Monday, October 17, 2011

Back to the Dark Ages: Tourist Eaten By Cannibals

I've been having an uneasy feeling lately about how our world seems to be heading back towards the dark ages with all the recent worldwide riots and economic upheaval.  What am I to think when tourists can't even go on a sailing adventure without ending up roasted on a camp fire by a bunch of cannibals?

An adventurer and his girlfriend started a sailing trip back in 2008 and in September 2011 stopped off at the French Polynesian island of Nuku Hiva, near Tahiti.  American writer Herman Melville had visited the island in 1842 only to leave in a hurry when he began to suspect the locals were fattening him up for a feast.

What are believed to be the remains of "German adventurer Stefan Rain, 40, was found on a campfire. He is thought to have been cut into pieces before being roasted by a local tribe — despite claims they had stopped being cannibals decades ago." Man Feared Eaten By Cannibals - The Sun
So much for paradise on the high seas.  My question is why didn't this guy have any weapons?  Let this be a lesson that the next time you see one of those heavenly vacation commercials for the Pacific islands, don't forget about the cannibals who are apparently waiting in the wings for an abhorrent depraved barbecue. The Tahitian island natives clearly aren't vegans.  This is such a horrifying tragedy a young man's life was taken from him in such a depraved inhumane fashion.

You can see more of Stefan Rain's sail photos here.  

Man Feared Eaten By Cannibals - The Sun

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