Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dream Act Nightmare! Governor Jerry Brown Slits California Tax Payer's Throats with Whisk of Pen

As the old saying goes, the pen is often mightier then the sword.  It's as if Governor Jerry Brown held a sword to California tax payer's throats when he signed the Dream Act, AB 130 / SB 185.  Governor Brown's message to middle class Californians was "burn baby burn" in signing an unlawful bill that screams for Impeachment and/or recall proceedings. 

It's difficult to comprehend the reasoning behind why Governor Jerry Brown would so betray and backstabb California tax payers cutting $22 million from State park programs while favoring a $41 million illegal immigrant education windfall.  The Governor's criminal actions speak of a weak, spineless lying con artist politician who had dramatically claimed Californians must sacrifice for previous misdeeds of former officials.
Governor Brown's aggression and abomination against the will of the tax payers in California is an Impeachable offense and a recall campaign should begin immediately.  When someone creates legislation that is overwhelmingly opposed by Californians who have to pay for such a measure, and the Governor still signs it, it's no longer a democracy but a fascist state. This action by Governor Brown is not only unjustified, but unlawful.   If this Governor wants to help illegal immigrants perhaps he should be the head of some non-profit charitable organization instead of the head of the State of California that's been on the brink of bankruptcy the past few years.

Reasons why this Dream Act was supported by Governor Brown is largely politically based in that Democrats are always seeking the Latino vote.  Additionally, corporations that donated to Governor Brown's campaign want access to better educated low paid workers who come in through the illegal immigrant process.  Jerry Brown is hereby officially thought of on this blog as "Governor Jerry Brown Nose" for shoving his nose far up corporate and Dem party ass!

Meanwhile, a hijacked U.S. Federal government is attempting to ship all manufacturing infrastructure from America to third world countries like China and India. When our government seeks to recruit citizens unlawfully from third world countries and educate them on the U.S. tax payer backs while shipping our jobs overseas it's a clear sign they're seeking to dismantle our country.  Just think of these criminal politicians as pirates who work on behalf of global based corporations and banks because that's what they really are.

Jerry Brown's former flame from the 1970's Linda Ronstadt gave us a hint with her hit,
"You're No Good".
  Linda has since given up men preferring female companionship.

Governor Jerry Brown has proven he still belongs back in the 1970's era when his former flame Linda Ronstadt sang her hit "You're No Good!"  The signing of the Dream Act is nothing but a no good nightmare for Californians.

Jerry Brown's "Blown It all Sky High" (70's hit) for Californians with his Signing the Dream Act stealing millions from tax payers.