Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Time To Dismantle The FDA As A Domestic Terrorist Mafia Group Of Thugs

I'm so disgusted with the actions of the FDA as reported last week by Mike Adams in his Natural News investigative story FDA Wages Secret War On Raw Milk Farmers Using KGB-Style Spying and Infiltration Techniques, it just makes my stomach turn.  These people at the FDA are off their rockers!  Something needs to be done about the nut jobs at the FDA before they go even more nuclear.

In his story, Mike Adams sadly reveals the truth many Americans don't want to know:

"That this situation exists in the United States today is a disturbing and powerful commentary on the runaway power of regulatory agencies which have essentially built their own lawless kingdoms of power, subject to no law and no checks or balances.
The FDA, in particular, simply writes its own law without any congressional approval whatsoever. It wages its own secret wars, runs its own spy network and is essentially rising up to become its own secret police organization (or terrorist group). None of this has ever been approved by Congress. The head of the FDA is not elected by the voters. And President Obama is either unaware that all this is going on or refuses to do anything about it. (President Bush did nothing about it, either, and you can bet that unless the next President is Ron Paul, this same look-the-other-way attitude will continue at the White House)." - Natural
Throughout this blog I've posted about the outrageous activities of the FDA's SWAT style raids and oppression of several health food companies and private businesses such as Rawesome Foods in Venice, CA.  (See posts FDA Terrorists Seize Elderberry Concentrate As Unapproved Drug,  Surprise! FDA Exposes Itself As Terrorist Organization,  U.S. Government Terrorists Are Stealing And Destroying REAL Foods From Americans)

The behavior of the FDA is nothing short of crooks out to destroy viable business and health based farm enterprises on behalf of those who wish to maintain a monopoly in the marketplace.  The FDA is essentially using large amounts of tax payer funds to commit Mafia-like organized crime against legitimate farmers and U.S. businesses.  Based on the facts, it's clear the FDA's behaving much like a Mafia operating as spies and hit men on behalf of the greedy criminal corporations like Monsanto that bribe them.

Something needs to be done to investigate and dismantle this horrifying government terrorist group that's been operating outside the law and authority of the U.S. Congress.  Please, everyone notify their congressional representative demanding an end to the FDA's unlawful, unauthorized activities against lawful American citizens and businesses before it's too late.

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