Thursday, October 6, 2011

America's Lost a Genius in Steve Jobs. Meanwhile Americans Rising In Protest Over Wall Street, Fed (Videos)

First, I wanted to open this post with how sad it is Steve Jobs is no longer with us.  Jobs revolutionized our culture with his genius technologies.  Though I wasn't always happy with Apple's products (the G4 wasn't a good investment for me), one can't ignore Steve Jobs as a major force in America in how he transformed our culture and lives in so many areas from music, to communication, to graphic art production and numerous other areas. 

Back in 1989 I was working at Xerox Corporation in El Segundo, CA where the initial prototype for the Mac was developed at one of their PARC facility.  Apparently there was a fallout between Xerox PARC and Steve Jobs that caused him to go out on his own.  When I worked at Xerox as a contractor for their Worldwide Marketing Business Center, their computer system was advanced much like Apple's that I felt fortunate to work with such great technology and software.

If there's anything we can learn from Steve Jobs after he has left us is that all the money and non-health based technologies in the world can't bring the most important thing in life, and that's vibrant health and a natural lifespan.  Our health should be the number one worldwide concern in this message of how Steve Jobs lost a battle as so many great and influential Americans have.  We truly need a revolution of life extending health products and anti-aging technologies like never before.  I'll be posting about these trends later since right now things are flaring up with protests in America.

The intensity of the Wall Street Protests across the nation in New York and Seattle in particular has been growing.  There's also an Occupy The Fed press release being issued from Alex Jones Prison Planet site. See The Revolution Against the Fed Starts Now.   In fact, the Fed revolution started weeks ago since people have been camping out at the Federal Reserve building in San Francisco.

Things are certainly getting heated out there. To emphasize the intensity, I'm posting a few videos from Washington's Blog. (Please note, I don't know why, but when this blog loads, it reloads the videos twice delaying viewing. Please be patient, it's well worth the wait to see what's going on with police and Wall Street and/or Federal Reserve protesters lately.) 

As Alexander Higgins reports:
The above video shows Luke Rudkowski and other Occupy Wall street protesters being beat with Batons by White Shirts as the NYPD pepper sprays other members of the crowd. [Rudkowski is the lead reporter for We Are Change.]

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This photo shows the crowd being pepper spayed.

Seattle Police Rough Up Protesters

Also Seattle Police roughed up protesters today: