Monday, August 22, 2011

Surprise! U.S. Politicians Embezzled Social Security Funds To Supplement Tax Cuts For Wealthy

As many are waking up to the fact members of Congress have been stealing from the U.S. tax payers' Social Security fund, I like to use the example of the widespread problem of your average American employee who embezzles for years from an unsuspecting employer prior to finally getting caught.  If these every day folks believe they can get away with embezzling their employer out of thousands if not millions of dollars, imagine what those in Congress have gotten away with as professionally polished politicians stealing from a faceless large body of tax payers?

The thought of such massive theft is quite mind numbing -- why should anyone even bother to wonder why our Social Security fund is quickly collapsing? Our crook politicians put their grubby little hands into the SS fund cookie jar issuing an I.O.U., that's why!  The scoundrels in Congress even used the I.O.U. to enable tax cuts for the rich according to one article.
Yes, folks, Social Security has been funding tax cuts for the rich. Only Congress can get away with creating a Ponzi scheme to cover up embezzlement - Will Congress Pay Its Huge I.O.U. to Social Security -  Las Vegas Sun
Many of these politicians are now even referring to social security as an alleged "entitlement program".  See Many Baby Boomers Will Work As Wage Slaves Until They Drop Dead - The Economic Collapse Blog

This video provides facts on how members of the U.S. government are clearly profiting from raping the American people. Also see House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's Wealth Grows 62% under Obama Administration. -

It might help naive and trusting Americans understand how dire our situation has become by beginning to accept the fact all politicians are embezzlers and extortionists of  U.S. tax payers with very few exceptions.  The advantage our politicians have is they have a criminal wall street based political system to protect their interests.  For instance, did you know members of Congress are exempt from insider trading laws?

The following cases are presented on the Fraud Talk Blog about common every day American employees who find insidious ways of getting to their employers' money.  They care not if their employer is a charitable organization, a foundation that benefits the public, or even a police department.  One could speculate these folks are wanna be politicians being just your every day type of Americans who, unlike many professional politicians, got their hands caught in the cookie jar.

California Woman Charged with Embezzling $700K from Police Department.  
Karen Flores, believed to be in her mid-40s, of Santa Ynez, California has been accused of embezzling at least $100,000 from the Santa Barbara Police Department where she had served as its longtime business office supervisor.  According to authorities, Flores could have stolen as much as $700,000, although the final tally has yet to be determined.  The thefts allegedly spanned at least a 5 1/2 year period from January 1, 2006 to August 4, 2011, according to prosecutors.  Flores allegedly skimmed receipts from parking violations and street sweeping citations.  Flores is reportedly a 22 year veteran of the Department and held the business office supervisor position for the past 15 years.  Read the story here and here.

California Charter Finance Director Accused of Embezzling $400K
Sheila Accornero, 42, of Cloverdale, California, has been charged with embezzling nearly $400,000 from the Kid Street Learning Center Charter School in Santa Rosa where she had been employed as finance manager.  According to authorities, Accornero forged the signature of the charter school's executive director on numerous checks written out to herself over a period of at least three years.  Read the story herehere and here.

Texas Woman Indicted for Allegedly Embezzling $237K from Local Non-Profit
Debra Brown, 51, of San Angelo, Texas, has been indicted on charges she embezzled more than $237,000 from the Children's Advocacy Center of Tom Green County, a local non-profit organization for which she had served as its longtime executive director.  According to authorities, over a period of at least 6 years, from January 2005 until December 31, 2010, Brown issued checks to herself or otherwise deposited non-profit funds into her own accounts.  Brown is reportedly the wife of Tom Green County Judge Mike Brown.  She had been executive director of the non-profit for 16 years. Read the story herehere and here.

Missouri Man Indicted for Allegedly Embezzling $133K from Two Local Charities
Sean Patrick Taylor, aka J.R. Wayne Gourley, 52, formerly of Kansas City, Missouri, has been indicted on charges he embezzled a total of $133,161 from the two local non-profits, the Epilepsy Foundation of Kansas and Western Missouri and Westport Cooperative Services, both of which he had served in executive operating positions. According to authorities, Taylor skimmed funds from the Epilepsy Foundation for three years from early 2007 until April 2009 when he was forced to resign upon being confronted about the misappropriations.  Taylor then obtained a job running day to day operations for Westport Cooperative Services which lasted until May 2010 when he was fired for alleged misappropriations from that non-profit.  The thefts involved unauthorized funds transfers and the misappropriation of donations to the non-profits.  Taylor has been indicted on 82 felony fraud counts including wire fraud, bank fraud and identity theft.  Some of the thefts involved unauthorized ATM withdrawals at local casinos and gambling establishments.  Read the story here and here.

Former Exec. of NYC Non-Profit Accused of Embezzling More Than $2.3 Million
Jeffrey Bernstein, 61, has been accused in civil proceedings of embezzling more than $2.3 million from the Albert Ellis Institute in New York City where he had served as director of administration.  Until his resignation earlier this week, Bernstein was also the chairman of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and is the chairman of Archstone Group.  The civil case, brought by the Institute against JP Morgan Chase, alleges that the bank allowed Bernstein to make at least 65 funds transfers to accounts he controlled for his own personal benefit.  The alleged misappropriations began at least a year ago in April 2010, when he became director of administration and continued until February 2011.  However, Bernstein previously served as president of its board of trustees for 3 1/2 years prior to taking the administrative position.  Read the story herehere and here.

Former Head of Idaho Non-Profit Charged With Embezzling More Than $100K
Nancy John, of Glendale, Arizona and formerly of Pocatello, Idaho, has been charged with embezzling more than $100,000 from New Day Products and Resources, a non-profit for which she had served as chief executive officer.  According to authorities, John made numerous funds transfers from New Day's accounts to her own and used the organization's credit card for personal purposes.  She has been charged with 35 counts of theft by embezzlement.  According to published reports more than 30 employees claim to have lost benefits as a result of John's thefts.  Read the story here, here and here.

North Carolina Woman Charged With Embezzling $620K From Hospital Concern
Carol Crawley Maultsby, 56, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina has been arrested and charged with embezzling at least $620,000 from Novant Health, a non-profit operator of 13 hospitals for which she had been employed as vice president of corporate risk management with access to "self-insurance accounts."  According to authorities, over a period of 8 years, beginning in 2003, Maultsby siphoned funds from the accounts for her own benefit.  She had been a 10 year veteran employee.  Read the story herehere and here.

Source:  Fraud Talk Blog.