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San Francisco Chronicle Leaves It To Beaver Rather Than Covering REAL Wall Street Protests

I'm going to cover this story about Wall Street protesters in San Francisco since a corporate owned, aka San Francisco Chronicle has buried the story.  Unlike the Bay Citizen, a much better community based publication, the Chron preferred to live in la la land today with a lead story about a beaver removed from an artist's mural in Martinez, CA.  I'm serious, this is one of the lead stories on SFGate today.

For those who might be unfamiliar with the 1950's comedy sitcom:
Leave It to Beaver is an American television situation comedy about an inquisitive but often naïve boy named Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver (portrayed by Jerry Mathers) and his adventures at home, in school, and around his suburban neighborhood.- Wikipedia
Notice the term "naive boy"?  Well, that's how these corporate journalists at the S.F. Chronicle view the American public these days as extremely naive and stupid. They believe they have control of our minds and of reality itself and therefore can omit relevant facts, such as that of a relevant protests in San Francisco yesterday.
Hundreds of people descended on downtown San Francisco Thursday to support the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations that are going on in New York. The tagline for the protest is "We Are the 99 Percent," and here's how they describe themselves:
"Hundreds of people descended on downtown San Francisco Thursday to support the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations that are going on in New York.  The tagline for the protest is "We Are the 99 Percent," and here's how they describe themselves:

'We are the 99 percent. We are getting kicked out of our homes. We are forced to choose between groceries and rent. We are denied quality medical care. We are suffering from environmental pollution. We are working long hours for little pay and no rights, if we're working at all. We are getting nothing while the other 1 percent is getting everything. We are the 99 percent'". - Who Are the '99 Percent?' - The Bay Citizen
The Bay Citizen story went on to provide real journalistic value by interviewing various people from the protests including an attorney Mary Ann Meany, Charlene Woodcock, a retired book editor, Larry Yee, a service technician, Evelyn Sanchez, a community organizer, Karen Henry, a clinical trial specialist at a pharmaceutical company, Chris Tully, an unemployed person, Ullises Olvera, a San Francisco State University student and Darnell Boyd, a tenant organizer for SRO Hotels.

In yet another story The Bay Citizen presented a plethora of photos showing the realness of the issues raised by the Wall Street protesters.  See Wall Street Protests Come to San Francisco.  Instead of posting the photos here, I will link to the story. The photos show a seriousness that any sound journalistic entity couldn't possibly ignore and push off into oblivian as the Chron apparently did.  When one begins to recognize corporate owned media and how it whitewashes the news and people's voices, it's clear why alternative news is taking off while the main media is plunging in popularity.

Hundreds of people descended on downtown San Francisco Thursday to support the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations that are going on in New York. The tagline for the protest is "We Are the 99 Percent," and here's how they describe themselves:
Hundreds of people descended on downtown San Francisco Thursday to support the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations that are going on in New York. The tagline for the protest is "We Are the 99 Percent," and here's how they describe themselves:

Hundreds of people descended on downtown San Francisco Thursday to support the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations that are going on in New York. The tagline for the protest is "We Are the 99 Percent," and here's how they describe themselves:
Hundreds of people descended on downtown San Francisco Thursday to support the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations that are going on in New York. The tagline for the protest is "We Are the 99 Percent," and here's how they describe themselves:
Hundreds of people descended on downtown San Francisco Thursday to support the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations that are going on in New York. The tagline for the protest is "We Are the 99 Percent," and here's how they describe themselves:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

High Ranking NYPD Officer Outed Pepper Spraying Penned-In Young Women At Wall Street Protest - Second Video Emerges

The story of two young women who were herded behind a mobile fence and then pepper sprayed for no apparent reason at the Wall Street Protests has become a huge story, especially now that a second video's surfaced. I usually don't cover such big stories but found an interesting video of an Olbermann-like NBC commentator who tore into the outed high ranking NYPD officer, Anthony V. Bologna.

Turns out a second revealing video has surfaced exposing the crazy police officer's reckless activities.  The NYPD have been denying any foul play up till now quoted as saying the only reason this story got any attention is because the media's overblowing it.

It doesn't happen every day that the media rips into high ranking officers so I thought I'd post the video. Besides, I'm very busy so please forgive me for not posting a real article today.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Growing Number of Huge Solar Flares Headed For Earth Could Mean End of Civilization of Biblical Proportions

Another growing threat the earth faces, aside from asteroids and comet Elenin's tail debris such that I posted about yesterday, is that of enormous solar flares.  On Monday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a media alert entitled Strong Solar Storm Reaching Earth; NOAA Experts Available which stated as follows:
"NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center – the nation’s official source of warnings and alerts about space weather and its impacts on Earth – issued a warning for a strong, G3 geomagnetic storm on Earth resulting from a significant explosion from the sun’s corona Saturday morning. G-scale solar storms range from G1 (minor) to G5 (extreme).

Impacts have arrived on Earth, jolting the planet’s magnetic field and triggering strong “geomagnetic storming” in some regions. Saturday’s coronal mass ejection – a burst of charged particles and magnetic field that streamed out from the sun at about five million miles an hour – delivered a glancing blow to the planet. If it had been directed straight at Earth, the geomagnetic storming could have reached 'severe' to 'extreme' levels." - NOAA Press Release

Interesting video about comet Elenin's arrival, solar flares, power outages,
Denver airport bunkers, along with some good advice.

For those who question if there's a hell, this is evidence it could take the form of the earth being engulfed in a tremendous solar flare.  For those who doubt there's a God, all it takes is one solar flare to make a direct hit on earth to end civilization as we know it, guided by an eternal hand.  The solar flare that strikes the earth could also represent a spiritual element as stated in Revelations in the Bible.  This solar flare activity could truly be God's wrath and hell fire the prophets envisioned.
The spot on the sun that produced Saturday’s coronal mass ejection remains active and is well positioned to deliver more storm activity in the next several days. NOAA’s SWPC will continue to watch the active region for activity, and will continue to inform its customers – grid operators, satellite operators, airlines and more – about what to expect, so they can protect infrastructure and the public.  NOAA Press Release
This could be it, the Sun as the game changer. The forthcoming comet might merely  be a sign and messenger.  Historically comets have always meant to the ancients a sign of cataclysm forthcoming.

