Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hoaxes Thrive in U.S. As Multi-Million Dollar Industries

***Repost & Update** There's a new story circulating that the UN claims an asteroid will likely hit earth in 2040.  See UN: Killer Asteroid On Course To Strike Earth - Before It's News 

It's come to this that whenever I hear stories of baby aliens and all kinds of strange stuff in the news I instantly deduce someone's found a means to generate income from an elaborate hoax.  The hoaxes are easy to recognize since they often include genuine scientists who participate in long drawn out investigations that a simple DNA sample could solve.  For instance, one can easily observe a pattern of documentaries such as on The History Channel's Monster Quest in 2009 presenting multi-million dollar industry hoaxes that contribute to scientists salaries.

In the following baby alien hoax documentary video, it's clear a few scientists and their production companies in Mexico are desperate for income.

What appears to the human senses as a baby monkey, perhaps in a fetus stage of development, is used in an elaborate hoax generating income for scientists in Mexico.

Yet another documentary was needed for this elaborate alien monkey hoax, more advertisers are necessary to pay the scientist salaries.  Yet no DNA results have been presented since this historic discovery from 2009.

The first sign of a hoax is how unnecessarily drawn out an investigation is when DNA evidence isn't obtained over an alleged non-human life form.  In this particular alien baby hoax, one can observe they leave off in their documentary claiming they will be obtaining a DNA result.  Yet three years later, there's still no DNA results.  The reason they haven't presented their results are clear; the well paid scientists don't want to face public humiliation of a likely monkey specimen.

Many people believe simply because genuine scientists are involved in researching a specimen that it can't possibly be a hoax.  The fact is that scientists are involved in hoaxes all the time they're well paid for.  Think about how you would react if offered thousands of dollars to research a hoax that would generate millions of dollars in advertising income for a documentary?  Would you turn it down if you had limited income?  Believe it or not, scientists are mere human beings who aren't going to say no to a job offer simply because they know it's a hoax. Like many attorneys do in their legal briefs and frivolous lawsuits, scientists will draw out their research in order to generate income.  

Here's a few examples supporting scientist involvement in profiting from hoaxes.
Surprise! There's no Lochness Monster. The inventor of the multi-million tourist and television documentary hoax later admitted to his ridiculous contrived photo on his deathbed.  Scientists have made millions of dollars being funded for such research of the Lochness lake to come to the conclusion such a massive monster had no means of surviving without any substantial food supply. See Wikipedia under subtitle "Surgeon's Hoax" 

Surprise! There's no Bigfoot monster. The latest scam was a 2008 press conference in Palo Alto over a dummy rubber corpse.  The well publicized event was later proven to be nothing more than a money making scheme of a since fired police officer and his partner who took off like fugitives shortly thereafter.  The industry's been going strong since the early 1970's and no DNA or substantial evidence has ever been found supporting the existence of the Bigfoot myth.  See Police 'Hero' Fired as Bigfoot Claim Melts Away - Timesonline

Surprise! There's no real Face on Mars.  Former NASA employee Richard Hoagland wrote a book and was paid for speaking events over the coincidence of an illusion of light and shadow.  Humans have vivid imaginations, especially when they're high on marijuana, being able to see whatever we like in cloud formations, the same goes for sand formations on Mars. See Unmasking The Face on Mars - NASA Science

Surprise!  There's no foreseeable Rapture. Even the Bible says only God knows of Christ's second coming. Regardless, Mr. Camping has since generated a lot of publicity for himself and Christian broadcast station thus generating advertising revenue in turn.  Shameless in his scam, Mr. Camping has since named a new date in October for the event.  Needless to say, millions of dollars have been made off of books from the Rapture prediction scams over the past several decades. See Hal Lindsey's multi-million best seller book The Rapture from the 1980's.

Ever listen to the iPhone ShoutCast app radio talk programs?  Art Bell on his Coast to Coast Radio Program was a highly successful radio host whose since retired in 2007. In fact, you can still listen to his archived programs since the early 1990's on the iPhone app. Many of Bell's guests later proved over the test of time to be nothing but scammers trying to create new industries of income for themselves.

Look out, here comes the end of the world and Comet Elenin!  T-shirts, documentaries, new YouTube stars, are all headed our way.  Not to say the comet isn't real and will obviously have an effect on earth,  but one knows by now it will be over hyped in the coming months as an earth shaking event as a means of income.

