Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cheryl Meril: 'I Never Threatened Sheila Rogers'. Edmond Wollmann's Blog Is Unlawful Harassment

I've been accused all over the Internet by a complete stranger with false claims I threatened Sheila Rogers, former Random Notes gossip columnist and special feature writer for Rolling Stone Magazine from 1986-1991 who later worked for David Letterman.  I just wanted to say for the record that I didn't threaten Sheila Rogers, who was a former high school classmate violinist in an orchestra class we attended for four years. Certain men had an overwhelming need to make a huge conflict out of something that was really none of their business to begin with. What happened involving my emotionally imbalanced letters has since been expunged as a misdemeanor that was issued way back in 1989, over 22 years ago. 
"An expungement means the conviction has been reversed and forgiven by the court.  I had this misdemeanor matter expunged in 2007 and this idiot Edmond Wollmann is still writing on a wordpress blog about something that is really none of his business as if it's today's news.  This is nothing more than a mind control psyop.  The fact is that normal well balanced people could care less, including Sheila Rogers who hasn't had anything to say or write about this 22 year old issue whatsoever."  -  Cheryl Meril
This is how long ago 1989 was:
  • A baby born then would be 21-22 years old in 2011.
  • I was still in my 20's 
  • The worldwide web didn't exist (not until 1990).
  • Pentium computers wouldn't be invented for four more years. 
  • The CD player was a recent invention.
I'm certain Ms. Rogers has long forgiven my hallucinogenic mushroom induced unstable behavior as I have myself.  Ms. Rogers knows well by now that my problem was beyond my ability to control.  It was nothing personal since I had a letter writing addiction. Letter mailing made me feel I was getting something accomplished, taking care of business and influencing change.  In the 1980's I had mailed off hundreds of letters to many people who I occasional heard back from including the late Armand Hammer.   After I was convicted of a misdemeanor in 1989, it didn't stop Xerox from hiring me where I worked for nearly two years. 

In view of this endless harassment of me by Mr. Wollmann, I thought I'd mention that many people are unaware Megan's List rapists are protected by law from this kind of harassment I've endured over the years.  In other words, if you ever happen to have the misfortune of a child rapist living in your building, you'd be barred by California law from harassing them, including trying to pressure them to move. If you so much as put up a flier alerting people, it could land you in jail.  In another example, San Francisco is looking into legislation allowing businesses a tax break for employing ex-con felons.  See SF Plan Would Offer Tax Break for Hiring Felons - 

This is something that generally happens when you elevate former felons while completely overlooking their crimes:

California Woman Accused of Embezzling $470K From Bookkeeping Clients

Paige Jones Hibbits, 69, recently of Camarillo, California, has been charged with embezzling at least $470,000 from several bookkeeping clients of her business, Jones Hibbits, LLC, including Scarborough Farms Inc. of Oxnard, California.  According to authorities, Hibbits has used a variety of aliases, including Pearl Hibbits, Pearl Klenoski, Pearl Jones, Paige Jones, and Pearl McClelland.  Prosecutors allege that Hibbits executed more than 50 fraudulent transactions, including fraudulent checks and electronic funds transfers for her own benefit over a 2 year period.  Specifically, Hibbits has been charged with felony counts including forgery, money laundering, grand theft, computer fraud and aggravated white collar crime.  Media reports indicate that Hibbits has a previous a felony conviction in 2004 for embezzlement and forgery.  She was also arrested in 1990 for assault with a deadly weapon and spent time in state prison.  Ironically, Hibbits was named the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce's Woman of the Year in 2010. - Fraud Talk Blog

Unfortunately Edmond Wollmann, being the very well documented problematic individual he is, has thought it his business to post a 22 year old non-event on his cowardly anonymous blog as if it's today's news.  As if I wasn't punished enough many times over as I have been throughout the years!  If a cop sees a violation of a restraining order on your record, he will go for your throat in whatever situation he finds you in.  I've been forced to move several times over the years thanks to that restraining order violation on my record from 1989 and have been greatly affected by the discrimination I've encountered from it.  Yet, look at what San Francisco is doing to protect felons and Megan List rapists!  The government's being documented bending over backwards to help them.

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I have evidence from his former attorney's email disclosure that Mr. Wollmann had something to do with a sick blog about me full of hundreds of vile and defamatory posts that caused me to file a lawsuit against him.

Wollmann also testified at a court hearing he spends all of his time on the Internet, another red flag the court overlooked.

My final analysis is the government has been aiding, abetting and protecting criminals while overblowing and entrapping certain targeted people over ridiculous civil matters such as these. The court overlooked my evidence (deposition statements, lawyer's disclosure) against Mr. Wollmann while seeking to severely sanction and fine me for filing a lawsuit against him.  The guilty party continues with his blog about me in a dispute he manufactured from day one while he's requesting $586,000 through collection agencies.