After there's no major earthquake in the U.S. today, Retrov needs to be brought to the mat and pinned downed as a fraud.  He pisses me off acting like he's someone anyone should take seriously.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Death Comes To Many Peacefully Unlike Hollywood Drama Portrayals

I managed to find a few interesting videos that demonstrate how people pass away quick and painlessly, often times due to heart attacks. Note there's no gripping at the chest area and no forewarnings, these people just pass instantaneously.  Could it be Hollywood has led many to falsely believe that death always happens dramatically with great pain and suffering?  The following videos show people passing to the other side peacefully as if nodding off to sleep.

Franco Scoglio, an Italian football coach, can be seen looking normal prior to his nodding off forever in 2005.

This man is giving an interview in India wiht a nice smile. You can tell he is struggling with some malady as he reaches for his water.  Then suddenly, death strikes and his eyes roll up inside his head.  There was no suffering at all.

This man can be seen struggling with fatigue who appears to be nodding off into a nap prior to the final moment of life.

Now for the Darwin Award:

This clip takes idiocy to a new level.  Believe it or not, the video's for real, not a fake. The guy was really killed.

Scary knife throwing event had to be stopped to save a girl's life.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Red Flag Metaphor for U.S. Economy - Spooky Video of Indiana Fair Stage Collapse

Like a scene out of some fantastic thriller movie of Armageddon, the state fair disaster in Indiana is being interpreted metaphorically by many for the impending economic collapse in America.  What makes this video footage so unique is to observe how thousands of people failed to heed the forewarning of weather conditions in an intense wind storm with 50-60 mph winds and ominous dark clouds.

People can be observed in the video oblivious to the danger they were in, as if it was a bright sunny day.  The first few seconds of the video begs the question how could anyone possibly enjoy a fair under those circumstances?  The second question that arises is how the organizers failed to shut down the event that posed an obvious danger with its temporary faulty construction.  With these various factors, one can easily translate the disaster metaphorically to the U.S. stock market and impending economic collapse.

This spooky video's gone viral with nearly 2 millions views in the past three days since being uploaded.  In spite of the clear warning signs of impending doom, people remained at the fair as if they believed it to be a bright sunny day.

A metaphoric interpretation of the Indiana State Fair stage collapse:
The people at the state fair appear to lack common sense to seek protection, and are behaving as if the sun is out and it's a lovely day blind to what's to come. Metaphorically speaking, these people can be viewed in the role of taking part in investing in the stock market while ignoring the clear signs of impending doom. Those who stand to become rich when the market collapses (i.e, the fair organizers) fail to shut down the event knowing people will be injured or die (i.e., lose their life savings and for some their very lives).  The organizers knew the construction of the temporary stage was collapsible under such wind conditions (i.e, their ponzi scheme stock market) and did nothing to prevent the outcome.
I can only speculate, but it appears there's a certain crowd mentality among people who participate in these type of large events that they likely attain psychological strength from.  In remaining at the fair under the circumstances, the crowd's overwhelming feeling of being part of the social norm or status quo blinded them to impending dangers.  Try to keep this metaphor in mind for those who intend on remaining in the stock market over the coming months.  Don't say you weren't forewarned!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lighten Up Sundays - Perfect Timing!

Much of the art of photography has to do with timing as many well know. In today's Lighten Up Sunday's post, I'm presenting interesting photos from talented photographers.

This is truly a terrifying photo, the lady either has no clue or is in clear denial of her situation.

At first I thought he was reaching for popcorn at a movie theater and the popcorn went nuclear.

I don't think this is what JFK had in mind with the U.S. moon walking project. 

Clearly, Prince Charles is a boobs man.

An anti-gravity bullet cat.

There he is, the culprit of chem trails all along!

God's coming in for a landing.

I'm wondering how the photographer managed to take this one.  Ideas anyone?

For more photos, visit

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Youngevity Vitamin Supplements Exposed As 'Garbage' By Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner Reading

A Doctor Administered My Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner Results Declaring My Youngevity Supplements 'Beyond Tangy Tangerine Powder' and 'Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals'  "Garbage" and Money Down The Drain.  How Could I Know? 

After all the hundreds of dollars Americans invest in vitamin supplements, how do we really know if they're effective?  I have a story to share about how I recently stumbled upon a solution to the mystery of how one can scientifically measure vitamin supplement effectiveness in the human body.

I had a unique experience a couple of weeks ago I wanted to share related to health.  I've been dealing with health issues the past few years in having extreme fatigue not really knowing what to do about it.  I've tried everything I could think of but nothing really worked including using vitamin and mineral supplements from Dr. Joel Wallach's Youngevity products over the past five months. I thought Dr. Wallach and his counterpart Ben Fuchs, a pharmacist, were those I could trust especially since Dr. Wallach, author of Dead Doctors Don't Lie , has been bucking the FDA and medical establishment for years over its lacking preventative strategies in treating patients.

