Saturday, November 26, 2011

Before & After Photos: Abuse of Alcohol, Smoking, Poor Diet

There are certain famous people who died untimely deaths long ago who have been brought into the future with today's technologies and/or forensic based artistry. I don't know about anyone else, but it creeps me out a little that we've been able to alter the lifespans of these icons as if they lived for decades after they passed.

Observing back-to-the-future photos of those whose lives were cut short is also very sad because they were obviously robbed in a tragic way. Regardless of the unpleasantness of having to witness aging of former beautiful and historic people, I'm really posting about how computer technology can be used interactively to show us how we will age into the future based on multiple factors.

Our genes largely dictate how we age, but extenuating circumstances obviously contribute to our appearance in later years from how we've lived our lives, whether we smoked, overate, abused drugs, alcohol, or anything else excessively.  Computer apps are now being used as a tool to help us see how the effects our lifestyle play out in our appearance.  I recently obtained permission from to use their photo samples below to demonstrate how software apps can be used to show us how we'll likely age if we choose an addictive lifestyle.

First, a couple famous icon portraits that weren't generated by a computer, but by a forensic artist, care of

This seems a bit too cruel a depiction of an 80 year old Marilyn Monroe. but the fact remains she abused prescription drugs and perhaps even alcohol.  Regardless, I'm unsure if this forensic artist's portrayal is based on the such information or simply to show how she'd likely age.

This John Lennon portrait clearly wasn't created to show the effects of drug abuse.

Here are computerized portraits of those who may think twice now about abusing anything whatsoever:

Alcohol abuse

Smoking abuse

Emly Leonard, 24 Alcohol abuse (the "after" photo's on the wrong side)

PICTURE framer Emily Leonard, 24, from Kings Lynn in Norfolk, drinks an average of 24.5 units of alcohol a week — ten units or one bottle of wine over the Government’s recommendation of 14. She says: “I started drinking aged 15 on weekends and when I went to university we drank a disgusting amount. “My alcohol intake has been cut down from my student days. “Now I drink mainly at the weekends and the odd week night, because it seems the norm. “I don’t really think about it. I was shocked by the picture. “I know I should cut down and this definitely scares me.
“I hate the chubby face, how my eyes look small and saggy and the redness. “I don’t want to look back when I’m in my thirties and wish I hadn’t drunk that much.” - Sun Article -

Amy Signh, 25 - Combination of smoking, eating and drinking too much. 

AMY Barrett Singh, 25, a teaching assistant from Tamworth, Staffs, eats calorie-laden junk food nearly every day. Evening meals over a fortnight included curly fries, two frozen pizzas, a McDonald’s meal with a milkshake, breaded chicken, chip-shop food, two pub roast dinners, a chicken pasty and a veg pasty, Domino’s takeaway pizza, fishfingers, a microwaved fish pie, garlic bread and vegetable samosas. This is alongside her lunches and snacks of biscuits, cakes, crisps and chocolate. She says: “I know I have a bad diet, but I never meant for it to be that way.
“When I was younger my mum and brothers ate meat, so when they had their food I would make myself vegetarian food that was easy and convenient. “When I moved out of home, I was also caring for my grandad and I was so busy I would grab quick snacks and quickly got into this bad habit. “The picture is horrendous. “I cannot believe this is me aged by just ten years, I could not bear to look like that at 35. Sun Article -
Lauren O'Reilly, 23 - Age effects of smoking

LAUREN O’Reilly, 23, smokes 80 cigarettes a week. The purchasing assistant from Purley, Surrey, admits she wants to cut back as she realizes the habit has terrible health implications. She says:
“I know that smoking is terrible for my health and I’ve been doing it since I was 15. I want to give up, so maybe seeing what my face will look like in ten years will push me in the right direction. “The picture is really horrible, I look 20 years older rather than ten. “The lines strike me first, and the crow’s feet around my eyes are so dramatic. My skin looks grey and I hate the wrinkles around my neck. “I know I can look better than that if I quit smoking, so this will be the motivation I need.” Sun Article -

This is forensic art of a missing person April Fabb years into the future as posted on

 Sun Article -