Last night I was on my eBike headed a few miles in the dark for a late night loan signing and came within a split second of a serious accident with another bicyclist because there weren't enough street lights at a blind spot at a turn.  Both our bikes were going around 15 mph that would have been a very serious head on collision.  I went to bed thinking about how my life would have changed in a split second had that accident occurred.  All it takes is a split second of one of these enormous 5,000,000 per hour sun flares to make a direct hit with earth to be a the end of civilization as we know it. This information tends to make one think of how fragile life is on this planet and how we tend to take it all for granted simply because humanity's been on earth dominating it for so long.

For those who doubt there's a God, you may want to consider the possibility a solar flare is really God's forthcoming wrath and hell fire.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama Heads To Denver Bunker Over Possible Asteroid Impact Today

There's a near impact earth object headed our way today.  It's so threatening that President Obama's running off to a bunker instead of informing Americans of asteroid object 2011 SE58 they learned about a week ago.  This is the character of politicians in general, that they could care less about anyone but themselves, families and constituents. 

To be specific, there's a Torino Impact Hazard Scale Condition Code 7 object headed earth's way today that's defined as follows:
"A very close encounter by a large object, which if occurring this century, poses an unprecedented but still uncertain threat of a global catastrophe.  For such a threat in this century, international contingency planning is warranted, especially to determine urgently and conclusively whether or not a collision will occur."

Video explains details of near earth object.

Could this be part of the stray "junk" in Elenin's tail they've talked about?  In any event, it's important to keep attentive during the window of Comet Elenin's alignment September 23-30th.  Elenin will have its closest encounter around mid October.  Not that it will matter if there's an impact since we can't do anything about it anyway.  At least make sure to have plenty of food, water and emergency supplies at hand just in case.

Let there be no doubt, if the President's headed for an underground bunker, there's a serious threat. Allow me to reaffirm Americans should realize these politicians could really care less about them. If Obama cared about Americans he would have forewarned us rather than running like a coward to an underground bunker.

NASA JPL Information on 2011 SE58

Monday, September 26, 2011

This Blog Supports The Sun's 'Target A Troll' Campaign

This blog's pleased to support The Sun's Target A Troll campaign.  The Sun's been acknowledging how depraved these people are who hide anonymously behind a keyboard. From my perspective the depraved nature of these troll people indicates they're possibly possessed by demonic entities due to their abominable inhuman characteristics.
"The Sun today urges our readers to combat the menace of trolls.  Our Target A Troll campaign is being launched amid revelations that grieving families of a host of high-profile crime victims and celebrities have been plagued by weirdos making "fun" of tragedy. Those rocked by vile web comments and videos include relatives of Madeleine McCann, Amy Winehouse, Jade Goody, Sarah Payne and murdered teenagers Sally Anne Bowman and Jimmy Mizen. Trolls lurk on net favourites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Bebo and Formspring."  Madeleine McCann is Target of Trolls - The Sun News
The latest story is about how a young girl who hung herself became the target of troll abuse on two tribute sites her family put up.

CRUEL internet trolls have left a mum devastated after posting depraved sexual taunts about her dead daughter.

Hazel Shaw, 50, said: "They were horrible comments. It's sickening that anyone could do this to someone going through a bereavement." Her 17-year-old daughter Chloe hanged herself in a park last year for no apparent reason. Grieving relatives created two tribute sites on the web in her memory. But within weeks sickos had begun posting a stream of abuse. Hazel, of Acocks Green, Birmingham, said: "They're sad, lonely, pathetic immoral scumbags who should be banned from the internet."- Vile Trolls Attacked My Tragic Girl's Site - The Sun News

Here are a few commenters from the Sun on troll activity:

Willowandme: People should just take heart that these 'trolls' are people who are locked away in their bedrooms, too scared to step out into the daylight, too scared to make their vile rants, to anybody face to face. They have no friends, no one cares for them.. They are just sick, bitter and twisted little nobodies, who still live with mummy & daddy, can't hold down a relationship and the only interaction they have with the world outside of their bedroom, is within social networking. They are ugly and miserable scabs, who want to reflect their pathetic existence on the rest of society. Well, it won't work because unlike them, the victims have love in their lives, and in their hearts. They are more stronger then these 'trolls' could ever hope to be.... To all the victims of this horrific trend, god bless you!!

 SB1967: Probably been bullied themselves so want revenge. Society as a whole does like to pick on the weak and exclude, we live in a pretty vicious world now. Perhaps we should introduce meditation into schools or something.


Court hearing transcript - San Diego Superior Court in East County could have cared less in ignoring red flags making me out to be a person falsely accusing another in a lawsuit.

 A former cyberstalker's clear red flags in my case were ignored by a San Diego Superior Court that could have cared less. In fact, the court sought to make me appear guilty of having gone after the "wrong man" when I had clear cut evidence supported with a deposition and attorney's email that the man was guilty of creating troll blog full of hundreds of vile posts about me.  See my recent post A Blackmailing Mentally Ill Man's Blog. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

How Courts Can Work With Blackmailing Cyber Stalkers Against Innocent Victims For Legal System Cash Flow

This is just a follow-up to my post a few days ago about how I was blackmailed using the court system.  I'm posting this due to being contacted by a few people over a blog that's up about me called About Cheryl Meril on Wordpress.  The blog's written by the same man I filed a lawsuit against last year who got off the hook while making me look as if I had done something wrong to him.