Other hoaxes: Surprise! Wall Street's unreal having become a rigged game and criminal Bernie Maddoff has confirmed the U.S. economy is nothing but a "ponzi scheme". The U.S. Supreme Court apparently views the U.S. Constitution as a scam hoax by voting against its own 4th Amendment in favor of unlawful police searches. Turns out President Obama's a hoax whose name is really Barry Soetoro and a former CIA asset. Bin Laden was allegedly recently murdered having actually been dead since 2001 from Marfan's disease. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, as President Bush initially claimed as a means to invade the country etc.  Surprise! Politicians generally aren't really distinguished respectable persons but criminals and con artists who often act out their roles as lying clown buffoons.

Stay tuned for more hoaxes in a bad economy since people have to put food on their family's table.  

Friday, February 24, 2012

New 3D Sidewalk Art Taking World By Storm

It's been beautiful weather in San Francisco in the upper 60's, lower 70's lately.  During such rare weather, it's hard to find one's self in front of a computer blogging.  I've been spreading the news whenever I can to local artists about the 3D sidewalk art that's been taking over the world by storm.  I think this stuff is catching the eyes of companies who see it as a great way to advertise as well so there's money in it for the artists.
Julian Beever is an English chalk artist who has been creating chalk drawings on pavement since the mid-1990s that create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the right location. These trompe-l'oeil drawings are created using a projection called anamorphosis and appear to defy the laws of perspective. - The Incredible Art of Julian Beever! - HubPages

These 3D sidewalk drawings are by Julian Beever.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Huge Victory for the Anti Smart Meter Movement - PG&E Now Offers Opt-Out Program in California

I wanted to thank all those, including Rosalind Peterson, who have worked hard towards enabling us in California to opt-out on the PG&E Smart Meters.  Yesterday I received a certified letter from PG&E letting me know that I have until May, 2012 to opt-out on their Smart Meter Plan.  They had attempted to install the Smart Meter for my apartment a few weeks ago but I requested a hold per the pending legislation to potentially opt-out.

For a Smart Meter opt-out there's a small $75 fee and a $10 per month charge but it's worth it.  People with Smart Meters will be paying more for their electricity so I don't have a problem paying the extra monthly charge under those circumstances.

In turn for my being able to opt-out I won't be subjecting myself to dangerous electromagnetic waves and to a violation of my privacy. These Smart Meters will enable the monitoring of people's appliance usage opening the door for future privacy issues as well.

Thanks to all those who helped contribute to my having a choice over Smart Meters.

I Want My 'Smart' Meter Off, Too!" - The Widening Call for Return to Analog Meters - Stop Smart 

Rosalind Peterson - The Smart Meter Rebellion

Monday, February 20, 2012

Some People Cherish Their Memories While Others Wish To Bury Them

**Warning, this story will be disturbing to some. Only the strong minded should proceed**

I've been taking this brain boosting supplement called Prevagen the past two months and have since noticed memories long ago buried have been coming to the surface of my awareness to deal with. I'm not quite sure that's a good thing though, because there seems to be a lot of brutal things I've experienced I'd prefer to forget.

Unfortunately, I've since been able to recall such gruesome things such as being raped with a tree twig by a Chinese honor student at our elementary school who lived up the street.  I was held down by a couple of kids in the incident.  The same ring leader girl later tried again on a bed in an old abandoned house but that time I was able to fight her off me.  I also recall having been beaten up a few times and punched in the stomach for my lunch money by boys when I was walking home from school in Baldwin Hills, CA.  I remember being so terrified I'd run home after school.  I was in at least 4-5 fights in elementary school most of which I was most always bullied and the victim. 

As an adult I've come to the conclusion my parents, who I later learned had me out-of-wed lock in 1960, were stand-in strangers who viewed me as an inanimate object having been forced upon them.  My father was a television musician for 20 years who'd often be seen playing guitar directly behind Lawrence Welk every Saturday night on national television.  To this day I believe my father was and is still part of the Illuminati from being part of the television entertainment and music industry.

I was so poorly raised when I was a kid up into my teens that I had no idea I had to do my homework believing I could somehow do well without effort or good study skills. I guess after an incident in first grade my mother had given up on me.  Seriously, the first grade teacher told mother I needed to work on my reading skills so she began asking I recite to her from a book.  I was so nervous I kept stumbling on pronouncing the word "it".  Mother was so enraged over my failure to prounce a word that I was choked and shaken violently that night, thrown down onto my bed left alone to shake in fear.

