Thursday, September 15, 2011

U.S. Federal Gov't Forcing People To Destroy Their Homes Based On U.N. Agenda for Population Control

As a teenager I recall watching a horror movie from the 1970's era, Soylent Green featuring Charlton Heston.  The film was about a tyrannous government's giving a deadline for people's lives then turning them into mulch.  This movie's concept seems to be taking root today in American culture in several forms including discussions over health care coverage and now recently over the government's unconstitutional actions towards harassing home owners to destroy their homes in order to force them onto its control grid.

Along with SWAT teaming innocent Americans' homes as was reported yesterday over a TV reporter's home,  the U.S. Federal government's currently involved in harassment of property owners with code violations to destroy their homes and leave their land.  The Fed's activities are based on the United Nations Agenda 21 program for alleged "sustainable development". The program's designed to compact the populations of the world into organized, tightly-designed, planned communities, where they can be monitored, tracked, and forever connected to the government control grid.

Trailer for the 70's movie Soylent Green explains where the world may be headed based on the United Nations infiltration of the U.S. Federal government to obtain its population control goals.

Reality T.V.'s video on the U.S. government's infringement driving people off their land to destroy their homes has gone viral.
"After complying with the county's demands to tidy up his property, which also ended up including moving a shed and getting rid of a motorhome, Gallo received orders from agents to level his home and move off his own property. The agents claimed that neighbors had complained about 'unsightly structures,' even though Gallo has no immediate neighbors near his property.
They told me you have to get off the property. All of a sudden I've got police at my front door with bullet proof vests, guns. And they surrounded the place. Everything I've worked for was just melting away from me. I don't know where I'm gonna go. I really don't." - Gov't. Nuisance Abatement Teams Forcing Residents To Destroy Their Homes and Vacate Land - Natural

Here are other examples of people affected by the UN plan to relocate people, herding them like cattle off their property:
  1. A self-sustaining couple who has lived in their home for 22 years and grown their own food, generated their own electricity with solar panels, and pulled water from their own private well -- all without ever needing any help from the government or anybody else -- Castaneda and his wife have been ordered to destroy their home and leave their land as well.
  2. Kim Fahey, another former Antelope Valley resident who built his own home out of old telephone poles, was raided not too long ago. Fahey was convicted of 12 misdemeanors, was eventually arrested and put in prison, and subsequently was forced to destroy his unique castle-like home, which he lovingly named "Phonehenge."
As disclosed throughout this blog, the U.S. Federal government is behaving as terrorists in many aspects of American life.  The Feds are quickly revealing themselves to be the true enemy of the American people as they obey International government law while disregarding the U.S. Constitution they took an oath to protect. This essentially means the U.S. Federal government has become a traitorous criminal element opposed to all America once stood for.

When SWAT teams enter the wrong home with guns fully drawn and handcuff innocent people, such as the TV newscaster's husband yesterday, only to discover they have the wrong home due to their incompetency, we've got a problem. See Alameda Raid Mistakenly Targets TV Reporter -

What America's got is bunch of crazy steroid laden buffoons at the helm conducting a war against Americans from within.  The U.S. Federal government is  quickly revealing itself as nothing more than an arm for the United Nations population control programs.