This mentally ill man is still filing Rip-off Reports and now Scam Reports on the Internet against my business as he sends requests for me to pay him thousands of dollars for his former lies to the San Diego Court. The case ended back in May of 2010.  Due to this current activity I feel obligated to present the clear cut evidence the court overlooked showing this man lied he wasn't involved who is still writing materials on a blog today.  See Deposition Questions & Attorney's Outing Email (PDF)

There's a certain complete stranger I filed a lawsuit against in 2009 after offering him a $1,000 settlement to end the dispute in which he was holding me hostage blackmailing me with vicious defamation on a blog.  When he didn't respond to my settlement offer, I sent cease and desist letters. I did not want to file a lawsuit. All of this was reported later to the court. Turns out the cyber stalker wasn't satisfied with a mere $1,000 wanting more in later having used a rogue Governor Schwarznegger appointed judge to support his claim of innocence at an ex parte hearing (meaning, I wasn't there to defend myself). The court later overlooked clear cut evidence I obtained from a deposition that the cyber stalker had a malicious obsessive blog up about me full of hundreds of posts.

I was being blackmailed from day one in this mess when I was an upcoming singer working towards a jazz career in San FranciscoIn my final disclosure of blackmail, I'm uploading the final evidence for the public, especially should anything happen to me in the future in this slow kill operation attempt of my life.  The court clearly corroborated with this insane man to make it look like I was guilty of something while completely ignoring my evidence and disallowing me to testify much of the time.

Here's my voice memo about how this can happen to anyone with the advent of the Internet and how desperate the court system is in seeking cash flow for its local legal community during hard economic times.

Edmond Wollmann

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Live Feed of Wall Street Global Revolution Occupation

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

Massive Squid Deaths In So. California Possible Sign of Coming Major Earthquake

We're now approaching the comet Elenin window of September 23-30th of its alignment with earth that has ushered in two major 7.0+ earthquakes during previous alignments.  

The past few days there's been an unusual occurrence of large numbers of deep sea Humboldt squid (aka red devils) washing up on the shores of San Diego and Orange Counties.  The reason massive squid deaths are of concern is there's a history linking them with a precursor major earthquake. 

"There are hundreds of squid carcasses washed up on beaches all over San Clemente and Oceanside. One sports fishing expedition on Wednesday came back with 990 of the large creatures. Dave Schmitt of Davey's Locker Sportsfishing describes the scene as 'pure mayhem ... and they're just everywhere.' - Giant Squid Carcasses Invade California Coastline - Before It's

Interesting video explains links of massive squid deaths as a precursor to major earthquakes.

Video shows other kinds of squid also washing up on shore.

There are people who genuinely believe the arrival of Comet Elenin means the end of the world as we know it.  Here's a video below of a lady whose been able to predict with accuracy the last two major earthquakes based on the trajectory of comet Elenin's alignment with earth. Now she's predicting over the coming few weeks the end of the world's imminent. 

The lady writes the description of this video with "ALL SEVEN trumpets of the book of Revelation happen NEXT WEEK! On one of these days: Sept 28, 29, or 30th. We know not which DAY or the HOUR of the day!!! My next video will PROVE it to you! WATCH!"

So there you have it, from massive squid deaths to the end of the world.  I'll feel bad for YouTuber 9Nania when none of her predictions come true.  People always lose credibility when they make false predictions.  Something of this magnitude of the alleged end of the world has always been predicted by religious minds and not once has any of them come true in all history.

When the world doesn't come to an end in the next few weeks, YouTuber 9Nania will no doubt have a tough time maintaining her audience that will likely nudge her to question her sanity.  In any event, keep in mind the globalists may be timing their world economic collapse plans on these cosmic events in order to scare the populace. See IMF Global Economy Entering Dangerous Phase -  Things do seem to be slipping a bit lately on the economic front.  The arrival of comet Elenin may mean more than just some physical appearance of a heavenly body, it could very well mark some milestone for cataclysmic world economic change.

As for the squid, I'd like some calamari and dip with my margarita please.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Einstein May Roll In Grave Over Subatomic Particle Exceeding Light CERN Experiment

If this subatomic particle experiment by CERN stands, it will be earth shaking.  Einstein will be rolling in his grave.
"One of the very pillars of physics and Einstein's theory of relativity – that nothing can go faster than the speed of light – was rocked Thursday by new findings from one of the world's foremost laboratories. European researchers said they clocked an oddball type of subatomic particle called a neutrino going faster than the 186,282 miles per second that has long been considered the cosmic speed limit."  CERN Light Speed May Have Been Exceeded By Subatomic Particle -

The feeling that most people have is this can't be right, this can't be real," said James Gillies, a spokesman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, which provided the particle accelerator that sent neutrinos on their breakneck 454-mile trip underground from Geneva to Italy. "  CERN Light Speed May Have Been Exceeded By Subatomic Particle -

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Outed Boyfriend Stalker Wants To Only Perfect His Craft

I'm writing a follow-up to yesterday's post because I feel this story's relevant to my situation.  I've posted throughout this blog about complete strangers who noted my vulnerability on a former singing blog who were enjoying psychologically torturing me for several years anonymously.

Last year I won a $25K judgment against one of them, but the other got away with the help of a devilish dictator-like atheist judge who hijacked my lawsuit case in San Diego from another jurisdiction claiming I had the "wrong man".  This, in spite of the fact I had real evidence disclosed by the man's attorney that his client was involved in a very malicious crazy blog that was disclosed after a deposition. (see post)

Let there be no doubt these ill men take great pleasure in their on-line cyber stalking and psy-op activities because they're real psychos.  To understand the pathological nature of the men I'm describing, I wanted to provide additional quotations from an updated story from The Sun.
"Throughout it all, Webber has shown no remorse and is still sending out jokey messages — saying that he wants to become an even better stalker.  He didn't even bother turning up at court after pleading guilty and posted some rubbish on Facebook saying he was going on a day trip." I Didn't Know I Fell In Love With the Devil.