Regardless of my investment in the Youngevity health products over the past 5 months, I've still needed long 1-2 hour naps in the late afternoon and I'm only 51.  Whenever I've seen my doctor, blood tests never turn up anything suggesting any kind of deficiency.

One morning I was feeling extreme fatigue as I waited to meet with a client at one of my business's satellite offices in San Francisco.  I noticed a small group of people in the Regus business lounge were taking readings from people's hands using a machine and computer.  I inquired to learn NuSkin distributors for Pharmanex LifePak Nano anti-aging vitamin products were using a Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner specially licensed for their use to determine people's antioxidant status by measuring carotenoids levels.
"The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is the world's first measuring tool that gives you a Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS) -- immediate evidence of carotenoid antioxidant activity in your body. By simply placing your hand in front of a low-energy blue light, you get your score and become empowered to make improvements in your antioxidant health through nutritious eating and supplementation with LifePak products."

The technology of the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is based on an optical method known as resonance Raman Spectroscopy, which has been used for many years in research laboratories." - Pharanex brochure
At the time I met the Pharmanex LifePak Nano NuSkin distributors and the doctor administering the scanner, I was at the end of my rope feeling like something was definitely wrong with my health.  To be candid, I felt I might even be dying from a disease questioning if I was having kidney problems of some sort.  I'm not a heavy drinker, averaging a few occasional glasses of red wine each week.  Sometimes I go weeks without alcohol.  I don't eat junk foods and stay away from heavily processed foods. I work out a few days a week at the gym to keep my heart rate and muscles healthy.  In other words, I shouldn't be having health problems of such a degree with all my efforts to be healthy.  I'm even of average weight.

The Results - Shocking!

To make a long story short, they told me the BioPhotonic scan would indicate whether or not the vitamin supplements I had been taking the past five months, that relied heavily on Youngevity products including their best seller Beyond Tangy Tangerine powered vitamin supplement and Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals, were making any difference.  Based on my hundreds of dollars in investment in the Youngevity supplements in particular, I expected mid-level range readings from the BioPhotonic Scanner.  Boy, was I ever wrong!

My antioxidant status and stress in my body measured at the lowest section of the health spectrum at 17,000!  (see line above)  I was appalled!

The spectrum was broken down into blocks from 10,000 - 50,000 (as shown above). There were five blocks representing the status of antioxidant status and oxidative stress in the body.  In two minutes, the results came in on the computer. The doctor who monitored the results proclaimed "the supplements you've been taking are garbage."  What, my reading was only 17,000?  I was outraged!  I  take fairly good care of myself and deserved a better result than that.  A lady added "that's a typical reading for a smoker."  I don't smoke nor do I spend time around smokers.  In fact, I'm always around the fresh air in San Francisco that comes off the ocean, unlike Los Angeles.

Based on the results and how I seemed to have chronic fatigue, I decided to try the LifePak Nano anti-aging vitamin supplements the NuSkin distributor offered. The vitamin supplements weren't cheap but I was becoming desperate at this point. If I have no energy how can I run my business to its fullest potential? This new vitamin supplementation was my final resort prior to investing money in medical tests.  NuSkin provides a guarantee that, if at the next free BioPhotonic scanner reading the customer doesn't get better results, they'll refund your money for their vitamin supplements.  The only catch is that one has to take the supplements for two months prior to the next scanner reading.

The vitamins arrived a couple days ago and I must say I felt an immediate vibrancy in my health overnight taking two paks a day.  For the first time in a long time, I was going strong yesterday busy all day not needing a nap.  I rode my eBike all over the city twice to Mission Delores, then to the Marina and downtown twice without any fatigue at all.  I woke up this morning after just 7 hours of sleep without a problem, feeling just fine.  Usually I'm very tired even after a full night's sleep. 

I'm now convinced these Youngevity supplements I've been taking aren't very good. I've been taking them each day for five months without good results.  I invested $250 in my health with zero returns and should have had at least an average reading from the scanner.  In retrospect, I probably could have simply invested in some healthy foods with better results then taking Youngevity's products.

One last thing of note to my story, I also learned I needed to drink more fresh water especially if I'm having signs of kidney problems.  I've since spoken with a lot of people who have confirmed their health improved when they began to drink more fresh water.  I have no excuse not to drink more water since I have the EcoloBlue 28 I bought a few years ago that makes pure water from humidity in the air (last time I measured, the water was at 6 ppm purity). 

After the test period over the next two months I will report on the results of my next BioPhotonic scanner reading. I expect it will be far better based on how I'm already feeling after taking the LifePak Nano supplements in just three days.

**Update 5/7/12*** The last scan I had was in December of 2011 and my score went from 17,000 to 25,000 in two months, then jumped to 37,000 in 5 months.  I haven't taken a reading since since I'm way above the national average of 22,000 now. I know how to keep my immune system in check. I have had cold symptoms four times but it doesn't take root when I administer colloidal silver as an anti-oxidant. The symptoms go away within 10 minutes, including any nasal congestion.  See this article related to my success with home made colloidal silver as an antibiotic.