Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seattle Police Caught Mocking Jogger Near Death in Dash Cam Video

As a jogger lay in the street in a pool of blood near death after being struck by a truck, the words of Seattle's finest were "Don't jog to work you dumb fuck!"  It was just another day at work for the cop, but for this man it was clearly his worst ever.

"Mr Nelson was left with a broken back, cracked ribs and fractured skull. But it wasn't until weeks later, as his lawyers tried to discover who was at fault in the accident, that they came across video footage of the police officers' disrespectful comments." - Dailymail

These Seattle cops are apparently disturbed after having been summoned by a call from their local coffee doughnut shop to do the jobs taxpayers like this jogger pay them to do.

After the story broke, the the Seattle police department went into publicity mode to pull themselves out of the mess with:

Deputy police Chief Clark Kimerer told the KIRO 7 network that the officer's behaviour was 'unacceptable'.  He said: 'We expect 100 percent professionalism from our officers. We also, with them, have to recognize that they are often in stressful situations and also that there is sometimes more than meets the eyes.  The incident is the subject of an internal investigation.  Dailymail