Long ago they used to call this kind of behavior demonic possession:

The computer science student added: "I was in love with a man who acted like a devil. He even called me in the early hours of the morning to say another dirty picture or post about me had appeared on the internet and I should look at it. People say I should have twigged that it was him. But he was so kind and caring to me. Perhaps I was in some kind of state of denial.  I didn't want it to be him because I loved him." I Didn't Know I Fell In Love With the Devil.

"But he lied, saying the photos must have been stolen by one of his mates who had access to his computer and phone. He even reported that friend to the police and he was questioned. I told Shane I couldn't believe him — but he held me in his arms and said that to convince me he would swear on the grave of his uncle Tommy, who I know he had loved. After that I dismissed my worst fears. "But all the time he was pretending he loved me, he was putting me through hell, making out that he was me on the internet and sending nude photos." I Didn't Know I Fell In Love With the Devil.

I can totally relate with this lady's testimony. The only difference in my case is these men were complete strangers.

Now imagine for a moment hundreds of guys like this college student's boyfriend being high up in government who put on a phony image to the public while doing insidious things behind the public's back.  One can imagine how psychos like these strive for high positions in society to play their game on innocent people.

In my case, a man posing as an author of a self-published astrology book insists he is innocent of cyber stalking and defaming me, that I have the wrong man in the dispute.  Yet, this is what the cyber's attorney sent during the early evolution of the lawsuit.  This evidence was also submitted to the court it either overlooked or didn't read.

(click to enlarge) 
The cyber stalker's attorney's admission in so many words that his client was involved in a malicious blog about me full of hundreds of crazy posts and defamation.  The cyber got away due to a devilish judge who hijacked my suit from another jurisdiction claiming I had the "wrong man".

The fact the girl's boyfriend is not even remorseful indicates a certain pathological nature and insanity.  This is the same insanity I've been dealing with over a man who a San Diego court allowed to get away that I was later censored and disallowed to testify against him in two restraining order cases.

Sorry for rehashing my case here, I just couldn't resist using this story's psychological profile of a crazy cyber stalking guy to show how wronged I was by a court system that let the cyber stalker get away as if I somehow deserved what was happening to me.

I Didn't Know I Fell In Love With the Devil. - The Sun

A Blackmailing Mentally Ill Man's Blog - Sept. 19, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Evil Lurkes In the Hearts of Men? Good Intuition Knows!

**See Latest Story Update I Had No Idea I Was In Love With The Devil - The Sun " on this evolving story.**

Many women have no idea what secret resentment lurks in the hearts of their guy pals towards them since they haven't developed their perceptions of intuition.  A 22 year old woman recently learned the hard way her intuition wasn't functioning since it took three years before she learned a malicious stalker turned out to be her very own boyfriend.

A young man posed as a college student's normal boyfriend in the U.K. for years prior to being outed as her stalker.
"Webber began his abuse, which eventually became a daily event, by setting up multiple fake email addresses. He used them to contact Ruth — pretending to be former schoolmates and bombarding her with filthy photos and videos. He also impersonated his girlfriend to distribute intimate photos of her to her friends and relatives. And he used the same ruse to post naked photos of her on adult websites. As "Ruth", he also contacted men saying "she" fancied them. One even showed up at the student's home and had to be turned away. Webber, Ruth's boyfriend throughout his campaign, knew it was making her ill." Sicko Who Stalked His Own Girlfriend - The Sun
The sexual harassment caused the woman to take medication that adversely affected her health and eventually led to thoughts of suicide.  Imagine had no one believed this lady that her very own boyfriend was behind it all?  Not even she could believe it was her very own boyfriend.
"The college student was sick to her stomach when it turned out to be Webber her boyfriend. Now she reckons he acted out of jealousy because she is a bright student set to get a degree and he has no qualifications after dropping out of school at 14. And she wants the jobless sicko jailed for his twisted deception."  Sicko Who Stalked His Own Girlfriend - The Sun
As I posted recently in a recent audio vlog post, guys who struggle in society with less of an education than women, are having a hard time dealing with it, lashing out in secret ways in an attempt to destroy their perceived competition. For instance, one of my cyber stalkers is a documented high school drop who, though he obtained degrees late in life, had a recent unflattering criminal history of a public nuisance and trespasser.  In the case of the college student, rather than working hard and obtaining his own success, Shane Webber decided to secretly sabotage his very own girlfriend.

Only 'the shadow' and people with good intutition know what
evil lurks in the hearts of men (and women).

It's hard for some women to believe how deceptive someone close to them can be.  Many women also prefer to keep the blinders on by maintaining denial.  I personally witnessed such denial at a deposition I conducted in 2009 of a cyber stalker's girlfriend who was completely oblivious to the activities he was involved in against me and two other men.  To this day the woman likely remains in denial.

People should realize there are people out there who masquerade themselves and the only way to root them out is to use their own intutition.  Using one's intutition doesn't mean being paranoid, it just means sensing if a person is a true friend or some cracked actor out to exploit and game them for their own benefit.

