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A Blackmailing Mentally Ill Man's 'About Cheryl Meril' Blog

**Update - See my latest post How Courts Work with Blackmailing Cyber Stalkers For Legal Community Cash Flow with the latest evidence based on a deposition of the cyber stalker who claimed to be innocent to the court.**

Today I was contacted by a professor who wants me to send my lawsuit's court hearing transcripts.  He wrote:
"I am a Linguist and Computer Science professor at **** University. I am doing a study of language use in the transcripts of retraining orders imposed on women.  I read your blog that has a missing link to a court hearing transcript. I would greatly appreciate the transcript, it would facilitate my work enormously since I will be able to apply methods in forensic linguistics to the text."
I guess this is a good time to take a moment on this blog to address the issue of a complete stranger whom I believe to be a paranoid schizophrenic whose still cyber stalking me and writing a blog called "About Cheryl Meril".  The blog is a follow-up sequel to a previous very malicious one that was taken down after I conducted a deposition for a lawsuit last year.

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Outright proof this person had a malicious blog up about me full of false accusations I was a forger, a felon and all kinds of insane materials. According to Judge Robert Longstreth,
I had "the wrong man" and nothing I said was ever believed.

Here's just a sample of defamation on the former blog taken down among hundreds of obsessive crazy posts from 2007-2009.

At a deposition in San Diego, I told the stranger and his lawyer Randall Dierlam that if he took down the blog I'd drop the lawsuit.  Unfortunately, I never got the information the lawyer sent by email saying informing me the blog was down. Had I simply read the email I would have immediately dismissed the lawsuit.  Unfortunately, I had made it a point not to open any emails since I was receiving many by anonymous proxy so I had no certainty of the source.  I believe the attorney would have sent me a letter instead of an email or called me by phone.  I later offered a settlement agreement with no money exchanged but by then it was too late.  After the case ended in dismissal, I opened the attorney's email to find he offered an out for me to end the lawsuit sooner.

Never File A Defamation Case In Pro Se - Too Many Things Can Go Wrong

My lawsuit filed in 2009 was a series of errors on my part, typical of a self-represented person who didn't really know how very small things done incorrectly can make a huge difference, such as not including DOES (e.g., John Does) in case there's evidence of other people being involved.  I made mistakes such as waiting far too long prior to filing the lawsuit, approximately two years, when the statute of limitations was only one year for defamation. I waited as long as I did because I believed the person would grow tired of his antics and leave me alone but it turned out he's extremely mentally ill being obsessed with me to the point of being unable to control himself.

Still Cyber Stalking Me and Infiltrating Professional Forums

These series of mishaps have allowed someone, whom I believe to be a  paranoid schizophrenic, to continue with his blogging activities over me as a  target for his "operation Cheryl Meril take down".  He's recently been denoted cyber stalking professional forums I participate in and contacting members with his blog link information that were then placed on the forum.  Unfortunately I didn't know the forum was public, I thought it was private by membership only.  I later learned the forum posts were on the home page so I realized the cyber stalker had infiltrated the members to post links to his blog.

At a RO hearing, the Court completely ignored red flags the cyber stalker handed them proving they could care less if he's harassing me since the whole exercise was political and for the purpose of generating money for the local legal community. See My Decl. Response with Exhibits of Hearing Transcript (PDF)- 2009.

This person is well documented as having mental problems with a lot of time on his hands. He's been doing this kind of thing on the Internet since the late 1990's, where he admitted in a court of law he spends all of his time on.  He has no real legitimate job as a residential building manager of a small complex in La Mesa where he lives on the property.  He is fighting for his honor from years of his perceived enemies posting information about him on websites such as this one and believes tearing down his perceived enemies is the key to his "winning" in life.

His convictions include:
Public Nuisance - 2002
Trespassing - 2003

Regardless of the symptoms of such convictions, the court didn't care what this person's background was, nor what it viewed as hearsay written on the Internet about him by other parties with evidence of his activities long prior since 1999.

In the mentally ill man's mind, he has no problems, he is a great man with a brilliant book he's written his own reviews on and how dare anyone stand up to his mischief!  It's been reported that Amazon doesn't allow any contrary reviews to the book due to lawsuit threats.  He has many personalities that manifest as sock puppets he has trouble managing while clinging to the one that gets him out of trouble from the others.

I've been ignoring this person since the case closed last June, 2010 and he continues with the same pattern of cyber stalking and harassment as he has since 2007.  He only stopped for a few weeks when his attorney was involved. He is not innocent of mischief he obviously feels vindicated by Judge Longstreth's court being entitled to behave this way.  

When I later learned that the Governor Schwarzenegger appointed Judge Robert Longstreth went so far as to represent the self-represented cyber stalker as an attorney at a hearing, that he's basically a type of atheist anti-Semitic politically based enterprise, I realized this all seemed a crazy psy-op by an evil government with too much time on its hands. This judge hijacked my entire case  from the Central court by making a statement I allegedly had "the wrong man". This judge even threatened me with future consequences for having filed my lawsuit at all I later dismissed and they still came down very hard on me. See Court Hearing Transcript - Judge Robert C. Longstreth.

These are the cyber's AOL screen names that were subpoenaed indicating an illuminati based hidden identity.

I feel this has been a long drawn out convoluted form of blackmail the court under Judge Longstreth especially participated in.  To me It demonstrates how corrupt the court system is to entrap a woman in such a way. I just wanted to document this in a public forum the court aided and abetted the outcome enabling this crazy person to continue as he did before while harassing me for money.  I was never really allowed to ever testify against this person when I requested restraining orders, the court would censor me every single time.

Much of the time I was never allowed to present my side of the story and what I wrote in legal documents was completely ignored.  They always wanted to keep me on the defense. See Judge Richard B. Ulmer Whitewashed My Evidence!  Didn't Care! - 8/6/10

My audio addendum to this post:

Details of how I was set-up:

 The previously mentioned professor thanked me for forwarding case materials for his study he responded:
"When I read your blog, your case seemed similar to several others I have studied.   I don't yet know the details of your case but I have thoroughly analyzed ones in which a man's claims as to harassment or stalking by a woman are accepted uncritically with absolutely no substantiation.   My research is incomplete but I have found no cases in which a woman's word is accepted without evidence.  This is, of course, very difficult to research, because transcripts of RO hearings are not frequently made public; hence, the importance of your kindness."

My comment about professor's contact today and his subsequent study:

I have one final word to type in this article and that's "illuminati".

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