Monday, January 23, 2012

Delusional Cruise Ship Captain Ordered Dinner With Date On Imaginary Love Boat After Disaster

In what is yet another unbelievable alleged fact to come from the Costa Concordia cruise ship tragedy, an apparently delusional Captain Francesco Schettino ordered dinner and dessert for his female companion shortly after the boat disaster.  Even after the ship began to sink, the captain was still on the love boat and everything was just fine with he and his date.  It seems to me this captain had an epic case of denial.

After this fiasco, all captains of such large ships should be required to go through psychological tests to ensure they don't have the type of mental illness Captain Francesco Schettino so obviously has.

"In an interview with GMA Network, cook Rogelio Barista said Capt. Francesco Schettino ordered dinner less than an hour after the accident. “We wondered what was going on. … At that time, we really felt something was wrong. … The stuff in the kitchen was falling off shelves and we realized how grave the situation was,” Barista told GMA.  Schettino ordered dinner around 10:30 p.m. Friday, Barista said. Authorities say the ship struck the rocks at 9:41 p.m." -
WARNING The next paragraph has language that could offend some. 

Captain Schettino, much like today's hopeless U.S. politicians and leaders, is obviously not a well man.  In his grandiose view of himself, the captain even believes he saved 3,000 people's lives that day.  The brainwashed whore the captain was dining with who he apparently was screwing has spoken up on behalf of this heinous cowardly sack of shit as most cock suckers are always known to do. See The captain's companion calls him a hero. - CNN   It's so unfortunate so many easily brainwashed women always play such a large part of defending these heinous mentally ill pricks of history, e.g., Hitler's girlfriend defended him to the end, etc.)  ***END OF POTENTIALLY OFFENSIVE RANT***

A brainwashed young woman defends the captain as a hero who he had wined and dined during the disaster.  

The captain apparently viewed his position mostly as a means to get free cruise ship rides in order to wine, dine and entertain his female companions with. He obviously doesn't know right from wrong or the gravity of the situation confirmed by the outcome of death and destruction his reckless actions caused others.  In other words, Capt. Schettino lacked the necessary skill sets, both mental and physical, needed to run a ship safely.  All this captain could think of after he abandoned ship was that his socks were wet.
"COWARDLY cruise ship captain Francesco Schettino reached dry land before most of his terrified passengers — then moaned about his wet socks." - Captain of Costa Concordia Whined About His Wet Socks - The Sun UK

Cook: Captain ordered dinner amid chaos - CNN video

This problem seems to run deeper at Carnival Cruiselines then just a mentally ill ship captain since they recently had the audacity to offer the victims of the disaster 30% off their next cruise ship experience in condolence. See Carnival Offers Cruise Discount to Costa Concordia Survivers - and Costa Concordia: 'insulting' cruise offer to survivors - The Telegraph UK Think about it, that offer is something only the mentally ill could conjure up with such an obvious disregard and spirit of mockery.  It seems male arrogance  runs rampant at Carnival Cruises much like it does in the U.S. government and Pentagon.  We're all in danger because of these type of pathological, highly political and greedy men who are incapable of rational thought having no human decency whatsoever.

Thus far 13 people have been found dead and 20 people are still missing. People need to wake up we're all in danger because of these highly delusional dangerous people rising to positions of power.  The days of the love boat are clearly over.