Friday, December 2, 2011

Historic CALA Foods Final Hours Since 1960 Servicing Nob Hill San Francisco

Yesterday I stopped by to pay my respects to our Nob Hill community's CALA foods grocery store that was just hours away from closing after having serviced the community 24 hours a day since 1960.   Millions of people must have passed through its doors and a lot of American history went down since then.

Cala Foods closing after 51 years servicing the Nob Hill community.

Trader Joes and a CVS Pharmacy is purported to be in line to take over the space within two months. Unfortunately, San Francisco's planning department has stalled the transition until late 2012 in part thanks to complaints from Nob Hill Liquor over fears TJ's low wine prices will put them out of business.  I guess Nob Hill Liquor never considered it would be boycotted for attempting to block a much needed grocery store in the community. I certainly won't ever be buying anything from Nob Hill Liquor.

We don't want San Franciscans to have to rely on liquor stores for our  grocery needs.  I can't believe what kind of people would try to block a community grocery store simply because they don't want competition for their wine sales. This isn't Napa wine country, there are thousands of people in the area, including at a large local St. Francis Hospital,  who need better access to a grocery establishment.

For those in the Nob Hill community who would like to express support of the new TraderJoes/CVS pharmacy, there's a website available for updates on the progress at