The key to avoiding the pitfalls of those who masquerade themselves for trouble is to develop good intuition while not going off the deep end into paranoia and baseless speculation.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Soft Killing Populations with Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)

There's a dangerous precedent being set with the advent of growing body of FDA approved genetically modified foods being produced in the United States. (aka "Frankenfoods")   These foods, known as genetically modified organisms, are currently produced as corn, sugar beets, soy beans, cotton along with their derivatives of corn syrup, high-fructose syrup, cotton seed oil, flour, lecithin.
"According to the National Agricultural Statistics Board annual report, dated June 30, 2010, by 2009/2010, 93% of the US planted area of soybeans, 93% of cotton, 86% of corn and 95% of sugar beets were genetically modified varieties. And the derivatives of these GM crops — corn syrup, high-fructose syrup, cotton seed oil, flour, lecithin, and more — are found in the majority of processed foods sold in the US. Additionally, genetically engineered micro-organisms are also used as sources of enzymes in the manufacturing of processed foods. And virtually all animal feed is genetically modified."  Article Link
Scientific studies have shown GMO's cause sterilization in third generation lab rats and hamsters among other defects.  Regardless, evidence of the dangers of these GMOs to humans doesn't stop greedy companies like Monsanto from continuing while seeking to ostracize scientists who release such studies to the public. 
"This year, a Russian biologist determined third generation hamsters fed genetically modified soy were unable to produce offspring. The study was conducted by Alexey V. Surov, at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Association for Gene Security. Prior to Dr. Surov’s study, Irina Ermakova, also with the Russian National Academy of Sciences, reported in 2005 that more than half the babies from mother rats fed GM soy died within three weeks.

Jeffery Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, and founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology, notes that scientists who discover adverse findings from GMOs are regularly attacked, ridiculed, denied funding, and even fired.

According to Smith, animals fed GM crops developed potentially precancerous cell growth, smaller brains, livers and testicles, damaged immune systems, bigger livers, partial atrophy of the liver, lesions in the livers, stomachs, and kidneys, inflammation of the kidneys, problems with their blood cells, higher blood sugar levels, and unexplained increases in the death rate."
I bet a majority of Americans have no idea how dangerous these GMO's are!  These companies like Monsanto are much like BP that covers up the dangers its foods pose to humans and their reproductive capacities.

Here's an interesting and highly educational video on GMO's I'd recommend everyone watching:

Splicing fish gene's into strawberries?  Frankenstein Foods?? :

The evil companies promoting GMO is so severe that they even tried to have GMO foods placed into "organic" certified foods.  Scary indeed. Alex Jones has repeatedly warned GMO foods are part of the eugenicists' plan to gradually kill off a large part of humanity. 

Sites of interest:

Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Blackmailing Mentally Ill Man's 'About Cheryl Meril' Blog

**Update - See my latest post How Courts Work with Blackmailing Cyber Stalkers For Legal Community Cash Flow with the latest evidence based on a deposition of the cyber stalker who claimed to be innocent to the court.**

Today I was contacted by a professor who wants me to send my lawsuit's court hearing transcripts.  He wrote:
"I am a Linguist and Computer Science professor at **** University. I am doing a study of language use in the transcripts of retraining orders imposed on women.  I read your blog that has a missing link to a court hearing transcript. I would greatly appreciate the transcript, it would facilitate my work enormously since I will be able to apply methods in forensic linguistics to the text."
I guess this is a good time to take a moment on this blog to address the issue of a complete stranger whom I believe to be a paranoid schizophrenic whose still cyber stalking me and writing a blog called "About Cheryl Meril".  The blog is a follow-up sequel to a previous very malicious one that was taken down after I conducted a deposition for a lawsuit last year.

(click to enlarge) 
Outright proof this person had a malicious blog up about me full of false accusations I was a forger, a felon and all kinds of insane materials. According to Judge Robert Longstreth,
I had "the wrong man" and nothing I said was ever believed.

Here's just a sample of defamation on the former blog taken down among hundreds of obsessive crazy posts from 2007-2009.

At a deposition in San Diego, I told the stranger and his lawyer Randall Dierlam that if he took down the blog I'd drop the lawsuit.  Unfortunately, I never got the information the lawyer sent by email saying informing me the blog was down. Had I simply read the email I would have immediately dismissed the lawsuit.  Unfortunately, I had made it a point not to open any emails since I was receiving many by anonymous proxy so I had no certainty of the source.  I believe the attorney would have sent me a letter instead of an email or called me by phone.  I later offered a settlement agreement with no money exchanged but by then it was too late.  After the case ended in dismissal, I opened the attorney's email to find he offered an out for me to end the lawsuit sooner.

Never File A Defamation Case In Pro Se - Too Many Things Can Go Wrong

My lawsuit filed in 2009 was a series of errors on my part, typical of a self-represented person who didn't really know how very small things done incorrectly can make a huge difference, such as not including DOES (e.g., John Does) in case there's evidence of other people being involved.  I made mistakes such as waiting far too long prior to filing the lawsuit, approximately two years, when the statute of limitations was only one year for defamation. I waited as long as I did because I believed the person would grow tired of his antics and leave me alone but it turned out he's extremely mentally ill being obsessed with me to the point of being unable to control himself.

Still Cyber Stalking Me and Infiltrating Professional Forums

These series of mishaps have allowed someone, whom I believe to be a  paranoid schizophrenic, to continue with his blogging activities over me as a  target for his "operation Cheryl Meril take down".  He's recently been denoted cyber stalking professional forums I participate in and contacting members with his blog link information that were then placed on the forum.  Unfortunately I didn't know the forum was public, I thought it was private by membership only.  I later learned the forum posts were on the home page so I realized the cyber stalker had infiltrated the members to post links to his blog.

At a RO hearing, the Court completely ignored red flags the cyber stalker handed them proving they could care less if he's harassing me since the whole exercise was political and for the purpose of generating money for the local legal community. See My Decl. Response with Exhibits of Hearing Transcript (PDF)- 2009.

This person is well documented as having mental problems with a lot of time on his hands. He's been doing this kind of thing on the Internet since the late 1990's, where he admitted in a court of law he spends all of his time on.  He has no real legitimate job as a residential building manager of a small complex in La Mesa where he lives on the property.  He is fighting for his honor from years of his perceived enemies posting information about him on websites such as this one and believes tearing down his perceived enemies is the key to his "winning" in life.

His convictions include:
Public Nuisance - 2002
Trespassing - 2003

Regardless of the symptoms of such convictions, the court didn't care what this person's background was, nor what it viewed as hearsay written on the Internet about him by other parties with evidence of his activities long prior since 1999.

