Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Evil Lurkes In the Hearts of Men? Good Intuition Knows!

**See Latest Story Update I Had No Idea I Was In Love With The Devil - The Sun " on this evolving story.**

Many women have no idea what secret resentment lurks in the hearts of their guy pals towards them since they haven't developed their perceptions of intuition.  A 22 year old woman recently learned the hard way her intuition wasn't functioning since it took three years before she learned a malicious stalker turned out to be her very own boyfriend.

A young man posed as a college student's normal boyfriend in the U.K. for years prior to being outed as her stalker.
"Webber began his abuse, which eventually became a daily event, by setting up multiple fake email addresses. He used them to contact Ruth — pretending to be former schoolmates and bombarding her with filthy photos and videos. He also impersonated his girlfriend to distribute intimate photos of her to her friends and relatives. And he used the same ruse to post naked photos of her on adult websites. As "Ruth", he also contacted men saying "she" fancied them. One even showed up at the student's home and had to be turned away. Webber, Ruth's boyfriend throughout his campaign, knew it was making her ill." Sicko Who Stalked His Own Girlfriend - The Sun
The sexual harassment caused the woman to take medication that adversely affected her health and eventually led to thoughts of suicide.  Imagine had no one believed this lady that her very own boyfriend was behind it all?  Not even she could believe it was her very own boyfriend.
"The college student was sick to her stomach when it turned out to be Webber her boyfriend. Now she reckons he acted out of jealousy because she is a bright student set to get a degree and he has no qualifications after dropping out of school at 14. And she wants the jobless sicko jailed for his twisted deception."  Sicko Who Stalked His Own Girlfriend - The Sun
As I posted recently in a recent audio vlog post, guys who struggle in society with less of an education than women, are having a hard time dealing with it, lashing out in secret ways in an attempt to destroy their perceived competition. For instance, one of my cyber stalkers is a documented high school drop who, though he obtained degrees late in life, had a recent unflattering criminal history of a public nuisance and trespasser.  In the case of the college student, rather than working hard and obtaining his own success, Shane Webber decided to secretly sabotage his very own girlfriend.

Only 'the shadow' and people with good intutition know what
evil lurks in the hearts of men (and women).

It's hard for some women to believe how deceptive someone close to them can be.  Many women also prefer to keep the blinders on by maintaining denial.  I personally witnessed such denial at a deposition I conducted in 2009 of a cyber stalker's girlfriend who was completely oblivious to the activities he was involved in against me and two other men.  To this day the woman likely remains in denial.

People should realize there are people out there who masquerade themselves and the only way to root them out is to use their own intutition.  Using one's intutition doesn't mean being paranoid, it just means sensing if a person is a true friend or some cracked actor out to exploit and game them for their own benefit.

The key to avoiding the pitfalls of those who masquerade themselves for trouble is to develop good intuition while not going off the deep end into paranoia and baseless speculation.