Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nipped in the Bud - San Francisco Sheriff Mirkarimi to Face Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charge

The new San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was just sworn in on Sunday and for starters Dianne Feinstein's daughter, Judge Katherine Feinstein, refused to swear him in.  Now according to inside sources as reported by, Sheriff Mirkarimi's likely to face criminal misdemeanor charges due to alleged domestic violence against his wife Eliana Lopez.

Though Mirkarimi is denying any abuse occurred, the police obtained a warrant having confiscated a video and text messages evidence from the neighbor who the wife allegedly reported the incident and conflicts to. 
Prosecutors are "convinced this is very real," said a source with firsthand knowledge of the investigation. The case stems from a New Year's Eve incident in which Mirkarimi allegedly grabbed his wife - former Venezuelan telenovela star Eliana Lopez - with enough force to leave a bruise.  A misdemeanor case could be filed before the week is out, we're told. - SF Sheriff Likely To Face Misdemeanor Charge -
As I've reported so many times in this blog, law enforcement officers believe their authority and ability to cover for one another in a secret brotherhood society allows them special privileges to operate above the law. This story is just another example.  Some of these men of authority don't believe the law applies to them, which is why they sought their positions to begin with.  Just look at what a fine image Mr. Mirkarimi built for himself who apparently doesn't see anything wrong in bruising his wife's arm because he's just too powerful and above the law for it to matter.

These are the same kind of men who are busy trying to find scapegoats to victimize and falsely accuse women in order to make themselves appear on the side of good.  We must appreciate all the great things these law enforcement men do apprehending criminals by overlooking their unlawful behaviors, right?  I'm glad this sheriff is being ratted out, the neighbor was very brave to report the wife's contact to police.  I didn't vote for Mirkarimi, but that's beside the point. 

Sheriff Mirkarimi's attorney Robert Waggener said the alleged incident never happened stating, "We have a complete defense," he said. "I don't think an offense was committed".  It's interesting to note Waggener would say they have a a complete defense in view of the fact no charges have yet been filed.  Mirkarimi's genuine innocence would mean a defense involving the neighbor's imagination that she invented the story, created the evidence through fraud, and that his political enemies are out to get him etc.  In the imaginary neighbor defense, Mirkarmi imagines an outcome involving a charge of providing false testimony along with the video and text messages thrown out of court,   Other low profile cases would allow such a cover-up, but the cat's out of the bag on this one due to its unique timing and large exposure to the public.

What's most surprising is how SFGate is not envisioning in its article that Mirkarimi would be called to resign if found guilty. They're stating the only consequences would be that the Sheriff would be required attend counseling for a year.  He would have lied if he's convicted and there would be a trial if he pleads innocent.  Tax payers would have to foot the bill and SFGate's suggesting the only consequence would be one year of counseling?  I find that strange to say the least.

Men who believe they're above the law, who rely on their "secret brotherhoods" to cover-up for one another, make me sick.  These type of men think nothing of lying through perjury to victimize anyone who stands up to them.  This kind of unchecked lying and perjury is where government corruption all starts.