Thursday, January 26, 2012

AZ Governor Jan Brewer Pointed Finger In Obama's Face, Now On Kill List?

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's little confrontation with President Obama yesterday should make her rethink if she's now been placed on his majesty's American kill list. Seriously! People so underestimate these sociopath politicians and leader Mafiosos who are quite capable of making someone like Brewer disappear into a black hole for not paying the proper respects to his royal highness.
"On Wednesday afternoon, Obama touched down in Phoenix and was greeted by Brewer on the tarmac. They reportedly "spoke intensely for a few minutes." Brewer said it was because "he was a little disturbed about my book," particularly a passage in which she had depicted Obama as "patronizing" during an earlier visit." -

Obama has already set the precedent by assassinating Americans who he deems are "bad" or saying things he doesn't like.  
"The controversy over Brewer's characterization of Obama dates back to an Oval Office meeting in 2010. At the time she had called it "very cordial," but in her book she wrote she felt Obama had been "condescending." In an interview in November,she also said she had "felt a little bit like I was being lectured to, and I was a little kid in a classroom, if you will, and he was this wise professor and I was this little kid, and this little kid knows what the problem is and I felt minimized to say the least."
No one can say with absolute certainty Jan Brewer's life's not in danger for daring not to pay proper respects to his majesty Obama.