Saturday, September 3, 2011

[Politicians = Fake²] = U.S. Government Corruption

What do you suppose this subgroup formula [Politicians = Fake²] stands for?  Our system of corrupt government, that's what!  Americans have become so fed up lately that they've been expressing anger towards politicians at town hall meetings, causing the cowards to go AWOL. The spineless scoundrels, who so easily send young men and women to their deaths in fraudulent wars that kill innocent people abroad, can't even face the public's wrath for their actions!  A politician's worse nightmare is having to face the anger of a betrayed American public.
"Facing organized, often raucous confrontations at political events, some members of Congress this summer abandoned the long-time tradition of open meetings with the folks back home. It was goodbye to one of the few remaining opportunities for voters and lawmakers to talk face to face."  See Congressmen Skip Out On Town Halls.-  
For those who would like to witness the true nature of one of the most successful slick willie Presidents in recent history, check out this video below.

The true nature of slick willie Bill Clinton fake crying at Ron Brown's funeral is uncovered in a few seconds.  Please excuse the presentation of Rush Limbaugh who I'm not a fan of either.

As one can observe from this poor acting behavior from Bill Clinton, typical politicians are merely performing for the public having a secret agenda hidden from the public eye.  I theorize since these crooked politicians depend so much on deceiving the public, there's potential for great danger of anyone who stands up to their deception.  See What ever really did happen to Ron Brown

Similarly, one can tell the deceptive nature of major news broadcasters who can turn their true emotions on and off in a split second much like a computer.  Check out this next video Our Media Is a Circus and Politicians Are LCD Pandering Idiots.  

Kind of an annoying video showing how crazy things are with the media and U.S. politicians. 

It's no wonder based on this fakery that even Goldman Sachs admits the U.S. economy is going to collapse since there's not much truth to the backing of its currency any longer among other things. See Even Goldman Sachs Secretly Believes That An Economic Collapse Is Coming -  In other words, the U.S. dollar will one day be the counterfeit it always was. This leads me to one last thought, that of the Statue of Liberty.

I bet many Americans didn't know the Statue of Liberty was originally designed and intended for Egypt did they?  Egypt didn't want the statue which was later altered for America's use. I used to think the statue had deep meaning but, after learning it wasn't even initially designed for America in the first place, can now see through its superficiality. - See Is The Statute of Liberty Pagan - 

 U.S. Feds SWAT team Gibson USA along with the Amish and kids lemonade stands.

When the Feds deliberately misinterpret laws in order to loot, pillage and steal such that recently happened to Gibson USA Guitars, it's just one more sign that Mafia based crooks are in charge of the hen house.  Gibson is one of the few American based manufacturer's left having recently added 580 employees.

I think all this points to America's foundation as a country in question in its being quickly disassembled from within by a traitorous Federal government aligned with world government interests. It's quite possible this was all planned long ago by a secret society, primarily among the freemasons, who have been strongly implanted in U.S. government's history.  Even George Washington was a freemason!  Freemasons are said to be responsible for the Statue of Liberty's construction and hidden meaning symbolism. (see video below)

The outstanding History Channel's "Statue of Liberty & Illuminati - Part 1 of 4

Even Goldman Sachs Secretly Believes That An Economic Collapse Is Coming -