I recall running away from home at least once when I was a little girl, packing up and leaving with my Barbie suitcase. My parents, who were largely psychologically absent, located me nearby at my friend's house.  I had run away because they wouldn't stop fighting with one another keeping me up at night with their loud violent arguments that traumatized me. I recall when I was an 8 year old getting my parents gifts with my chore money after one of their violent arguments. I had my father's busted watch face repaired at a jewelers and bought my mother a 14K ivory rose pin.  I had given them a card asking them to make up and stop fighting.

As the memories come back thanks to Prevagen, it's tough to realize how hard it was to grow up with parents who were practically lobotomized without any ability to bond with me as their biological child.  I was often pitied by my mother who viewed me as an inferior being who once told me in a moment of rage that I had come into the world unwanted. I have horrible memories of my mother once calling my high school for feedback from a music teacher because she believed I was delusional about being able to sing.  I later went on to receive an award for outstanding stylist in our jazz choir, one that was highly regarded in the community having gone to Montreux Jazz festival.

It was a tough life being raised by complete strangers posing as parents who weren't there to care when I got beat up at school or to ever converse with like normal human beings.  When my mother wasn't bullying me, my parents would just sit in front of the television ignoring me as if I didn't exist.  I was only spoken with when I had caused them some perceived problem or when I had to ask their permission for something.  

Memories of my mother are of her being so invasive and destructive she once pulled me out of a rehearsal for the musical Oklahoma, the first I had performed at our high school when I was 14 years old.  There wasn't any reason for my removal other than her wanting control over me.  During the rehearsal I watched in horror while sweating bullets as my mother walked up to the orchestra pit conductor asking for me. What did the students think I had done wrong to deserve that?  All eyes were on me as I had to pack up and leave.

The sad fact is I wish I could have forgotten these things because today I sit in judgment of my parents believing they should have never have had children.  My parents were zombies who made sure I'd be on a path of destruction early in life. I was most always alone as a kid without any parental supervision and it's a miracle I wasn't raped and murdered from my lone wanderings on my fossil hunts up in the hills of Los Angeles.

Tragically, due to poor parental guidance early in life my younger sister Melody died in 2002 homeless in some graveyard ghost town. I learned about it after my mother called to let me know Melody died in a hospital.  I later researched and got the autopsy information to learn what she died from that was a combination of Hepatitis C, alcoholism and Bacterial Meningitis.  When she was 5 years old Melody was given an attention deficit order powerful pharmaceutical drug Ritalin giving her an addictive brain.  Melody's IQ was extremely high as reported by her school and she wanted to be a marine biologist.  Unforutnately that would never materialize thanks to poor parental upbringing.  Unfortunately, drawing a bunch of dinosaurs, framing and placing it in your daughter's bedroom as a surprise gift just doesn't qualify for good parenting.  Memories of my sister as a kid threatening to stab herself with a knife due to parental late night loud arguments linger to this day. 

Melody later had five children who were removed from her by the State of California because she couldn't take care of them, being a widow of a man who drowned of a drug overdose in a pool.  Back in 1998 I was told by my father whom I hadn't seen in years that my sister had been gang raped a few times. I refused to ever speak with the sicko ever again after that phone call.  I had never come across any of my peers in Palos Verdes Estates who had such similarly rotten parents as these. Most of my peers were all well taken care of with their lives all laid out before them with paid for college educations and well estimated careers.

To this day I still have problems with bullies and people who lie about me in a court of law.  I've been accused of such things as nearly running a former co-worker over in a cross-walk with my motor scooter that was completely false.  I've been accused of chasing and following a former employee home on my motor scooter, that was a complete fabrication.  I've been accused of things regarding former roommates over the years that were complete fabricated lies.

My parents were a couple of bullies who made me their subservient inferior slave and disregarded all of my goodness making me into their unwanted illegitimate child whose existence was barely tolerated. My life had been threatened by my parents on many ocassions and me and my sister once had to lock ourselves in the bathroom fearing for our lives.

When I became a young adult I was given a cheap drug store candle in a shoe box by my mother for my 21st birthday.  I had been called to come up to snobby rich Palos Verdes Estates to pick up my gift.   My grandparents on my father's side of the family were little different in their ignoring me when I visited them on Thanksgiving in 1982. When I arrived after riding up with my father and his wife who had completely ignored me, I was ignored there too. I was then seated at the children's table for Thanksgiving dinner away from the adults when I was 21 years old.

