Monday, August 15, 2011

Red Flag Metaphor for U.S. Economy - Spooky Video of Indiana Fair Stage Collapse

Like a scene out of some fantastic thriller movie of Armageddon, the state fair disaster in Indiana is being interpreted metaphorically by many for the impending economic collapse in America.  What makes this video footage so unique is to observe how thousands of people failed to heed the forewarning of weather conditions in an intense wind storm with 50-60 mph winds and ominous dark clouds.

People can be observed in the video oblivious to the danger they were in, as if it was a bright sunny day.  The first few seconds of the video begs the question how could anyone possibly enjoy a fair under those circumstances?  The second question that arises is how the organizers failed to shut down the event that posed an obvious danger with its temporary faulty construction.  With these various factors, one can easily translate the disaster metaphorically to the U.S. stock market and impending economic collapse.

This spooky video's gone viral with nearly 2 millions views in the past three days since being uploaded.  In spite of the clear warning signs of impending doom, people remained at the fair as if they believed it to be a bright sunny day.

A metaphoric interpretation of the Indiana State Fair stage collapse:
The people at the state fair appear to lack common sense to seek protection, and are behaving as if the sun is out and it's a lovely day blind to what's to come. Metaphorically speaking, these people can be viewed in the role of taking part in investing in the stock market while ignoring the clear signs of impending doom. Those who stand to become rich when the market collapses (i.e, the fair organizers) fail to shut down the event knowing people will be injured or die (i.e., lose their life savings and for some their very lives).  The organizers knew the construction of the temporary stage was collapsible under such wind conditions (i.e, their ponzi scheme stock market) and did nothing to prevent the outcome.
I can only speculate, but it appears there's a certain crowd mentality among people who participate in these type of large events that they likely attain psychological strength from.  In remaining at the fair under the circumstances, the crowd's overwhelming feeling of being part of the social norm or status quo blinded them to impending dangers.  Try to keep this metaphor in mind for those who intend on remaining in the stock market over the coming months.  Don't say you weren't forewarned!