Thursday, December 29, 2011

Americans Are Largely Programmed For Self-Destruction

So many Americans have no idea what's happening to our country it's frightening!   It's so mind blowing to witness the willful ignorance so many partake in such as preferring to make spectator sports like football the priority above all else.  Football would be okay for people to enjoy if our national priorities were in order but the fact of the matter is the U.S. government and military's been taken over by hard core criminals intent on destroying our country.  The fact so many Americans continue to participate in the same habits and beliefs refusing to adjust their lives based on what's really happening demonstrates how insane and programmed they are.

America's been gutted on so many levels it's staggering. Yet, people go about their business shopping and writing on Facebook about things oblivious to how serious the situation really is.  The fact is the U.S. government's been taken over by banking cartels and corporations with criminal interests including that of genocide and poisoning the population through the water and food supply as well as sending people to labor camps.   We will likely be unable to withdraw our money from banks in the near future, being restricted to access of our funds.  They will likely devalue the dollar by up to 40%.

People's homes are underwater with their owing far more to banks then their properties are worth.  American's jobs have been sent overseas and the U.S. government's been swat teaming whatever U.S. manufacturing companies are left such as Gibson U.S.A.

A must see video!

Evidence of documentation of government plans to kill off world population.

A very special video message.

Any American who could bury their head in the sand and continue to watch and obsess over their sports and television sitcom programs as if nothing's wrong whatsoever is insane.  I consider these Americans to be zombies having been lobotomized, their minds and thinking abilities destroyed through television programming.  

The reality of this dire situation is there are extremely smart people at the helm who have decided to kill off 90% of the population as if we're nothing more than domesticated sheep to them.  They think the world's overpopulated and view us all as animals.  They want to evolve to the next level much like homosapiens did over cro-magnons and neanderthals.  They plan on merging with technology and believe they will live forever and travel the stars like Star Trek.

They want to kill off humanity and people are asleep at the wheel as if nothing's changed!  These world government elitists are preparing for genocide and taking us all down. Anyone who believes siding with them will save their lives is nothing short of trying to make a deal with the devil.   These people are possessed by ancient evil demons who will be unleashing hell on earth.  Humans don't stand a chance.

Television programming will go down in world history as one of the keys to humanity's destruction.

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