Thursday, September 29, 2011

High Ranking NYPD Officer Outed Pepper Spraying Penned-In Young Women At Wall Street Protest - Second Video Emerges

The story of two young women who were herded behind a mobile fence and then pepper sprayed for no apparent reason at the Wall Street Protests has become a huge story, especially now that a second video's surfaced. I usually don't cover such big stories but found an interesting video of an Olbermann-like NBC commentator who tore into the outed high ranking NYPD officer, Anthony V. Bologna.

Turns out a second revealing video has surfaced exposing the crazy police officer's reckless activities.  The NYPD have been denying any foul play up till now quoted as saying the only reason this story got any attention is because the media's overblowing it.

It doesn't happen every day that the media rips into high ranking officers so I thought I'd post the video. Besides, I'm very busy so please forgive me for not posting a real article today.