Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gay Sea Monkeys With Mood Rings Come Out of Closet With Kristy McNichol

Former actress Kristy McNichols' coming out as a lesbian on January 6th, 2012, nearly twenty years after she retired, reminds me of a few things like sea monkeys and mood rings from the 1970's era.  In a recent post, Sea Monkey Time Travelers's May Out Survive Humanity, I described sea monkeys as time travelers because they remain suspended in their time capsules prior to being added to water before they come back to life.

Kristy's coming out of her time capsule has likely revived a lot of memories for people who nearly forgot all about her.  Along with these decades old memories come my generation's love of sea monkey watching and mood ring inquisitiveness.

Gay sea monkeys are stars in their own right, this video has 700K views!

A day in the life of gay sea monkeys going about doing their daily business.

I once had a mood ring just like this one. I wonder what color it would be as I post this?  Many kids thought these rings were totally gay. Turns out they were.

Twenty years later, Kristy McNichol makes an official statement through a publicist she is a lesbian. Sea monkeys celebrated all over the world and put on mood rings.