Monday, October 3, 2011

JPMorgan Chase Donates $4.6 Million to NYPD in Advent of Wall Street Protests

When banks begin to donate millions of dollars to local police departments watch out.  That's exactly what JPMorgan Chase Bank did recently donating 4.6 million to the NYPD that expressed its gratitude.
"JPMorgan Chase recently donated an unprecedented $4.6 million to the New York City Police Foundation. The gift was the largest in the history of the foundation and will enable the New York City Police Department to strengthen security in the Big Apple. The money will pay for 1,000 new patrol car laptops, as well as security monitoring software in the NYPD’s main data center." -
Under the circumstances of the recent Wall Street protests, this sudden donation activity can't be viewed as anything less than a bribe for the NYPD to work on behalf of the bankers' interests.  This is an unprecedented donation that makes the NYPD nothing more than a corporate based privatized police force. 
New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly sent CEO and Chairman Jamie Dimon a note expressing "profound gratitude" for the company's donation. "These officers put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe," Dimon said. "We're incredibly proud to help them build this program and let them know how much we value their hard work." - JP Morgan Chase - The Way Forward
Watch below as Wall Street people sip champagne as the protesters grovel beneath their royal feet.

Watch below as the JP Morgan owned NYPD do the bankers' dirty work against innocent non-violent protesters.

BBC newscasters are stunned over revelation from an interview with a Wall Street trader things are going to get really bad up ahead. Watch video:

U.S. taxpayers bailed out the banks to the tune of $28 trillion dollars. The banks in turn are using this money to buy off police departments to commit violent acts against peaceful protesters. The peaceful protesters are merely protesting the bailouts among other things.   It's really about an unfair transfer of power and a new Mafia-like government being installed that works on behalf of the corporations and banks.

An outstanding video interview of Michael Moore on the Wall Street protests.