Tuesday, August 2, 2011

President on Steroids: Obama Wants Superman Powers With Proposed 'Super Congress'

If one uses the analogy of someone being in impossible debt and how there are usually two options, trying to get more credit to pay off the debt or bankruptcy, that was the predicament the U.S. government was in yesterday.  Most anyone in this predicament would be forced into bankruptcy, but not the U.S. government.

Knowing the end was near to its insane spending spree, including five fraudulent wars and hundreds of military bases worldwide, the U.S. government has chosen not only to give itself a new credit card with $1.4 trillion more to spend of tax payer money, but has made sure the same scenario will never happen again.  In an insane power grab that's scaring the hell out of many Americans, the corrupt have decided to override the U.S. Constitution altogether by appointing a new Super Congress making President Obama a virtual Superman thus giving the house and senate approximately 90% less power.
"In a statement made yesterday in response to the passage of the Budget Control Act, Congressman Ron Paul expressed his alarm at the establishment of this 'disturbing' new committee, and warned that it would be used to ram through tax increases.
The Congressman added that the committee represents 'Nothing more than a way to disenfranchise the majority of Congress by denying them the chance for meaningful participation in the crucial areas of entitlement and tax reform. It cedes power to draft legislation to a special commission, hand-picked by the House and Senate leadership.'” Ron Paul Sounds Alarm on Disturbing Super Congress - PrisonPlanet.com
The debt ceiling deal appears to many to be a coup to make the government exponentially more powerful through centralizing the decision making authority into the hands of a few.  What will this new Super Congress (SC) mean for America?  Here are what a few have to say who have posted videos.  Alex Jones, for one, is angry and terrified of what is transpiring.

Alex Jones does a late night video about emerging dictatorship powers.

Like most Americans, I've always thought of Lyndon LaRouche as a scary extremist politician thanks to the cult like behavior and propaganda his followers exhibit in front of U.S. Postal Offices.  I've seen these propaganda tables numerous times in Southern and Northern California since the 1980's and have always been disturbed by them primarily because the followers are extremely aggressive and annoying.  Because of LaRouche's presentation of himself to the public, I never paid much attention until he began appearing recently on the Alex Jones Radio show.  I've since listened to LaRouche for the first time from these interviews and now observe he's quite different than what I initially believed him to be.  In any event, I thought I'd post LaRouche's video over what's occurring in government that he considers a coup by Obama for Hitleresque authority.

Lyndon LaRouche chilling statements on the Alex Jones Radio program yesterday.

Is Lyndon LaRouche just some lunatic having his followers put out a cryptic video?  The presentation here is typical LaRouche style of cult like followers out of the mainstream.  Regardless of the messenger, the facts are there for those to observe. 

Also see LaRouche's Emergency Leaflet Flyer Stop Obama's Hitler Coup.

The wisdom of don't shoot the messenger has always been paramount throughout history. I'm open to hearing from anyone who sounds a warning over what's currently happening in the U.S. government.  One simply can't blame the messenger over what's happening to America no matter who it is.  

This is what men do when they're on the verge of failure and disaster, they run to their delusions rather than face the facts they need to change their ways.  Like Charlie Sheen, Obama says "winning".