Wednesday, January 4, 2012

They Plan On Killing Off 80% of Humanity As Gods To Live Forever

There's a network of extremely wealthy elitists with plans to kill off a large part of humanity while they live forever based on dramatic breakthroughs in life extension technologies they don't want humanity to have access to.  These insane people want to create a new world for themselves as gods in their own version of utopia.
"Eugenics is the study of all of the agencies under social control which may improve or impair the inborn qualities of future generations of man, either physically or mentally". - Francis Galton 
It's true, we're all living in a time of insane psychopaths in positions of power who are preparing genocide on the human race.  They've built incredible underground cities for radiation fallout where they can live for years if not decades until the earth becomes habitable. They have knowledge of incredible technologies they'll have access to that humanity can't even comprehend.  One can observe the insanity of these people from their plans for WWIII with Iran and utter disregard for humanity's future that they so easily bankrupt the world's economies.

This is really an incredible video to witness.  

It's not too difficult to imagine how psychopaths would react to discovering all the tremendous life extension technologies combined with developments such as revolutionary anti-gravity technologies.  They can't live their dreams without getting rid of much of humanity because they view us as an obstacle to their plans.  The fact is these elitists view themselves as superior to much of humanity and have taken on an evolutionary view they're going to be the next new species merging with advanced technologies.

When one understands the motivation and reasons for why these well networked psychopaths want to get rid of much of humanity, it makes sense why they've been social engineering us while poisoning our food and water to dumb us down. See video: Slow Kill Holocaust: Proof the Government Is Killing You - YouTube

Author Ray Kurzweil worries about the downside of technological developments including life extension.  Namely, those technologies that can easily get into the wrong hands.

It's so sad there aren't apparently many good people involved in our government able to identify and successfully address this issue of insane men and women who are clearly luring us all into dangerous wars such as the one proposed with Iran.  It's truly insane how many people are falling for these psychopaths' bait to lure us all into mass death.

The initiation of those who plan on being gods to live forever is the mass murder and genocide of us all.

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