Sunday, September 25, 2011

How Courts Can Work With Blackmailing Cyber Stalkers Against Innocent Victims For Legal System Cash Flow

This is just a follow-up to my post a few days ago about how I was blackmailed using the court system.  I'm posting this due to being contacted by a few people over a blog that's up about me called About Cheryl Meril on Wordpress.  The blog's written by the same man I filed a lawsuit against last year who got off the hook while making me look as if I had done something wrong to him.

This mentally ill man is still filing Rip-off Reports and now Scam Reports on the Internet against my business as he sends requests for me to pay him thousands of dollars for his former lies to the San Diego Court. The case ended back in May of 2010.  Due to this current activity I feel obligated to present the clear cut evidence the court overlooked showing this man lied he wasn't involved who is still writing materials on a blog today.  See Deposition Questions & Attorney's Outing Email (PDF)

There's a certain complete stranger I filed a lawsuit against in 2009 after offering him a $1,000 settlement to end the dispute in which he was holding me hostage blackmailing me with vicious defamation on a blog.  When he didn't respond to my settlement offer, I sent cease and desist letters. I did not want to file a lawsuit. All of this was reported later to the court. Turns out the cyber stalker wasn't satisfied with a mere $1,000 wanting more in later having used a rogue Governor Schwarznegger appointed judge to support his claim of innocence at an ex parte hearing (meaning, I wasn't there to defend myself). The court later overlooked clear cut evidence I obtained from a deposition that the cyber stalker had a malicious obsessive blog up about me full of hundreds of posts.

I was being blackmailed from day one in this mess when I was an upcoming singer working towards a jazz career in San FranciscoIn my final disclosure of blackmail, I'm uploading the final evidence for the public, especially should anything happen to me in the future in this slow kill operation attempt of my life.  The court clearly corroborated with this insane man to make it look like I was guilty of something while completely ignoring my evidence and disallowing me to testify much of the time.

Here's my voice memo about how this can happen to anyone with the advent of the Internet and how desperate the court system is in seeking cash flow for its local legal community during hard economic times.

Edmond Wollmann