Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Desperate Astrologer Edmond Wollmann Demands $576,000 Blackmail Pay-Off From Me

A self published astrologer Edmond Wollmann, a/k/a a small apartment complex building manager in San Diego, is having various collection agencies and a law firm contact me claiming he is owed $576,000 in damages for the lawsuit I filed in 2009.  The suit was later dismissed in 2010 but not before my presenting damning evidence of Mr. Wollmann's unclean hands involvement in a defamatory blog with hundreds of insanely obsessive posts about me.

The dispute had begun in 2007 based on these initial emails of a lawsuit threat in which I was also being held hostage over a false allegation regarding former SFGate writer Violent Blue and death threats. (Please note most of the PDF links listed herein will open automatically in the browser, others will open using specific browsers such as Safari and/or Internet Explorer).

This person seems to be desperately headed for a possible breakdown in his realization he won't be getting any money for his alleged damages. I believe my life is possibly endangered so I wanted to therefore document what's currently taking place regarding someone I believe is inherently unstable whose beginning to realize his long 4 1/2 year intense and obsessive campaign has thus failed to destroy my life.  In fact, my life's been getting stronger by the day since the dispute.

"Someone who has 'unclean hands', otherwise known as the Unclean Hands Doctrine, is regarded as having contributed to the dispute while claiming damages and therefore should not be rewarded one iota.  I proved to the court with strong evidence from a depo and attorney this man contributed to the case filed against him.  - Cheryl Meril - Blackmail Victim
After I filed the lawsuit in June of 2009, Mr. Wollmann and his former attorney Randall Dierlam in San Diego never filed a motion for Summary Judgment to dismiss the case, nor filed any counter lawsuit.  It wasn't until nearly four months later in October and after the deposition  (also see full text of deposition) that Mr. Dierlam admitted in an email Mr. Wollmann was involved in a malicious sick blog about me claiming I was a felon and forger.  Here's just a small sample of blog defamation among hundreds of obsessive  crazy posts about me by a complete stranger.

(Click to enlarge) An email from an attorney disclosing this person had a malicious blog up about me full of false accusations I was a forger, a felon and all kinds of insane materials. According to Judge Robert Longstreth, I had "the wrong man" and nothing I said was ever believed. For more supporting evidence see Deposition Questions & Attorney's Outing Email (PDF)

After Edmond Wollmann Lost His Attorney: San Diego Appointed Judge Robert Longstreth Became A Surrogate Attorney On His Behalf Feeling Sorry for Him.  (See Judge Longstreths' Court Transcript)

After Mr. Dierlam left the case, Mr. Wollmann walked into Judge Robert Longstreth's court in another jurisdiction of San Diego to falsely claim his life was being threatened by me.  Mr. Wollmann was responding to my sending the La Mesa Police to speak with him about his gun threat forwarded by email to me by him he posted on a forum. (See my email to La Mesa Police) Mr. Wollmann's gun related threat was related to the deposition I had recently conducted his son attended.  Please note I had already gone to the SFPD that was worthless claiming it didn't have the training nor technology to research cyber stalking crimes. They simply sent the case downtown where it got lost in a black hole.  I had also contacted the San Diego District Attorney's office that requested the SF cyber stalking case be moved to San Diego but couldn't get San Francisco to cooperate with the request.

Mr. Wollmann immediately thereafter walked into Judge Longstreth's court to lie he felt I had somehow threatened he and his son's life based on former blog posts from several months prior. Here's the respective answer I filed that Longstreth's Court completely disregarded.  From then on, the Court used these outrageous accusations as a means to manhandle and dominate me, to completely overlook my side and later to even prevent my testimony after I flew 500 miles to defend myself from false accusations.  Judge Longstreth had essentially hijacked my entire case from the other jurisdiction making a blanket statement accusing me of having the "wrong man."

Mr. Wollmann was later allowed to file a counter suit several months late without an attorney and outside statutory law.  Counter lawsuits are only allowed up to 120 days (four months) and typically most people file within 90 days of the lawsuit process.  In this case, the counter suit was filed eight months into the lawsuit being technically invalid and thus kicked out by the San Diego court clerk. My contracted attorney told me the case was never filed that it had never appeared on the court's docket.  My attorney also disclosed that there was no hearing scheduled to take place after I dismissed the case. In a second opinion, another attorney told me as far as he was concerned, the case was completely over and there would be no further hearings.  Oddly, a secret hearing followed thanks to Judge Longstreth's influence and former threats to me over the case.

The San Diego Superior Court ignored red flags Mr. Wollmann spends all of his time on the Internet aside from being a building manager to a small apartment complex where he lives.

Regardless of this information, Mr. Wollmann claims the court awarded him $576,000 + in damages that he clearly didn't incur from this dispute. To put it simply, this is a long twisted convoluted form of  blackmail the court participated in I will not be paying one cent towards.  Whatever Mr. Wollmann was awarded beyond his basic legal fees for Mr. Dierlam's services is blackmail money and nothing more. I will not be blamed for this man's long standing mental health and criminal mischief based behavioral issues nor be held responsible for them in any way.  This man is clearly out of his mind to even consider harassing me over such an obscene amount of money knowing full well I have no real property or tangible assets.  I haven't even owned a car since 1986 since riding scooters and electric bicycles. 

I Was Terrified to File a Lawsuit 

One might imagine how terrified I was to have to file a lawsuit in pro se since I couldn't afford an attorney. I was merely standing up for myself in the dispute and had even offered a non-monetary settlement agreement for this person to simply leave me alone and stop blogging nonsense about me.  What these San Diego Superior Court judges ultimately did to me was downright cruel, uncivilized and barbaric. See 2007 Lawsuit Threat from Ewollmann@aol.com and another crazy email that began the dispute.

So this is what our tax payer funds go to in America is a corrupt overtly political court system that seeks to destroy people's lives over ridiculous disputes such as these propagated by the paranoid mentally ill.  I'm referring to such unstable individuals as Mr. Wollmann who proudly admitted in a deposition to having run to the FBI when his web site no longer appeared at the top of the Google search engine (see Depo, 31:9, 13, 18).  We tax payers pay for this nonsense every day that the government clearly supports.

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