I don't understand why people are like this, why they feel a need to have a sense of superiority over others. They often lie and manipulate situations to make themselves feel in control and much of my life I've been a victim of such people.  I've been working on not being a victim for the past few years by becoming a stronger less vulnerable person.  Bullies tend to pick up on vulnerable weak people's vibes they feed off of like parasites so I've been working on becoming a stronger person standing up for myself while holding my ground.  

I envy those who have family memories they cherish because I have not one memory I can find worthy after I turned 6, my so called parents were that disgraceful. There's a reason why women such as Whitney Houston rose to the top, they had parents who nurtured, cared about and loved them as children. I had the potential to be so much more had it not been for my disgraceful parents and their destructive upbringing of me.  I feel fortunate to even be alive.

If you had good parents in your life, you're quite fortunate.  Please try to remember that not all of us are blessed with caring kind parents in life.  Please keep that in mind in how you treat other people whom you have no idea might have suffered through a life such that I have.  I was once homeless for 1.5 years in the mid 1980's.  

My Testimony.pdf

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Was Whitney Houston Sacrificed By Illuminati for Queen Elizabeth Jubilee? There Are Creepy Coincidences

There are interesting coincidences surrounding Whitney Houston's death worth noting.  This video series best describes all those things it claims points to Houston being sacrificed by the Illuminati for the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. This information's worth noting that something's happening on a deeper level surrounding Whitney Houston that most people have no awareness of.

Part 1 - Interesting perspective with all kinds of strange coincidences surrounding the death of Whitney Houston.

Part 2

Another interesting perspective on Whitney Houston

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Son Sends 98 Year Old Mother Eviction Notice

A sign of the times, this lady looks and acts tremendously awesome for a 98 year old. Her son had the arrogance and audacity to send her an eviction notice to leave her home.  An eviction lawyer says he's in his "top 10 worst nastiest people" of all time.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Robots Will Be Programmed To Destroy Humanity

I somehow always knew it was coming this, especially after working in corporate America for the past few decades. Robotic machines and their programming are slowly taking over humanity.  Over the decades I've learned that many women in corporate America might as well be robots.  I also found corporate America finds ways to rewire the human brain using various social engineering techniques.

These lifelike robot videos are meant to demonstrate how their creators envision a time when robots will take over our world, becoming more intelligent then us. In order to meet their creators' expectations, robots will need to be revered and held above ourselves and spirits.  Don't doubt for one minute the creators of these advanced robots aren't extending their egos into our lives to usurp, not help humanity.   Note how a few of these robot creators are even cloning themselves as a form of omnipresence.

Note in these vids how much awe and reverence a robot is given as if it's a living thing. 

This robot's so realistic, it's spooky to watch.

This is an android female with advanced features. 

The walk is getting to be so realistic, it's spooky. 

It's really sad how these people pay such reverence to a lifeless machine.  It would be like my worshiping the iPhone droid Suri treating her like "my friend".

Over the years I've noted certain high up corporate women believe they're owned by their corporation. Like the Borg on Star Trek, I don't really exist outside a corporate paradigm. Somehow corporate women were taken over, reprogrammed and their individuality removed to serve their corporate entity.
Corporate personhood is the status conferred upon corporations under the law, which allows corporations to have rights and responsibilities similar to those of a natural person. There is a question about which subset of rights afforded to natural persons should also be afforded to corporations as legal persons. Wikipedia
It's interesting to note a corporation by U.S. law is viewed as a "person" and therefore a living entity.  Therefore the corporate entity's merely replicating itself by possessing the spirits of human beings and rewiring their brains to suit its purposes. 

The terminator robot idea comes from dealing with the fact visionaries believe many humans will try to escape from being assimilated.

Many a corporation assimilates human beings by rewiring their brains. When you're terminated from the corporation, in its view, you are no longer a living person and therefore cease to exist.  Similarly, robots will view humans as enemies to assimilate or terminate.  This is what humans will face in the future is a battle for their lives versus the spiritual dead zone these machines have to offer.

