Thursday, September 22, 2011

Outed Boyfriend Stalker Wants To Only Perfect His Craft

I'm writing a follow-up to yesterday's post because I feel this story's relevant to my situation.  I've posted throughout this blog about complete strangers who noted my vulnerability on a former singing blog who were enjoying psychologically torturing me for several years anonymously.

Last year I won a $25K judgment against one of them, but the other got away with the help of a devilish dictator-like atheist judge who hijacked my lawsuit case in San Diego from another jurisdiction claiming I had the "wrong man".  This, in spite of the fact I had real evidence disclosed by the man's attorney that his client was involved in a very malicious crazy blog that was disclosed after a deposition. (see post)

Let there be no doubt these ill men take great pleasure in their on-line cyber stalking and psy-op activities because they're real psychos.  To understand the pathological nature of the men I'm describing, I wanted to provide additional quotations from an updated story from The Sun.
"Throughout it all, Webber has shown no remorse and is still sending out jokey messages — saying that he wants to become an even better stalker.  He didn't even bother turning up at court after pleading guilty and posted some rubbish on Facebook saying he was going on a day trip." I Didn't Know I Fell In Love With the Devil.

Long ago they used to call this kind of behavior demonic possession:

The computer science student added: "I was in love with a man who acted like a devil. He even called me in the early hours of the morning to say another dirty picture or post about me had appeared on the internet and I should look at it. People say I should have twigged that it was him. But he was so kind and caring to me. Perhaps I was in some kind of state of denial.  I didn't want it to be him because I loved him." I Didn't Know I Fell In Love With the Devil.

"But he lied, saying the photos must have been stolen by one of his mates who had access to his computer and phone. He even reported that friend to the police and he was questioned. I told Shane I couldn't believe him — but he held me in his arms and said that to convince me he would swear on the grave of his uncle Tommy, who I know he had loved. After that I dismissed my worst fears. "But all the time he was pretending he loved me, he was putting me through hell, making out that he was me on the internet and sending nude photos." I Didn't Know I Fell In Love With the Devil.

I can totally relate with this lady's testimony. The only difference in my case is these men were complete strangers.

Now imagine for a moment hundreds of guys like this college student's boyfriend being high up in government who put on a phony image to the public while doing insidious things behind the public's back.  One can imagine how psychos like these strive for high positions in society to play their game on innocent people.

In my case, a man posing as an author of a self-published astrology book insists he is innocent of cyber stalking and defaming me, that I have the wrong man in the dispute.  Yet, this is what the cyber's attorney sent during the early evolution of the lawsuit.  This evidence was also submitted to the court it either overlooked or didn't read.

(click to enlarge) 
The cyber stalker's attorney's admission in so many words that his client was involved in a malicious blog about me full of hundreds of crazy posts and defamation.  The cyber got away due to a devilish judge who hijacked my suit from another jurisdiction claiming I had the "wrong man".

The fact the girl's boyfriend is not even remorseful indicates a certain pathological nature and insanity.  This is the same insanity I've been dealing with over a man who a San Diego court allowed to get away that I was later censored and disallowed to testify against him in two restraining order cases.

Sorry for rehashing my case here, I just couldn't resist using this story's psychological profile of a crazy cyber stalking guy to show how wronged I was by a court system that let the cyber stalker get away as if I somehow deserved what was happening to me.

I Didn't Know I Fell In Love With the Devil. - The Sun

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