In the mentally ill man's mind, he has no problems, he is a great man with a brilliant book he's written his own reviews on and how dare anyone stand up to his mischief!  It's been reported that Amazon doesn't allow any contrary reviews to the book due to lawsuit threats.  He has many personalities that manifest as sock puppets he has trouble managing while clinging to the one that gets him out of trouble from the others.

I've been ignoring this person since the case closed last June, 2010 and he continues with the same pattern of cyber stalking and harassment as he has since 2007.  He only stopped for a few weeks when his attorney was involved. He is not innocent of mischief he obviously feels vindicated by Judge Longstreth's court being entitled to behave this way.  

When I later learned that the Governor Schwarzenegger appointed Judge Robert Longstreth went so far as to represent the self-represented cyber stalker as an attorney at a hearing, that he's basically a type of atheist anti-Semitic politically based enterprise, I realized this all seemed a crazy psy-op by an evil government with too much time on its hands. This judge hijacked my entire case  from the Central court by making a statement I allegedly had "the wrong man". This judge even threatened me with future consequences for having filed my lawsuit at all I later dismissed and they still came down very hard on me. See Court Hearing Transcript - Judge Robert C. Longstreth.

These are the cyber's AOL screen names that were subpoenaed indicating an illuminati based hidden identity.

I feel this has been a long drawn out convoluted form of blackmail the court under Judge Longstreth especially participated in.  To me It demonstrates how corrupt the court system is to entrap a woman in such a way. I just wanted to document this in a public forum the court aided and abetted the outcome enabling this crazy person to continue as he did before while harassing me for money.  I was never really allowed to ever testify against this person when I requested restraining orders, the court would censor me every single time.

Much of the time I was never allowed to present my side of the story and what I wrote in legal documents was completely ignored.  They always wanted to keep me on the defense. See Judge Richard B. Ulmer Whitewashed My Evidence!  Didn't Care! - 8/6/10

My audio addendum to this post:

Details of how I was set-up:

 The previously mentioned professor thanked me for forwarding case materials for his study he responded:
"When I read your blog, your case seemed similar to several others I have studied.   I don't yet know the details of your case but I have thoroughly analyzed ones in which a man's claims as to harassment or stalking by a woman are accepted uncritically with absolutely no substantiation.   My research is incomplete but I have found no cases in which a woman's word is accepted without evidence.  This is, of course, very difficult to research, because transcripts of RO hearings are not frequently made public; hence, the importance of your kindness."

My comment about professor's contact today and his subsequent study:

I have one final word to type in this article and that's "illuminati".

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hilarious Cat & Animal Videos

Because I'm extremely busy, I'm reposting these hilarious videos.I threw in a candid camera video clip at the very end.  Enjoy!

This is short, sweet but hilarious. The timing is what makes this 9+ million view video funny.

This clip's of a turtle in love with a disinterested cat. 

Watch how the police chickens break up a rabbit fight. 

I posted this one last year, I just can't help but repost  because it's so cute.

Ditto, this one's a repost from last year.

Funny candid camera clip.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

U.S. Federal Gov't Forcing People To Destroy Their Homes Based On U.N. Agenda for Population Control

As a teenager I recall watching a horror movie from the 1970's era, Soylent Green featuring Charlton Heston.  The film was about a tyrannous government's giving a deadline for people's lives then turning them into mulch.  This movie's concept seems to be taking root today in American culture in several forms including discussions over health care coverage and now recently over the government's unconstitutional actions towards harassing home owners to destroy their homes in order to force them onto its control grid.

Along with SWAT teaming innocent Americans' homes as was reported yesterday over a TV reporter's home,  the U.S. Federal government's currently involved in harassment of property owners with code violations to destroy their homes and leave their land.  The Fed's activities are based on the United Nations Agenda 21 program for alleged "sustainable development". The program's designed to compact the populations of the world into organized, tightly-designed, planned communities, where they can be monitored, tracked, and forever connected to the government control grid.

Trailer for the 70's movie Soylent Green explains where the world may be headed based on the United Nations infiltration of the U.S. Federal government to obtain its population control goals.

Reality T.V.'s video on the U.S. government's infringement driving people off their land to destroy their homes has gone viral.
"After complying with the county's demands to tidy up his property, which also ended up including moving a shed and getting rid of a motorhome, Gallo received orders from agents to level his home and move off his own property. The agents claimed that neighbors had complained about 'unsightly structures,' even though Gallo has no immediate neighbors near his property.
They told me you have to get off the property. All of a sudden I've got police at my front door with bullet proof vests, guns. And they surrounded the place. Everything I've worked for was just melting away from me. I don't know where I'm gonna go. I really don't." - Gov't. Nuisance Abatement Teams Forcing Residents To Destroy Their Homes and Vacate Land - Natural

Here are other examples of people affected by the UN plan to relocate people, herding them like cattle off their property:
  1. A self-sustaining couple who has lived in their home for 22 years and grown their own food, generated their own electricity with solar panels, and pulled water from their own private well -- all without ever needing any help from the government or anybody else -- Castaneda and his wife have been ordered to destroy their home and leave their land as well.
  2. Kim Fahey, another former Antelope Valley resident who built his own home out of old telephone poles, was raided not too long ago. Fahey was convicted of 12 misdemeanors, was eventually arrested and put in prison, and subsequently was forced to destroy his unique castle-like home, which he lovingly named "Phonehenge."
As disclosed throughout this blog, the U.S. Federal government is behaving as terrorists in many aspects of American life.  The Feds are quickly revealing themselves to be the true enemy of the American people as they obey International government law while disregarding the U.S. Constitution they took an oath to protect. This essentially means the U.S. Federal government has become a traitorous criminal element opposed to all America once stood for.

