Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Death Comes To Many Peacefully Unlike Hollywood Drama Portrayals

I managed to find a few interesting videos that demonstrate how people pass away quick and painlessly, often times due to heart attacks. Note there's no gripping at the chest area and no forewarnings, these people just pass instantaneously.  Could it be Hollywood has led many to falsely believe that death always happens dramatically with great pain and suffering?  The following videos show people passing to the other side peacefully as if nodding off to sleep.

Franco Scoglio, an Italian football coach, can be seen looking normal prior to his nodding off forever in 2005.

This man is giving an interview in India wiht a nice smile. You can tell he is struggling with some malady as he reaches for his water.  Then suddenly, death strikes and his eyes roll up inside his head.  There was no suffering at all.

This man can be seen struggling with fatigue who appears to be nodding off into a nap prior to the final moment of life.

Now for the Darwin Award:

This clip takes idiocy to a new level.  Believe it or not, the video's for real, not a fake. The guy was really killed.

Scary knife throwing event had to be stopped to save a girl's life.