It's all happening, what Bill Joy wrote in Wired Magazine in 2000 in his article Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whitney Houston Prepared To Meet Jesus Prior To Death

As a follow-up to my previous post Whitney Houston Bloodied In Fight After Singing Jesus Loves Me Night Before Death, more information has surfaced related to Whitney Houston's mind state prior to her passing.  It seems Whitney knew what was happening to her, that she was transitioning out of this world and that she very badly wanted to "see Jesus".
According to US website, Whitney was "very spiritual" in her final days — quoting the bible, singing hymns and speaking about the afterlife with friends and family.  
On Friday, a day after she sang Jesus Loves Me in her final public performance at Tru nightclub in Hollywood, she told one of her friends: "I'm gonna go see Jesus — I want to see Jesus."  Whitney 'Predicted Her Own Death' - The Sun UK
Earlier, I posted about the possibility Satanic forces of the Illuminati were indirectly involved in Whitney's imminent death just five days after Madonna's occult ritual performance at the Superbowl. See former post.  The dark spiritual world of Satan and demonic entities can have a strong influence as to why someone would want to leave our world.  The average person unfamiliar with spiritual forces can't comprehend these things, but singers are especially attuned with such forces due to the nature of their gift.
The following morning, hours before her death, Whitney was discussing a bible passage involving John the Baptist and Jesus.  She reportedly said: "You know, he's so cool, I really want to see that Jesus." Whitney 'Predicted Her Own Death' - The Sun UK
We're not meant to know everything when it comes to a person's relationship with God, but  can deduce there was some spiritual battle happening in Whitney Houston's soul prior to her passing. One can speculate Whitney's bloody fight the night prior to her death symbolized fighting Satan in this world prior to her transition to heaven.  The photo at right is of Whitney the night prior to her death with a cross bracelet pointing something to the ground after having had a fight.  See full photo.

A more scientific perspective comes from Mike Adams at Natural News that Whitney was under the control of sedatives and alcohol causing her behavior to be erratic.  See article. Regardless, one can't easily ignore the latest information that Whitney Houston knew she was going to die being involved in a spiritual battle with the powers of darkness of the Illuminati that's had a strangling grip on the music and entertainment industries the past few decades.

Sadly Clive Davis, the one who claims to have discovered Whitney Houston's talent, didn't call off his pre-Grammy party after learning of Whitney's death.  From my perspective Davis is someone who can be questioned as to any true friendship with the former singer.  A real friend would have called off the celebrations.
He (Davis) said he had to go downstairs and take care of the guests, but the family had no idea that the party was going to proceed. Whitney's aunt, Mary Jones, was absolutely stunned that the party was going ahead, and she was very upset that it hadn't been cancelled."   
In any event, it's sad the world has lost such a tremendous talent who had faded through the years, but clearly Whitney Houston's in a much better place.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tree Hugger Has Millions of Trees On Her Side

After a few of my recent posts, I'm hoping the bullies are finally getting the message loud and clear that I'm not a woman to be messed with. My tree hugging a while back posted about in True Confessions of a Tree Hugger has apparently resulted in millions of trees around the world coming to life on my behalf to forewarn, "Don't mess with this woman, we're her friends!"

Trees are really part of our lives in so many ways being everywhere including in our homes.   Like myself, trees are tired of being manhandled so we bonded.   In these photos the trees are trying to say "We're alive!", "We exist!" "Stop messing with us!" "You're not the center of the universe asshole!"

You're my friend tree!  Drop your arsenal, a pine cone, on the asshole's head so he'll get amnesia and leave me alone, will you please?

These photos and messages are meant for the bullies Nice people need not take offense.

Remember that bench you and your sweetheart used to sit on each year on Valentine's Day?

Another shot of an enemy's fond memory disappearing forever.

Here's your sweet heart's old bike you used to ride each Valentine's Day

Another shot of a memory leaving the earth, consumed by my angry pal.

Oh, here's that old 1970's motorcycle she gave you on your honeymoon!  Being the spoiled prick you are, it's one of dozens your slut got you throughout your life.  My friend the tree says no more!

Just a sign, nothing but a sign! What came first, the tree or the cane?

Another sign within a sign.

There's a road closed for you asshole, except one day you won't have the sign to tell you it's dangerous.

This way when you're trespassing and hunting you won't know why some angry dude's pointing a rifle your way.

Next I'll be working towards becoming deep spiritual pals with Black Holes. . . .

Monday, February 13, 2012

Employers Who Harass Employees on Valentine's Day Suck

I'm so happy not to have to work at a law firm anymore, or any corporation for that matter.  There was so much harassment and pressure to conform to suit the egos of men it was just overwhelming.  Imagine the nerve you'd have to have as an administrative manager at a law firm to be a man and have a rose placed at female employees desks on Valentine's Day.

In 2004 I once came into work to find what I considered to be harassment of a rose and card from the law firm's management at my desk.  Of course, I couldn't complain of such a thing, that I didn't want anything on Valentine's Day from my employer.  If they want to do other kinds of things like serve fruit and bagels in the lunch room, that's one thing, but placing something so personal at one's desk is just plain harassment.  In my view, this employer's gesture was masking a middle aged man in management who required a lot of attention looking for ways to lawfully sexually harass women in the workplace.  

