Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wall Street Crimes Have Bankrupted America - Why No Prosecutions?

On his blog an attorney for the American people, Matt Weidner, begs the question why Americans haven't woken up to Wall Street's serious crimes yet as was recently aired on the program 60 Minutes Specifically, Matt asks:
"The most amazing and disgusting thing about this country today is not how crippled and destroyed this entire nation is…the real issue is how disconnected and unconcerned all of America is.


Entire companies that were engaging in systemic fraud, but investigators have not even spoken with people who still know the specific details of the crimes. Little people on the ground like myself and the other attorneys and consumers who have been fighting have been screaming this for years. Why is no one listening? Even today, after years…… When will Americans finally wake up? Watch these videos, they are truly disgusting…." - How Wall Street Walks Away From The Crimes That Bankrupted America - Matt Weidner's Blog

60 Minutes - I

60 Minutes - II

The Justice Department has recently confirmed that it has "decided that prosecution of financial executives is 'better left to regulators' to take civil-enforcement actions according to David Cardona who was a deputy assistant director for the FBI until last month.
"Cardona's comments come nearly eight months after Senator Carl Levin released a report on Goldman Sachs' role in the financial crisis, which found the investment bank profited off purposefully deceiving its own clients at the height of the financial crisis. Levin then said he would recommend some of the investment bank's executives for possible criminal prosecution." - Financial Executives Likely Won't Face Criminal Charges for Role in Financial Crisis - Former Investigator - HuffPost.com
Meanwhile, first time offenders who sell a dime bag of marijuana serve 10 years in prison as this blog formerly reported.  It should be clear by now to any intelligent person that the government's corrupt covering up for serious criminals while going after impoverished Americans for the most petty and ridiculous offenses.