Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why is John Tennant of Tennant's Mobile Tax Service Such a Cantankerous Old Fart?

**Update*** I obtained an IP address from this post's comment section to learn John Tennant left a harassing comment on November 29, 2011 demonstrating months later he's still partaking in a childish harassing mindset reminiscent of junior high school.  He claims he's been falsely accused and that he believes he knows the "real Cheryl Meril" .  The fact is, I stand up to bullshit Mr. Tennant and you're clearly full of it.

It's difficult for me to comprehend that, in spite of human beings' ability to be highly intelligent thinkers, men are largely behaving as predators like never before in our culture. Such men believe the Internet allows them the right to cyber stalk, annoy and harass women they otherwise would have no access to.  I've therefore come to the conclusion that the Internet is definitely a Satanic device for mind control enabling demonic spirits to run wild in seeking victims for undue illusory based power and domination.  

One such predator I've encountered recently on a notary forum is John Tennant at Tennants Tax Service & Notary Public in San Diego who has been unjustly cyber stalking me for no just cause.  I find insecure men often do this when they're looking to exploit another's vulnerability due to their insecurity with being fat ugly old men. When they do such an irrational thing such as look up a woman on the Internet for no valid reason and without her permission as is etiquette, that's a violation of one's privacy and a strike against someone's character.

After I was rudely cyber stalked, I did a tremendous favor for Mr. Tennant enabling him to obtain supporters in his Linkedin network where he had only one connection.  I thought it sad for a man with 15 years in business to only have one connection, so I pointed it out on the forum inviting others to sign up.  As a result of my help, Mr. Tennant now has three Linkedin supporters in a matter of a few minutes. 

It's become crystal clear that the net's being used to entrap innocent victims, especially women. The more the frustrated old white men with little to no future in America use the Internet, the more problems there will be for certain women one way or another.  I've noted a few men are definitely acting with predatory motives in order to unleash their secret demons on selected female victims.

I don't go to the gym a few times a week and take such good care of myself to be plagued with fat ugly old men on the Internet that happens far too often.  If you'd like to see a photo of Mr. Tennant simply Google his name, he's no Kenny Rogers.  Why don't these men know their place these days? How dare he cyber stalk me, I did absolutely nothing wrong to him or anyone else. These guys are cowards picking on women who don't play their game.  If I were that ugly, that I very well may be one day, I'd stay in my old fart chess players club and stay out of trouble.
I'll be praying as a good Christian woman should that Mr. Tennant will go open a Bible some time and effectively suppress his dark primal urges as well as develop his Linkedin profile.  In the mean time, it's very sad I had to post this to counter such a miserable stranger's behavior.