A few months after the Valentine's incident, support staff employees at the same law firm, then Preston, Gates & Ellis LLP (affiliated with Bill Gates' father and the Jack Abramoff/Michael Scanlon scandal)  were asked to attend a mandatory sexual harassment training meeting with an outside consultant.  The blond lady consultant, who had probably left corporate America because she was an outed whore who'd sleep around, began to talk about sex while also inferring about how much she liked it.  The consultant talked freely with the staff asking them to fantasize of witnessing two people having sex on the conference room table asking what they'd do if they saw such a thing.  

Three Free Passes To Ask Another Out? 

After the trash sex talk, the consultant concluded by granting people permission to ask one another out on dates, stating that the law grants "three free passes" prior to it being considered unlawful harassment.  In other words, the consultant was saying if employees wanted to ask one another out on a date, they should feel free and that the person responding to the invitation should be polite in responding.  The consultant was basically making the receiver of such an invitation a potential problem for possibly overreacting to such an invitation while making any person's inquiry perfectly normal.

In my view, the consultant was used as a means of stirring up sexual fantasies of young male employees, then letting everyone know the law of the "three free passes" to ask out fellow employees for dates.  It was clear during the meeting that the person who would reject such an invitation was projected as a kind of potential villain claiming that person must be polite and respectful.  In effect, the meeting was a form of social engineering laying the groundwork for the kind of social environment the law firm was seeking for its staff.

A few weeks later I was called into a meeting with my supervisor.  I walked into her partially closed door office to find one of the male copy support people massaging her shoulders. Coincidentally, his last name was "Love".  I realized by that time these management people were too involved in sexual politics being way over the top in so many ways.  The same supervisor repeatedly asked for my charitable donations for her young son's fund raising events.  You'd think once a year would be enough, but my supervisor came back a few months later selling something else.

Shortly after I left this law firm, I sent a complaint letter to corporate in Seattle about my experiences and the undue pressure I was placed under by management to conform. I'm so happy not to have to work in these highly political environments any longer where men seek to dominate as described herein and throughout this blog.  Imagine the nerve of a man to arrange to have a rose delivered to all female employees at their desks on Valentine's Day.  Such a large assuming ego!  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston Bloodied In Fight After Singing Jesus Loves Me NIght Before Death

I guess my main question after hearing how Whitney Houston apparently got scratched up in a bloody fight at a pre-Grammy Awards party prior to her death is where was a man to protect her?  My suspicions of Whitney being mysteriously murdered have since been peaked after learning of this event. Apparently some small media outlet got a hold of the photos of Whitney's last hellish night on earth.  I can only link to these disturbing photos and through the article below due to copyright laws.
"We don't know what's going on with Whitney Houston but she went from hitting the stage for a flawless performance with Kelly Price singing "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" to leaving the event with what appears to be scratches and blood dripping from her wrists and legs.  The powerhouse singer performed the song with Price to a packed house and appeared to be in good spirits." -See photos, scroll down the page of Whitney Houston Performs At Pre-Gray Party & Gets Into A Fight? Sheso
Sounds to me like the devil had access to Whitney that very evening after she sang a song about Jesus Christ loving her.  The Illuminati, having such a stranglehold over the music industry today, must be celebrating the timing of Whitney's passing right after it rolled out its queen Madonna at the Super Bowl event.  These kind of performances are really satanic based propaganda the American public views as entertainment that couldn't be further from the truth.

Many of us have understood for decades that Madonna has never been close to being any real singer.  The few truly gifted real singing talent left such as Whitney was a reminder to the entire world Madonna is a counterfeit.  Here's the difference between a real singer, vs. a fake Illuminati based singer as seen at two fairly recent Super Bowl events:

Whitney Houston's Awe Inspiring 2007 Super Bowl Performance 

To put it simply, Madonna's a loveless, heartless, pure narcissist evil Satanist.  Naive people can't comprehend the depth of evil the Illuminati is all about. I hate to think how many children have been tortured and murdered at the throne of the Illuminati all around the world.  

