Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Growing Number of Huge Solar Flares Headed For Earth Could Mean End of Civilization of Biblical Proportions

Another growing threat the earth faces, aside from asteroids and comet Elenin's tail debris such that I posted about yesterday, is that of enormous solar flares.  On Monday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a media alert entitled Strong Solar Storm Reaching Earth; NOAA Experts Available which stated as follows:
"NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center – the nation’s official source of warnings and alerts about space weather and its impacts on Earth – issued a warning for a strong, G3 geomagnetic storm on Earth resulting from a significant explosion from the sun’s corona Saturday morning. G-scale solar storms range from G1 (minor) to G5 (extreme).

Impacts have arrived on Earth, jolting the planet’s magnetic field and triggering strong “geomagnetic storming” in some regions. Saturday’s coronal mass ejection – a burst of charged particles and magnetic field that streamed out from the sun at about five million miles an hour – delivered a glancing blow to the planet. If it had been directed straight at Earth, the geomagnetic storming could have reached 'severe' to 'extreme' levels." - NOAA Press Release

Interesting video about comet Elenin's arrival, solar flares, power outages,
Denver airport bunkers, along with some good advice.

For those who question if there's a hell, this is evidence it could take the form of the earth being engulfed in a tremendous solar flare.  For those who doubt there's a God, all it takes is one solar flare to make a direct hit on earth to end civilization as we know it, guided by an eternal hand.  The solar flare that strikes the earth could also represent a spiritual element as stated in Revelations in the Bible.  This solar flare activity could truly be God's wrath and hell fire the prophets envisioned.
The spot on the sun that produced Saturday’s coronal mass ejection remains active and is well positioned to deliver more storm activity in the next several days. NOAA’s SWPC will continue to watch the active region for activity, and will continue to inform its customers – grid operators, satellite operators, airlines and more – about what to expect, so they can protect infrastructure and the public.  NOAA Press Release
This could be it, the Sun as the game changer. The forthcoming comet might merely  be a sign and messenger.  Historically comets have always meant to the ancients a sign of cataclysm forthcoming.

Last night I was on my eBike headed a few miles in the dark for a late night loan signing and came within a split second of a serious accident with another bicyclist because there weren't enough street lights at a blind spot at a turn.  Both our bikes were going around 15 mph that would have been a very serious head on collision.  I went to bed thinking about how my life would have changed in a split second had that accident occurred.  All it takes is a split second of one of these enormous 5,000,000 per hour sun flares to make a direct hit with earth to be a the end of civilization as we know it. This information tends to make one think of how fragile life is on this planet and how we tend to take it all for granted simply because humanity's been on earth dominating it for so long.

For those who doubt there's a God, you may want to consider the possibility a solar flare is really God's forthcoming wrath and hell fire.