Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Resistance to Evil = Instant Victory!

The key to many things is to understand resistance, no matter how insignificant it may appear, isn't futile.  Resistance is victory and an appropriate response to those things that are dark and evil.  Each time someone stands up for what is right, it's a victory no matter how the big bullies attempt to suppress or disguise it to the public with lies and illusions.  If one remains neutral, it's a victory for the dark side. There's no hiding from evil insidious people who will continually come knocking on your door in many forms.  Nothing is ever written in stone and can change at any time, so if you're still neutral it's never too late to take a stand against evil.

I wanted to post this outstanding video by radio talk show host and film maker Alex Jones to emphasize that resistance to evil and tyranny is never, ever futile and is always a personal victory.  Resistance is an instant win, and the universe responds appropriately.  In fact, simple resistance is the key to everything when it comes to standing up to evil, including bullies.

This is a superb video.  Alex Jones isn't perfect but he knows a few key things we all need to know in life in order to deal with the growing dark forces in the world.

The universe is interconnected with human beings because we actually come from stardust as the late Carl Sagen used to say.  Therefore when we individually take a stand against darkness and evil, the universe responds appropriately.  The evil will come again and again until we learn our lessons on earth.  That's why history repeats itself, because when people let down their guard against ever present evil that's been festering on earth for thousands of years, the evil grows and comes after us.

Human beings need to learn how to deal with these evil infected people more effectively and the most efficient way is to simply resist.