So, to reiterate, these are the facts thus far about Whitney Houston's death.
  • Madonna gave a highly ritualistic symbolic Illuminati performance taking her throne on February 5, 2012.  
  • Just five days after Madonna's ritualistic Illuminate performance, on Friday, February 10th, Whitney Houston attended a pre-Grammy award party where she sung "Jesus Loves Me" with Kelly Price as her last performance on earth.  That evening, a undisclosed fight took place causing Whitney to become bloodied and disheveled. 
  • On February 11th, a day before the Grammy Awards, Whitney Houston died alone in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  

Madonna's performance was about Illuminati symbolism and satanic rituals.

My own conclusion based on these simple facts?  Whitney Houston was a real singer with a gift and talent given to her by God.  On the other hand, Madonna is a servant of Satan and the Illuminati. This Illuminati's evil power is starting to grow by such leaps and bounds because not enough people are willing to stand up to it for what it is.  Madonna isn't just about entertainment that's merely a mask for Satanism.

Somehow, the Illuminati servants got to Whitney Houston after she sung Yes, Jesus Loves Me, that caused her to lose her life in this world having entered into eternal Heaven.  Clearly Whitney Houston's in Heaven now! The facts are as plain as day as to what happened to trigger the transition --  God was with Whitney the entire night then taking her up into Heaven where she is forever happy and protected with eternal love.

Another awe inspiring Whitney performance with Natalie Cole of Say A Little Prayer.

These facts demonstrate Whitney Houston was for real as a good person with a beautiful spirit in spite of her flaws with drug addiction and alcoholism.  On the other hand, Madonna is pure evil the world continues to pay its respects to.

Seriously, this isn't some imaginary game I'm talking about in this post.  Madonna's a real servant of dark, evil demonic entities being all about death, suffering and destruction of all that is good in the world.  Not kidding!  Listen to Madonna's counterfeit voice at your own soul's peril.  I couldn't stand her from the very first time I heard Like a Virgin. I knew Madonna was pure bullshit and a con job from the get go.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meet GoogSista - New Female Android Assimilates By Wasting Your Time

**WARNING** This article is a little freaky and only for the strong minded. Read at your own risk. This post is my creative way of dealing with someone who was extremely difficult and manipulative who cost me considerable time and money over her "issues" I was blamed for last night.

Last night I learned there's a new breed of female evolving from the days of a far less intrusive technological society I lived in most of my life.  I urge the reader to take special note of what follows in my post demonstrating how the latest female android model  roll out looks, acts and sounds and what her primary function is.

I've learned this particular model of android I've coined "GoogSista" was initially programmed at Stanford, then transferred over to Google, Inc.  However, there are many more similar models being rolled out all over the country. I chose the tag GoogSista because this droid's been clearly programmed to appear as a sisterly type of friend to humans while being a Google propagandist roll out for new visionary ideas for the future.  Artwork above left by Artist David Ho - See Interviews - David Ho

Is it just me? I can't understand a word GoogSista's saying.  Is this a new form of language where meaningless words defined by Google are strung together to say nothing whatsoever?  I don't think my human brain's wired to hear any of it but am able to detect there's some time killing mechanism installed in this particular droid model.  

My brush with a female android posing as a human was as follows.  It may sound mundane to some, but for me it was a mind blowing encounter with an other worldly android.
"Yesterday GoogSista called while I was nearing arrival at her loan signing appointment claiming she would be 45 minutes late due to being stuck in traffic.  I thought it unusual that if she knew she was that far from home why she didn't earlier.  Why'd she call so late at 5:15 p.m. for a 5:30 p.m. appointment under those circumstances?  With this news I actually had to turn back since I rented a Zip Car with limited time available.  It wasn't really that big a deal to me though because GoogSista had rescheduled the signing near my home later that evening. Regardless, what followed were strange manifestations from this initial change of plans that made me feel as if I was in a Twilight Zone episode.
After the initial change in plans, GoogSista said she would meet me at the Fairmont Hotel at 6:00 p.m in my part of town.  I arrived on time, then waited 10 minutes naturally wondering where GoogSista was.  I tried calling thinking nothing of it but two times GoogSista ignored my calls letting it roll into voice mail.  I noted GoogSista wasn't trying to reach me whatsoever so I called a third time at 6:20 p.m. to learn I had apparently become an annoyance, triggering high drama hysterics!  GoogSista answered her cell in a panicked argumentative tone claiming she was on the other side of town near Noe Valley and that her predicament was all my fault, that I had somehow caused it all to happen and that I was being difficult 
In a highly defensive mode as if I was attacking her simply for inquiring as to her time of arrival the droid said "I've lived in San Francisco a long time. . "  What? I thought, what did that have to do with anything? It was almost as if some computer programmer triggered a coded script that then became accusatory of me as if I was extremely upset with her.  The fact was I had been relaxing on a couch at the Fairmont Hotel's lobby within walking distance of my home and wasn't upset at all. Turns out GoogSista would be another 30 minutes, at least that's what she wanted me to believe.
I responded to the new appointment time claiming I had no problem waiting and countered that I wasn't upset at all since I was enjoying the Fairmont Hotel's jazz pianist.  Apparently, this calm response triggered GoogSista's programming to make sure I would feel some unpleasant emotion because she later became a no show not even having the courtesy to call.  Clearly GoogSista was planting her mind control apparatus in my human experience, or at least believed she was.  What had begun innocently enough was really some kind of program to assimilate me into a helpless state of being that relied heavily on time manipulation and mind control.  In other words, I was doing my usual thing as a loan signing agent while expecting an outcome that was repeatedly being usurped.  My experience has generally been that borrowers are usually happy to cooperate in my helping them finalize their home refinance paperwork.  In this case, some other worldly factor was at work that blew my mind." 

