Monday, September 26, 2011

This Blog Supports The Sun's 'Target A Troll' Campaign

This blog's pleased to support The Sun's Target A Troll campaign.  The Sun's been acknowledging how depraved these people are who hide anonymously behind a keyboard. From my perspective the depraved nature of these troll people indicates they're possibly possessed by demonic entities due to their abominable inhuman characteristics.
"The Sun today urges our readers to combat the menace of trolls.  Our Target A Troll campaign is being launched amid revelations that grieving families of a host of high-profile crime victims and celebrities have been plagued by weirdos making "fun" of tragedy. Those rocked by vile web comments and videos include relatives of Madeleine McCann, Amy Winehouse, Jade Goody, Sarah Payne and murdered teenagers Sally Anne Bowman and Jimmy Mizen. Trolls lurk on net favourites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Bebo and Formspring."  Madeleine McCann is Target of Trolls - The Sun News
The latest story is about how a young girl who hung herself became the target of troll abuse on two tribute sites her family put up.

CRUEL internet trolls have left a mum devastated after posting depraved sexual taunts about her dead daughter.

Hazel Shaw, 50, said: "They were horrible comments. It's sickening that anyone could do this to someone going through a bereavement." Her 17-year-old daughter Chloe hanged herself in a park last year for no apparent reason. Grieving relatives created two tribute sites on the web in her memory. But within weeks sickos had begun posting a stream of abuse. Hazel, of Acocks Green, Birmingham, said: "They're sad, lonely, pathetic immoral scumbags who should be banned from the internet."- Vile Trolls Attacked My Tragic Girl's Site - The Sun News

Here are a few commenters from the Sun on troll activity:

Willowandme: People should just take heart that these 'trolls' are people who are locked away in their bedrooms, too scared to step out into the daylight, too scared to make their vile rants, to anybody face to face. They have no friends, no one cares for them.. They are just sick, bitter and twisted little nobodies, who still live with mummy & daddy, can't hold down a relationship and the only interaction they have with the world outside of their bedroom, is within social networking. They are ugly and miserable scabs, who want to reflect their pathetic existence on the rest of society. Well, it won't work because unlike them, the victims have love in their lives, and in their hearts. They are more stronger then these 'trolls' could ever hope to be.... To all the victims of this horrific trend, god bless you!!

 SB1967: Probably been bullied themselves so want revenge. Society as a whole does like to pick on the weak and exclude, we live in a pretty vicious world now. Perhaps we should introduce meditation into schools or something.


Court hearing transcript - San Diego Superior Court in East County could have cared less in ignoring red flags making me out to be a person falsely accusing another in a lawsuit.

 A former cyberstalker's clear red flags in my case were ignored by a San Diego Superior Court that could have cared less. In fact, the court sought to make me appear guilty of having gone after the "wrong man" when I had clear cut evidence supported with a deposition and attorney's email that the man was guilty of creating troll blog full of hundreds of vile posts about me.  See my recent post A Blackmailing Mentally Ill Man's Blog.