Friday, September 2, 2011

San Diego Judge Robert Longstreth's Fruits of Labor Evident

Last year a Judge Robert Longstreth in San Diego East County Superior Court aided and abetted a highly problematic person in denial influencing an unfair outcome by disregarding me altogether.  This person continues to harass my business with recent Rip Off Reports and Scam Reports after an intense 3 years of trying to get him to leave me alone. He was also awarded a disproportionate unfair amount of money for legal fees since he was largely self-represented over a case I filed in 2009. See A Corrupt San Diego Superior Court Awarded Legal Fees At Secret Hearing. . . - 2010

Leave Me Alone!

Judge Longstreth was campaigning at that time to retain his appointed bench that was being challenged due to many complaints filed against him by the public.  Under the circumstances, Judge Longstreth would obviously only be supporting a local San Diegan, that's how politically shallow this judge is, that he even acted as an attorney on behalf of the defendant.  The judge acted as a mediator to argue why the defendant had to drive 16 miles to the central court while I had to travel 500 miles summoned by his court over satire based articles written 6-12 months prior to the lawsuit. See Internet 2.0 Means the Grim Reaper for Cyberstalkers (2008), The Death of the Internet's Nearing,  and A Body Bag Awaits ******* in San Francisco.

This judge also threatened me with future consequences for my having filed a lawsuit against someone he considered to be the "wrong man". 

So if I'm such a dangerous person, why harass such a person for money?  For instance, I'm not bothering to collect the $25K judgment I was awarded last year because the guy I got an RO against is truly dangerous. 

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