When SWAT teams enter the wrong home with guns fully drawn and handcuff innocent people, such as the TV newscaster's husband yesterday, only to discover they have the wrong home due to their incompetency, we've got a problem. See Alameda Raid Mistakenly Targets TV Reporter -

What America's got is bunch of crazy steroid laden buffoons at the helm conducting a war against Americans from within.  The U.S. Federal government is  quickly revealing itself as nothing more than an arm for the United Nations population control programs.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Modern Day Witch Hunts Begin At U.S. Airports With Latest Behavioral Detection Devices

It used to be if an innocent person  was accused of a crime they could take a lie detector's test to sometimes clear them of suspicion. Things have changed, get ready to be interrogated at airports and other public venues by low IQ nut jobs armed with new Pre-Crime Face Scanner Cameras, aka low grade lie detectors!

I don't see how this is at all Constitutional, the behavioral detection device is likened to witch hunts since its accuracy is based on being allegedly correct two-thirds of the time. That's not a very good accuracy rate, but the government could clearly use the information gathered from the device to ensnare any targeted person into its grasp. 
"The new system 'successfully discriminates between truth and lies in about two-thirds of cases,' which equates to little more accuracy than chance alone, making it even less reliable than the notorious polygraph test, which has been widely discredited and is habitually inaccurate.

The technology is focused around detecting emotions such as distress, fear or distrust, all of which a stressed traveler could undergo without necessarily being a liar. Indeed, such emotions would be expected in an environment where people are being naked body scanned, groped by TSA thugs, and subjected to lie detector interrogations.

In addition, such emotions could be registered when the subject fears not being believed by the authority figure. The person could be characterized as a liar when they are in fact completely honest."  Pre-Crime Face Scanner to Be Used For 'Security Interrogations' -

This is what the control freaks in the Federal government envision for our society, a large high tech data gathering grid that violates people's privacy treating them like cattle at airports.

All the authorities need is a bad reading indicating a liar on their machine to take their interrogation to a new level.  Think about how unconstitutional this is and where it's all leading back to the days of the Salem witch hunts.

Here's an example of what the insane are doing to innocent people at airports and in airplanes:
"In the aftermath of my events on Sept. 11, 2011, I feel violated, humiliated and sure that I was taken from the plane simply because of my appearance. Though I never left my seat, spoke to anyone on the flight or tinkered with any 'suspicious' device, I was forced into a situation where I was stripped of my freedom and liberty that so many of my fellow Americans purport are the foundations of this country and should be protected at any cost. Blogger Describes Armed Arrest By Militarized Cops for "Suspicious Behavior" (Wanting to Pee) - Prison
In reading the above mentioned article in its entirety, one can appreciate just how insane these men and women in power have truly become, not to mention how utterly incompetent in their sadistically exploiting human weaknesses of alleged "behaviors" for their personal enjoyment.  If you read the article, you may want to imagine the kind of so called man who could do what he did to an innocent woman simply based on her nationality.  In retrospect, one might recognize how could any of this be done on behalf of the security of America?

Please take a moment to really think about what the government is doing, how wrong it is and how they have clearly become the dangerous terrorists. They're clearly behaving as terrorists!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Try Not Watching Television To See If A Parallel Universe Opens Up

I guess it's time to let visitors know the truth about me as an author of this blog. Back in 2007 I stopped watching television after I got rid of Comcast.  I got rid of television because I realized it was nothing but repeats and commercials and was driving me nuts. I began to realize how insane it was to watch Will & Grace reruns as much as five times and that there were actually two channels that played W&G at the same time.

Since that time a few years ago of realizing television was wasting my life away, I've noted something very strange happening. I really feel as though I'm fading from this world fast though I'm healthy and haven't been diagnosed with any disease.  It's my opinion that this time period we're living in is going to get really bad and that my consciousness is leading me out of the horrific future time line in history.

In an excellent commentary on television's impact on our culture Marilyn Alexander's 2009 article Is Television Destroying Our Lives?" one of the best I've come upon:
My husband is a good example of what TV can do to the mind, when he watches TV he is completely transported into a different dimension in his mind. I say this because he becomes oblivious to the world around him, I could be choking and he would never know, I would have to fight for my life until the add break and hope he notices then. I have tried hard to distract him from TV but to no avail, once that box has got a hold on him its tickets, I just wave goodbye and hope that the box will mercifully and gently ease him out of his television induced coma. - Is Television Destroying Our Lives?

I've noted my mind is no longer focused on things the current culture produces as it used to be.  I don't go to movies either. I'm the kind of person who used to watch movies over and over again at the theater.I haven't even seen Avatar and my last theater visit was probably Gladiator and I'm serious! I also don't listen to today's recording artists at all.

After being hammered by the Alex Jones radio program the past two years as a dose of hard core reality, it's gotten to the point where my only hope for survival and many of you as well in my opinion, is to find a parallel universe to slip into. The world as we've known it is clearly expiring!  It's going to be hell and in flames soon!  We can't continue here much longer as we have. Evil psychopaths are at the helm of world governments.

I've come to the conclusion television has wasted away much of my life having for years turned me into a mindless emotionally detached zombie.  

Symptoms of television mind damage can have on one's life are:

1. You're completely disconnected from people's emotions and lives because you have to see your next television program at 8:00 pm.

2.  You let life happen to you through the television set as if it's real.

3.  The television turns you into a spectator, not a participant in life.  You allow others to program your mind that steals your imagination and creativity.  You become a zombie if you allow others to program your mind with their secret agendas through television programming.

4.  You actually fear what life would be like without television!

OMG I realize now I really was a TV addict!  I'm so glad to be free of the empty box now.  I'm convinced many Alzheimer's patients develop their symptoms from watching too much television.
If you watch TV and just take note of what you are actually exposing your mind to, you may feel the intense urge to run as far away from your TV set as possible.

