Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Gloves Are Off! U.S. Federal Government Seeks to Destroy American Workforce

In view of the recent SWAT team raid on Gibson USA, one of the last remaining American manufacturers that added 580 employees the past two years, evidence has surfaced what the raid was really all about.  The evidence supports my previous post disclosing how the U.S. Federal Government's working hard to cause the extinction of American manufacturers to ship American jobs overseas. See The U.S. Federal Gestapo's Targeting American Companies For Extinction -August 29, 2011

If this isn't enough evidence President Obama's paying lip service to American jobs in speeches while behind the scenes supporting the destruction of American manufacturers who don't cooperate in world government implementation, I don't know what is.  Here it all is, in our faces, the two sided nature of a corrupt Mafia-like enterprise.  The reason the Federal Government's clearly working to destroy America on all fronts is because it's been taken over by world government interests.  The people behind the scenes making all this happen are clearly operating with a pirate mentality of looting whatever it can. (Photo credit: FreakingNews.com)

"As a follow-up to our report about the US government’s recent illegal raid of Gibson Guitars Corp., a major US based manufacturer of musical instruments (http://www.naturalnews.com/033454_G…), Gibson’s CEO Henry Juszkiewicz has openly announced that the US government actually advised him in a pleading that if he simply were to move his workforce to Madagascar, he could avoid his current quandary entirely.

This shocking, written admission by government agents, which was expounded upon by Juszkiewicz himself during a recent interview on KMJ AM’sThe Chris Daniel Show, clearly illustrates what the federal government is up to these days. By targeting a US-based company with a US-based labor force — which is an amazing rarity in today’s globalized world, by the way — for no legitimate or legal reason, it is obvious that an ulterior motive is at work." - Gibson Guitar Raid Part of Government Effort to Extinguish American Workforce, Outsource Remaining Jobs to Foreign Countries - Natural News.
 Who really thinks that after the U.S. Federal Government was taken over by world government interests they would announce it to the world?  Think about it, crooks don't come in and announce they're robbing you, they just do it at a convenient time when you're sleeping, away or murder their victims. The criminals would never expose their operation by announcing "we've taken over your country and are doing with it as we so please!"  Clearly, the clever thieves would incrementally dismantle America below the radar while the major media distracts Americans with shallow political rhetoric, celebrity gossip, sports and entertainment.

You can be rest assured President Obama's paying nothing more than lip service to American jobs in order to continue to distract from the fact a criminal cabal cloaked in the Federal Government is attempting to dismantle the last of America's manufacturing base.  President Obama could give a rats behind about America jobs, he's one of them!  So is Rick Perry, one of them! So is Bill Clinton and Al Gore, one of them who supported NAFTA former Presidential candidate Ross Perot who claimed would cause a "giant sucking sound" of American jobs to be sent overseas.

When are Americans going to finally wake up the crooks have taken over and are at the helm?

Download audio of Gibson CEO Radio Interview here

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