Monday, September 5, 2011

U.S. Postal Service Issues Dire Warning of Potential Impending Collapse

The crooks in the U.S. Federal government sure can conduct fraudulent wars, SWAT team legitimate American business enterprises such as Gibson USA, and even put on a show for the dramatic hunt and execution of former U.S. CIA propped up dictators abroad.  With all of these incredible displays of power, why can't the U.S. Federal government run its own U.S. Postal service competently?  Maybe it's because the American people's mail service is a low priority to their own government.

The U.S. government has some of the most advanced military technology in the world that can send predator surveillance drones and put satellites into space. Again I ask, in view of these tremendous feats, why can't the government do something as simple as manage the people's U.S. Postal Service? I'd like to bring the reader's attention to a dire warning issued today regarding a $9 billion deficit and acknowledgment there's a crucial September 30th deadline:
A national USPS spokesperson stated "It would come to the point where the postal service would have to close its doors, but we continue to work with congress and expect there will be a solution eventually," said USPS Spokesperson Yvonne Yoerger. U.S. Postal Service Running Out of Cash - May Default Pensions -
It should be obvious to many by now that Americans are put on a low priority list by their own Federal government, let there be no doubt.  All signs have been pointing to the continual gutting of America's manufacturing and jobs infrastructure in favor of building a world government focused on cheap slave labor wages offered by communist based super powers such as China.
"We are required to make this $5.5 billion dollar payment into the future retiree health benefits fund, and probably won't be able to make it when it comes due September 30th." - Postal Service May Default on $5.5 Billion Trust Fund Payment -
Already stressed over their staff cutbacks, the U.S. mail employees are also facing the potential of losing their pension payments due to mismanagement by the Federal government.  Clearly, the U.S. Federal government can do so much for itself and military that includes invading sovereign countries for decade long occupations, while it can't do the simplest things effectively for the American people. It says a lot, that people shouldn't be buying the con game of these phony politicians anymore.

At the very least, there will likely be no more Saturday mail services and fewer locations to drop off one's mail in the future.  The possibility exists the U.S. Postal service could even close its doors all together. Imagine the chaos that would ensue from such an action affecting businesses across the board.  The Feds are great at invading countries on behalf of the U.N., terrible at managing basic services for the American people.

A spade's a spade is a spade, is a nightmare.  The Feds clearly don't work for us anymore.

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