Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Temple of Self-Worship Is Short Lived - *Poof!* God's Back In My Life

I'm beginning to finally understand the problems people develop for partaking in the false religion temple of self-worship.  I was one of those people, it's an easy trap to fall into because it makes one's life much easier and less challenging.  Suddenly, there is no God, Satan and Lucifer to complicate one's life let alone Sunday church visits to deal with. Like magic, *poof!* God no longer exists because you say so while peacefully meditating it all away into a state of denial bliss. You thus follow no particular spiritual based rules except what you as a self appointed god decide.  You might as well open a the book of self-worship because you do it every day by choosing to disregard God's natural spiritual laws.  In essence, this chosen path turns a human being into a self-appointed void of nothingness in the spiritual world, prone to demonic attacks for Satan's twisted schemes thus having no real authority to affect or change anything.

Appointing yourself a god of your own temple of self-worship, you can also sit in judgment of orthodox religions as being outdated, corrupt and find all kinds of excuses to crucify Jesus Christ all over again. Being free of an alleged oppressive guilt based God, you can go on your own research expedition to justify your abandoning the Bible by finding various works claiming there are errors in the holy scriptures as you seek out Self Realization Temples worshiping nothing as I did in the 1980's near Malibu, CA.

I've been through phases in life of hating Christians and then gradually coming over to being agnostic after a few years of atheism.  I became an atheist in the late 1990's when I was on board with human evolution science trends.  Year's later I've eventually came back to accepting a Christian God in spite of the fact Christians can be so obnoxious, shallow and dumb. At least they're trying! There's no real justification to completely disregard what the Bible has to say if one can even find one sentence to help understand there's a bigger picture in life's purpose.  The sad thing is, Satan often quotes scripture so one must have knowledge to understand discernment in order to recognize the spirit of God behind it.

The main thing that drove me away from the Bible and Christians years ago was their insane fixation over homosexuals and abortion.  I've since come to learn over the years, abortions and birth control are just another way of playing god, making a decision to prevent a life from entering the world.  Fifty million abortions in America are what have really caused the U.S. government to allow millions of third world immigrants to enter the country for cheap labor.  Had Americans not had those abortions, there would be an American based labor force for manufacturing jobs the U.S. government would have been required to support. Instead, the government has encouraged allowing millions of immigrants to enter the country in its long term plan to collapse America's infrastructure into a world government.  Therefore it can be deduced this spiritual weakness in allowing abortion and unlimited birth control as a way of life in America has contributed to the government doing whatever it wants years later in its belief we have no spiritual dominion over our own country any longer.

The fact is, when I was younger Christians always made me feel like an idiot and humiliated me a lot in my 20's. The women called out demons from me and did the "blood of Jesus" rituals.  They were often ridiculous such as calling out the alleged demon of David Bowie while delving into my past and privacy.  I strongly disagreed with their emotional abuse of little children. While I disliked a lot of what Christians did, I later learned they were right about many things, such that Satan and Lucifer (two different entities) are real that one can't remain "neutral" over.  Once you acknowledge evil is real as a spiritual based forced, you can easily accept there's an opposing living God to save you from its grasp.

I continually experience people in the self-worship godless "I'm my own god" mode networking to protect their own interests who seek to destroy my life one way another.  For instance, as I recently posted, Judge Robert Longstreth hates God as an atheist. This San Diego judge, who's considered an anti-Semite in the community, made statements against Christians and Jews in his last campaign to retain his bench appointment. See Anti-Semitic Judges Win in San Diego - Six More Years to Destroy Children and Families -  This is the same judge who facilitated the complete disregard of me while favoring and rewarding an obviously troubled demon possessed man who refuses to end his three year obsession and harassment. These men are motivated by the fact I don't worship or bow down to their god like powers in their taking advantage of my neutral position over God.  I was once like them decades ago, so I understand where they're coming from. One can easily observe how celebrities live off the energy of their cult followers, such as Lady Gaga an obvious self-worshipper.  

The Demon Possessed Have Driven Me Back To God!

What's helped me come back to God is no great feat since the godless have driven me to it with their evil demonic powers that seemingly never end. I've witnessed some really horrifying things of the lengths their hatred and lust for power takes them for my not bowing down to them. I wouldn't be surprised if there's even some murder plot under consideration.  I used to worship certain people as idols while being a great host for self worshipping parasites to plug into.  I was never equal in these people's eyes, they enjoyed my putting them above God handing over a piece of my life to be used for their personal conquest and glory in some way. That's how Satan's power works to disrupt and destroy all lives and souls he possibly can. 

In retrospect, fundamentalist Christians especially can do a lot of damage to others by being so forceful pushing their beliefs on those who aren't ready.  Regardless, those who have a heart for God will eventually come around as I have.  I still maintain some of the things in the Bible are so silly while I can't stand the hypocrisy it breeds. I will simply come to terms with God in my own personal quiet way. I won't be preaching to others or selling religion like an Amway distributor.  What this all means is that I'm going to start reading and applying the Bible to my daily life again except the Old Testament which I will be using  for its historical background. I will also be praying.

Once I accepted God back into my life, I've had no fear of death. I'm no longer afraid to die!  Though Satan and Lucifer have dominion in this world, their alien powers are limited to it and the hellish dimension where demonic spirits run wild.  Those with a guilty conscience or who remain in denial over God's existence and their evil activities in this world have condemned themselves to hell, which does indeed exist in the afterlife.