Thursday, January 5, 2012

Webster Tarpley Says Ron Paul's Economic Plan is Genocide

I've changed my mind about voting for Ron Paul after listening to last night's Jeff Rense radio program interview with Webster Tarpley.  I had been planning to vote for a Republican the first time in my life only to learn from Tarpley that Ron Paul's economic policies would be a form of genocide in America.

I learned Paul's plan proposes cutting food stamps by 66% along with important prenatal programs for poor women. I'm sorry, that's completely unacceptable since many Americans would starve to death, especially the growing elderly population.  In retrospect, Paul plans on cutting the military budget by only 27%.

The first thing I expected Paul to do after ending the wars is helping America first instead of Israel and all of these other strongholds that neglect America's internal health including a lack of jobs.  Instead I learned Paul proposes making Americans suffer starvation knowing full well criminals have stolen from U.S. taxpayers with multi-trillion dollar banker bailouts through the Federal government.
"Trillions have been looted, and these trillions remain unaccounted for. And trillions more will “disappear”.

What is clear is that there is endless money for endless wars, endless CIA budgets, and endless tax cuts for the wealthy and for corporations. But nothing for anything else.

Criminal aristocracies have increased their plunder, with Washington spearheading the operations. Governments of the capitalist world---each regime a criminal enterprise---are impoverishing their populaces, subjecting citizens to unprecedented suffering under the Orwellian rubric of “sacrifice”. Systematic destruction is taking place from the international down to the local level." - It's Not a 'Debt Crisis' It's Economic Genocide. -
So many people can't shake their stereotype imagery of free loading fat Americans and/or drug addicts living off the government on food stamps expecting free handouts.  Here's some feedback I recently got on the Ron Paul food stamps issue on a forum:
"Believe me many of those who receive food stamps ain't gonna starve. They sell most of them for drugs anyway." - first response

"The times have changed all right, for the worst. Many lazy people get food stamps and don't even attempt to get a job. And I've even been approached by people wanting to go "buy" me groceries and me give them half of the money for the groceries so they can buy cigs, alcohol or illegal drugs. Something has to be done about these freeloaders!" - second response

"Yes, I realize that many of our jobs have been sent overseas. I also realize I've worked at the same job for 28 years and run my own business on the side. I've gotten up and gone to work when I'm sick and had to be on the other side of town by 5:00 am while raising two children on my own. People these days don't (won't) get up and go to work when they do have a job. We're raising a bunch of people who EXPECT handouts. Why would they get out of bed when it's cold and go look for a job, their check is coming in the mail today, paid for by YOU and ME!!!! Cheryl, you have to admit the whole "we'll take care of you" message the government is sending is completely wrong! Something has to be changed." - third response
These comments remind me of character's Archie Bunker's from the 1970's hit show All In The Family.

This is a video from 2006 about freeloaders.  It's true that there are plenty of those who are freeloading in society, but there are also those such as single mothers who need help feeding their families.  These bums' image ruin it for everyone since they're the "publicists" for their cause.  There are also veterans and the elderly who need help.

Here is my final response to this commenter, whose a middle aged lady living in Florida:
But they've bailed out banks for 18 trillion dollars of U.S. tax payer money and also conducted fraudulent wars. You can't be absolutely certain a majority of food stamp recipients don't really need it during these hard times. I'd rather be on the safe side realizing greedy people are actually seeking to starve our population rather than help it. Our gov't is totally out of control robbing and stealing from us continually through taxes, wars and corruption. Congress does insider trading, etc. See what I mean? Why should you be so adamant about not feeding people some food under these circumstances? They may really need it.

I don't understand why some Americans are more concerned with being ripped off by alleged free loaders for food, rather than the trillions of tax dollar bailouts given to banks and for fraudulent wars.  I guess I just can't comprehend their lack of priorities. If one has to be ripped off at all, I'd choose feeding people just to cover those who truly need it.  I'm sure there are some free loaders, but these are really hard times and this above mentioned attitude some Americans have is completely misplaced in view of the facts of the times we're living in.  

As far as Ron Paul hacking food stamps by 66%, that is just so uncalled for in these desperate times I can't forgive his economic plan for America.  Especially in view of the fact he's only cutting the military budget by 27% and there would be plenty of funds left over to feed hungry poor Americans.  What this means is that I won't be voting for ANYONE because these politicians are all shams in my book.