Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stock Market Time Travels Back to 1978, Jerry Brown Still Governor of California!!

Should the stock market close lower today, according to CNN it will be the longest losing streak since 1978. that would be from when I was 18 years old! That's one hell of a long time ago since I'm 51.
"Stocks are lower today, with the Dow off up to 166 points. If the Dow ends the day lower, the slump would be its longest losing streak since 1978." - CNNMoney 
All this time travel stuff is making me dizzy.  I can't believe Jerry Brown's Governor of California in 2011 who was prominent as a politician in my teens. This is how far back in time 1978 is -- there were no fax machines, no ATMs, no VCR's, and they considered press button cord phones modern!   One thing for sure, this week my business is at a virtual standstill following a busy month of July.  People are definitely holding onto their money thus far, and the stock market almost always affects my business in San Francisco.

I have a theory all the crazy stuff is happening because the cosmos are dictating human destiny.  I haven't looked that much into it, but it could be this comet Elenin or Planet Nibiru calamity may have some truth to it.  The Bible, which is another time travel device, speaks of these things and God could very well be behind it all.  Seeing how all the evil rats in politics are backstabbing and bailing America for a world government, it seems something big is on the horizon for humanity.  The evil ones are also hoping to go underground to live out the disaster in their huge underground cities.

The disaster a cosmic event poses to humanity could be why the U.S. government is behaving so badly running away with the alleged buried treasure as if the world's about the end.  I've tried to avoid going into the crazy speculation about the comet Elenin and/or Planet Nibiru not to sound silly.  There's plenty of fear mongering going on I don't want to participate in without evidence.

Here's an interesting video from a credible source (well at least he sounds credible).  I will be looking into this further.  I'd like to go to astronomy parties to check it out.  Maybe we all have a few months left to live.  

One thing I know for sure is the lady I posted about a while back who predicted a large earthquake based on the alignment of comet Elenin is once again saying get away from the coastal areas and fault tectonic plates in late September from the 23rd to 30th as the window for another huge event.

A strange video, but this is the lady who forewarned of the last two huge earthquakes and demonstrated evidence of comet Elenin's influence.

Her original forewarnings, this is her second forewarning video for the last large earthquake.

Next prediction videos from the lady who gets it consistently right.

I'm going to be following up with more posts on these alleged forthcoming calamity events.