Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are Crazy Riots Coming to America? It's Up To The Police

One of the things that caused me to leave Los Angeles for San Francisco in the mid 90's was all the crazy stuff happening there. The Rodney King riots and O.J. Simpson media frenzy coupled with huge earthquakes made living in Los Angeles uncomfortable even in its nice suburbs.  Though there were still a small number of protesters and minor incidents of vandalism from the LA riots, San Francisco seemed a safer place to be, no thanks to the ridiculously bad SFPD.  Earthquakes also seemed to be a rare event in San Francisco. I was right, earthquake tremors are very rare compared to Los Angeles.

Lately there have been signs of growing unrest in San Francisco related to police provocations of questionable shootings such as of Oscar Grant and a more recent shooting (video link).  One might note the pattern of police activities that seem designed to trigger mayhem and chaos in order to force taxpayers to pay for more police on the streets. In the case of London, many people complained the police initially allowed the rioters too much slack before intervening.  What initially began as a protest turned into the criminal thugs taking over as an excuse to steal merchandise and trash business, much like the LA riots over Rodney King. Police officers know all it takes is one incident to ignite rioting that would cause them to replenish their ranks.

London thugs mimic police behaviors by pretending to help an injured boy only to search through his belongings for something to steal. This behavior appears to be learned from the police. 

The police know there's a highly stressed uneducated element in society that can be unleashed on the public and thereby used as a weapon to blackmail the tax payers for more funds.  That's why I think these thugs are nothing more than corroborators with the London police who initially stood down to allow them to attack the public and business properties.  The police failed to do their jobs while they initially provoked the outcome. See Tottenham riots: Police 'stood back and let protesters take over streets' - Metro.co.uk

"It should be remembered that the anger caused is not just the result of a one off isolated incident. It’s one of the most recent in a long list and in addition to being one of the possible triggers, a Youtube clip appearing to show a teenage girl being beaten by the Police is also believed to have been one of the catalysts for trouble.

Like the December protests, the actions of a minority of individuals have been used by the media to divert attention from the underlying causes of the problem, and furthermore from questioning the behaviour of some of the police officers." - London Riots: Looking Beyond The Looting - Independent UK Blog

The police always want the public living in fear in order to keep their forces overbloated.   As I'm writing this, the first thing out of Alex Jones' mouth this morning on his radio program is forewarning of rioters mayhem in the U.S. and police standing down to allow it in order to scare the public.  Clearly, what's happening in London could easily happen in major cities in the U.S., we've seen it before and we'll see it again.  When riots happen, don't expect the police to be there to help you from their conduit rioters since police behavior and provocation is a large part of the problem.  It's best to be prepared rather then depend on the government to protect you during these difficult times.

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