Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fox News Exposed By Whistle Blowing Journalists As Fraud News Organization

For those who really want to know the quality of news they're receiving from the corporate based media, I found the perfect video that proves the inner workings at Fox News that will blow your minds.  The video proves Fox News works on behalf of corporations like Monsanto to cover up the truth such as that antibiotic based milk poses a danger to human health. In fact, the Monsanto antibiotics posed such a danger to human health that even Canada's government rejected them!

Back in 2008 when former Fox news journalists Steve Wilson and Jane Akre uncovered evidence exposing Fox News, Monsanto and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA)  for covering up the human health hazards of Monsanto's antibiotic bovine products in mass produced milk, they were first asked to lie to the public with a corporate attorney's edits. When they refused to alter the truth and lie to the public they were then offered a bribe to shut up with a full year's salary.  When the journalists both refused to succumb to such outrageous intimidation of their employer Fox news, they were fired allegedly for no cause.

Sadly, there are plenty of Americans who want to be lied to who don't want to know the horrible truth.  For those who really do want to know if antibiotic laced milk is safe to drink and whether Fox News lies to them, this jaw dropping ten minute video will answer all of of their questions.

The whistle blowing Fox journalists were eventually fired for doing their jobs to investigate and uncover the truth.

A U.S. Court of Appeals later ruled against the journalists for their lawsuit based on the fact it's not unlawful to provide untruthful news stories.  We now have 100% factually based evidence there are no checks and balances in the corporate media for telling the truth to the American people. The major media clearly works on behalf of corporations, corporate lawyers and government interests as a mouthpiece to protect its own interests.  Anyone who could possibly continue to watch corporate controlled major media programs knowing full well these disclosed facts clearly wants to be lied to.

Meanwhile, the FDA's busy launching SWAT team raids on fruit juice companies and raw milk private membership establishments as I posted about the past few months. See, FDA Terrorists Seize Elderberry Concentrate as Unapproved Drug, and U.S. Government Terrorists Are Stealing And Destroying REAL Foods From Americans.  

Based on this information,  one can easily observe how a matrix has been formed between the corporations, major media, government and courts to present a false reality to the American public. What makes this all most despicable is they could care less if the antibiotics endangers people's health.

I will never buy another carton of mass produced milk, not even instant milk, as long as I live.  As for Faux News, they should be mocked for what they really are, a corporate based infomercial news service.  Other major news organizations aren't too far behind being on equal footing with the despicable practices of Fox News.

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