I grew up on TV, I don't remember ever not having a TV, the very first electronic appliance I bought for my future house was a TV and a video machine and a Hi-Fi set. What does that tell you, it tells you that I was well and truly addicted and well and truly hypnotized into believing my life had to start with a television set. I was unconscious but I was also young

Unfortunately I am an addict and want to commit to an anti -TV program, I want to find my authentic self, the self without the bombardment of every other Tom, Dick and Harry's opinion that I swallow as truth and reality just because I see and hear it on TV. Is Television Destroying Our Lives?
I'm hoping the more time that elapses from the television time mind continuum, the chances are a new dimension will open up for a parallel universe to slip into.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Sad Truth About Collecting Judgments From Lawsuits

Many people such as myself have filed lawsuits as a last resort to counter the damages the defendant(s) caused.  After trying everything within my power to end the dispute, I filed.  I won a judgment last year for $25,136 that is really nothing but a piece of paper, even less significant than an IOU.  I'm quite certain the judgment is noncollectable unless the defendants win the lotto.

When I filed two defamation lawsuits in 2009, I had no intention of ever collecting a dime.  I knew that, unless the defendants had a nice paying job or owned a home or an over the top expensive vehicle, there was virtually no way of collecting a judgment.  Procedurally I could order a writ of examination and request the defendant's financial information and bank accounts, but by the time I collected the information, the accounts would be empty.  Moreover, any IRA/401k retirement accounts are untouchable from collection from judgments.  Of course, I could also place a garnishment on wages, but that wasn't an option for an independent contractor and low wage earner.  Even if I obtained a wage garnishment, the amount would be restricted to 10-15% of the paycheck.

The sad truth is that if people with no real property or employer don't want to pay you anything in a lawsuit you generally won't be getting anything. Such is why lawsuits should only be a last resort because they're time consuming and expensive.  Here's a hint: lawyers generally file lawsuits only after they research to find the defendants have considerable assets. 

I once learned the hard way from a Small Claims Court case, if someone doesn't want to pay you, unless they're wealthy, you have virtually no hope of getting your money. Here's another little hint, people don't have to pay if they don't want to. They can move, quit their job if they have one, and avoid paying.  Unless the issue is child support, there's virtually no hope.

Unless the defendant has real assets and a good paying job, the court's essentially acting like Bugs Bunny in this Looney Tunes episode in its awarding a mirage judgment.  It's all yours now, take it!

The Last Resort Option

When you realize you're virtually helpless to collect your judgment, you might want to consider offering a reduced pay off amount and settlement agreement.  For instance, I'd be willing to negotiate a $1,000 payoff for the $25K dispute but see no reason why the defendants think they should pay me anything.   What for?  What would they get out of paying me one cent?  The court system's a joke designed for the big game players, not for people like me. 

Imagine if I harassed the defendants for my money, what could they do?  First, they'd likely file a complaint for unlawful harassment under certain circumstances and it all could backfire on me, then I could be sued.  They may even decide to eventually leave the State of California.  I'd have to invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to track them down using a private investigator but might never locate them again.  They could possibly go undetected for years unless they opened a new banking account or credit card account in the new state.

The only time lawsuits really affect people is if they have a lot of money to lose.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tiny House Trend Emerges As U.S. Property Values Face Decade Long Stagnation

A few months ago at a loan signing someone who works as a Vice President at a commercial loan banking institution told me her refinance papers took six months to process. "There must be a huge backlog, so you should get tons of work coming your way soon," she commented.

Another banking professional told me the banking loan industry doesn't expect property values to rise much on national average for the next 10 years.  The banking executive said "I'm taking a huge loss on this property that dropped to half its former value and the buyer's making a killing." He added, "there's a huge inventory of foreclosed homes on the market contributing to the mess."

The Reason Foundation's article Housing Market in Total Freefall, Anthony Randazzo reports sobering news in the latest MacroMarkets Report.
 "Overall, the March expectations data are the most pessimistic collected to date, and added that after weak performance in the last quarter of 2010, actual home prices at the national level are now less than 1% away from establishing a new post-crash low." And since that isn't cheery enough he added, "Many more experts are now projecting a double-dip after witnessing the double-dead cat bounce that came in the wake of expired government stimulus programs."

The graph tells the story of a peak and decline in property values and projections to 2016, not even half of where it was.  This means many homes bought when the market peaked dropped in value significantly and won't regain their value for another decade or more.

Important information, February's sales figures were the lowest since the years of JFK. This is getting real bad folks!

I follow a real estate attorney blog, attorney Matthew Weidner, P.A. and a few days ago he posted The Foreclosure Mess is Amerika's Nuclear Disaster.
"Abigale Field’s column in AOL Daily Finance offers the best analysis of the current state of the foreclosure catastrophe and should be required reading for every man and woman in the United States.  Read it Here  One of the reasons why this column is so important is it explores the very real possibility (I say probability) that the foreclosure mess cannot be solved.
It really is amazing when you take a step back and think about all that is wrong.  The crimes, the fraud, the collusion, the cover up, the complicity, the complexity, the total unwillingness of regulators to punish. The total inability of regulators and policymakers to foresee this train wreck as it was happening. (and as it continues to happen)  The collapsed economic picture. The failings of our court system.  The utter lack of leadership from the local level all the way up to the White House." -Matt Weidner, P.A. 
I figure all this can only mean one thing; a majority of Americans won't be able to afford large homes anymore.  Enter the emerging tiny house trend.  I read about these tiny houses a couple years ago when the market crashed in 2008.  I think this will be a growing trend as the housing crisis gets worse, especially among young people who have the energy to live that kind of lifestyle.

I guess the days of large houses and the American dream for many are coming to an end.  Maybe a few can still afford these kind of homes they call Tiny Houses.  This video shows one that's 89 square feet.  

The inside of a Tumbleweed Tiny House.  Lets hope this comes with solar panels.  

In these times it would clearly be most economical to be a midget.  I also predict a growth in the underground condo industry that's already taken root.