Monday, December 5, 2011

Germany Defuses Massive WWII Bomb - Can We Defuse Dangerous Minds to Prevent WWIII?

Back to the future from WWII in the 21st Century -- Germany just went through one of its largest evacuations in its history over a 1.8 ton British bomb from WWII and a smaller 275-pound U.S. bomb. The larger bomb was discovered last month after the Rhine river's water levels fell exposing the underwater threat.  The bomb could have caused massive damage to the city of Koblenz so the city's government acted quickly coordinating 2,500 members of local police, firefighters and paramedics to address the bomb defusing.   The evacuation and shelter of nearly 50,000 residents was necessary because such a tremendous bomb could have caused massive damages had it exploded.
Some 45,000 residents, living within a radius of about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) from the bomb site had to leave their houses early Sunday before the evacuation order was lifted in the evening, the city said on its website. Among those ordered to evacuate were seven nursing homes, two hospitals and a prison with some 200 inmates.   - Massive WWII Bomb Successfully Defused -
Apparently Germans are use to such WWII bombs being found but this one in particular was very serious due to its massive size.  I couldn't imagine how I'd feel knowing potential dangers lurk over undetonated bombs from decades ago.  Obviously it takes something dramatic to cause such a bomb to go off, but defusing the threat is viewed as absolutely necessary.
Now if only something could be done about what appears to be the U.S. and Israel's strong move towards thermal nuclear war in threats towards Iran that would likely destroy civilization.  It's not just threats, they're moving the U.S. military to key positions for WWIII as I write this.  It should be duly noted Iran has never attacked another country in the past 100+ years, yet the U.S. leads the pack among fraudulent unjustified fabricated wars for profit. See America's Great Game Could Spark WWIII" -
Something needs to be done  to defuse these dangerous minds in the U.S. government and in Israel particularly before it's too late for us all.  A bomb can be defused by cutting certain wires, and we can do the same  by cutting off the sociopath leaders' wired brains by removing them from office because they qualify for it being clinically insane.  In other words, these U.S. and Israel leaders need to be recognized and outed as insane sociopaths who are leading the world down a path of self-destruction.  It's not the bomb that kills, but the minds behind the creation of the bomb and the politically based minds that detonate them.  The wiring of a bomb can be metaphorically viewed as the same wiring behind these dangerous delusional politically based sociopath minds. 
Many recall how close the world came to nuclear disaster back in 1962 over the Cuban Missile Crisis when John F. Kennedy was dealing with an insane leader in Russia.  The leaders in the U.S. government and Israel are just as insane and we are all in danger like never before because of it.  How can we defuse these dangerous minds from creating WWIII?