Friday, January 6, 2012

Noted Marine Biologist Being Persecuted by Evil U.S. Federal Government for Allegedly Feeding a Whale in 2005

Noted Monterey Bay marine biologist Nancy Black of Monterey Bay Whale Watch is being victimized by an insane U.S. Federal government for her allegedly feeding a killer whale blubber floating in the water in one of her films over 6 years ago.  This isn't too surprising since misapplying the law is something the U.S. Federal government has been known for lately while completely overlooking and omitting relevant facts of serious egregious crimes committed by corporations such as BP in the Gulf Oil Spill.  What this means is they are twisting U.S. laws such as the Marine Mammal Protection Act in order to punish those who uphold protecting our oceans.
The case pits Nancy Black, 49, whose research has been featured on National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, against government officials enforcing the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which bars the feeding or attempted feeding of a marine mammal in the wild. - Marine Biologist Charged with Feeding Whales -
Many Americans are unaware that Gulf Oil Spill's dead zones of lifelessness are going be used by billionaires such as Al Gore for farming algae for their biofuel global warming industry.  Dead zones in the ocean created by the Gulf Oil Spill have opened up a whole new industry for billionaires to profit off of biofuel production.

No one was ever convicted of any crimes for largely destroying the Gulf and poisoning the surrounding land with corexit highly toxic chemicals to cover-up for the oil spill.  This while the U.S. government, that is really nothing more than part of BP's operation, is using its rigged grand jury system to convict people such as those who dedicate their lives to preserving our marine life.  
"Black's attorney, Lawrence Biegel, said Thursday that the indictment was unjustified and came despite more than five years of negotiations with the government.
Biegel said the marine biologist had done nothing wrong and was an "absolute paragon of virtue in this profession. She's devoted her entire life to cetacean research."
In the October 2005 incident, Biegel said, Black used an underwater camera to film the eating habits of orcas, or killer whales, that were feeding off free-floating pieces of blubber from a gray whale that had been killed by a pack of orcas. The pieces of blubber were already there naturally, Biegel said." -  Marine Biologist Charged with Feeding Whales -
The work of demented twisted evil people in the U.S. Federal government couldn't be more clear as day to rational thinking Americans.  They go after marine biologists they frame and misapply laws to, while they completely overlook horrendous crimes against our environment on behalf of billionaires like Al Gore for their new biofuel industries. 

What an insane bunch of loons those in the Federal government have become!  Wake up America, greedy evil people are running our country through corrupt corporations like BP and Halliburton!  Anyone who gets brought into Federal court by these Federal grand juries are convicted 99% of the time because the juries are rigged and highly political.

One commenter on SFGate suggested government's motives are to shut Black up for having protested Navy sonar abuses of whales.  There is no question that Ms. Black is going to be severely punished for feeding some blubber to a whale. This while these corporate based crooks who took over the U.S. Federal government go completely unpunished free to do whatever they so please to destroy life in our oceans for their biofuel industry.