Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Enemies Reveal Themselves To Us Many Ways

I'm in no way a religious person but have been around long enough now to know the kind of people who are the most problematic on this planet are those who are highly judgmental and critical of others. It may sound an innocent type of personality trait but it's not.  I don't really want to go into detail of my experiences over the decades with these kind of people, it's been painful to deal with because they use techniques of humiliation to make their victims feel that their world's coming to an end. My problem has always been allowing these type of people unchecked entry into my life.  They come in through unsuspected ways yet still have a means to somehow entrap their victims into guilt trips and all kinds of twisted means of control.

Over the years I've discovered all I have to do is be myself to determine who my real friends and enemies are. Any hint someone posing as a friend is being unduly critical of me or is withholding relevant information while being competitive in order to maintain control over me, is an enemy.  I've found evil lurks behind that personality, especially those that pose as helpful friends.  They can potentially do a lot of damage to my life as many already have.

I've found since I was raised by a mother who had this destructive type of personality, I've had to really watch myself from falling into this mentality.  The first hint of my holding something against another person for my own prejudices, I just let it all go realizing it's my problem, not theirs.  For instance,  I have a problem with Chinese men marrying Caucasian women. That's my prejudice, my problem.  I can rationalize over the many reasons why I feel that way but it won't make any difference.  Dictator types make up rules based on their prejudices much like the prejudice I have.  It's not right, so I just let it go that whatever I'm feeling isn't justified.

I've discovered the key to happiness in life is not being judgmental or critical of others. It's not up to us to judge anyone but ourselves.  For one, people can genuinely change their perspective and hearts over time, you simply can't hold anyone in the past to any imagined engraved version of themselves.  Unless they're one of the hopeless sociopaths types with hardwired brains, people often change their lives and perspectives over time. 

The other thing I've learned throughout my life is if you're a good person being true to yourself, you will not be making any enemies on your own because others will determine they're your enemy for you. Good people don't go about seeking enemies for themselves.  I usually can tell who my enemies are after they expose themselves being dishonest and/or power hungry in some capacity.  These types seem to always have some secret agenda for me to conform to their expectations for their own purposes.

There is really no need to be distrusting and paranoid over one's enemies as long as you have a strong sense of who you are while being true to yourself.  The stronger you have a core to yourself and identity, the more these enemies will expose themselves to you as smoke and mirrors types for you to keep at bay.