Monday, January 9, 2012

GlaxoSmithKline Kills Babies Like Lab Rats - Gets Fined $6,643 Per Child

I don't think many people are aware of how criminal U.S. corporations have become lately.  For instance, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has been conducting deadly drug trials on little babies all over the world without parental consent.  GSK only gets fined a pittance of $6,643 per baby death for its diabolical vaccine lab rat experiments on them. As a baby killing machine, GSK operates under its slogan "Do More, Feel Better, Live Longer".
"In addition to killing the children and experimenting with human beings, the judge asserted that the corporation actually falsified parental authorizations so that babies could participate without legitimate parental permission." - GlaxoSithKline Fined Over Illegal Vaccine Experiments Killing 14 babies - Activist

This outstanding TrutherGirls video presents evidence of the growing evil around the world of human death experiments on little babies and children.

This information of human death experiments reminiscent of Nazi death camps has been well hidden except among alternative news sites such as Activist Post and Natural Society because the corporate media does not wish to disturb the stock of such companies. 
"Perhaps the most disturbing fact to come out of the recent reports exposing GlaxoSmithKline’s illegal vaccine trails is that the company actually recruited doctors to force illiterate parents to sign over their babies for experiments — experiments that ultimately led to the deaths of 14 babies and an unknown number of adverse reactions. According to experts, the motivation to perform these deadly experiments may not have simply been to examine the effectiveness of the shots outside of the United States where such testing is illegal, but to generate profits." - GSK Forced Illiterate Parents Into Signing Over Child in Illegal Vaccine Experiments - Natural
In another example of a growing spirit of Nazism, a gym in Dubai advertised the following as was recently reported in the New York Daily News:

 The Circuit Factory's ad in Dubai was for real.

"To use images of any genocide to advertise a product is, at best, almost unbelievably inept," Alexander McNabb, head of Spot On Public Relations in Dubai, told The Media LineDubai Gym Uses Photo of Nazi Death Camp Auschwitz to Promote Weight Loss -

Americans need to boycott GlaxoSmithKline as the evil pharmaceutical company it is.