After I did a little research on this odd android experience, I learned  GoogSista actually had arrived after all, but through another dimension of my psyche as a time vampire.  Somehow I was supposed to feel bad, that I had done something terribly wrong to GoogSista.  I wanted to understand what was happening in this matter so I began researching.  I discovered GoogSista looks a lot like Meg Tilly, (right)  the former actress from the 1980's who played in The Big Chill and Psycho II.  This Tilly look alike discovery occurred after I thought I had found a photo on Linkedin of GoogSista (left) that actually looked a lot like former actress Kristy McNichol from the 1980's.  Turns out the KM look alike was another person with GoogSista's assumed name who was an aerospace engineer.  I was relieved to say the least that this GoogSista droid wasn't modeled after Kristy McNichol after all.  Believe me, I'm aware how strange this post is, I thought I was in the Twilight Zone last night and this post is my expression of how I felt dealing with it all.

So my discovery turned up that GoogSista had apparently been modeled after Meg Tilly the actress of Psycho II.  How appropriate that the droid's programmers wanted to freak out their enemies this way.  Just think of it being much like how the military uses manless predator drones to attack enemies, these are manless droids conducting psyche warfare and psyops.

After this strange, rather inhuman experience with a droid, I began to reflect on the fact GoogSista took up 3.5 hours of my time as the first clue of who she was.  Just to think in one of my earlier posts I thought the MoFo lady was bad!  See post Mofos Still Living in a Bubble World About To Pop.  It turns out that in retrospect GoogSista was far worse being much closer to the Star Trek Borg assimilation model than the MoFo.

In this video, GoogSista confirms the most valuable resource humans have is time. 

I had already been forewarned about the roll out of this next evolutionary phase of female droids having had a similar supervisor droid at Kirkland & Ellis LLP back in 2006.  GoogSistas apparently suppress their own human nature so as to avoid human vulnerability.  This conflict of human vulnerability causes droids to trigger their time killer programs used to manipulate the vulnerabilities of our 'inferior' human species.  From my experience, assimilation through time manipulation of humans is one of the primary functions of a GoogSista. 

These are highly programmable female droids so what or who do you think programs them to carry out their plans? They seem much like the unmanned drones being controlled wirelessly from a hidden source.  The term "unmanned" should be hint enough whose behind these droids. They're manned alright, but wirelessly so that others can't detect the true source of control.

One of the reasons I liked former actress Kristy McNichol was she was so human with emotional intelligence.  These new models of female droids scare me being void of soul, spirit or any hint of human life.  I don't detect any soul whatsoever, just empty space with meaningless chatter from something trying to pose as a human being.

GoogSista was clearly programmed to waste my time last night.  It seems time was the key factor this droid used to attempt to assimilate me with.  Best to take note of it for future reference that these androids seem programmed to kill humans' time on earth through various types of manipulation of mind control.

"Before going much further, however, it is important for the reader to understand just what is meant when the term “Singularity” is used. Defined by TIME, “Singularity” is “The moment when technological change becomes so rapid and profound, it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history.” Simply put, Singularity is the moment when man and machine merge to create a new type of human – a singular entity that contains property of both machines and humans.

Unfortunately, Singularity is not a fringe movement as some might at first believe; it has a great number of followers, many of whom are in powerful positions. For instance, the Singularity University is a three-year-old institution that offers inter-disciplinary courses for both executives and graduate students.  It is hosted by NASA, a notorious front for secretive projects conducted by the government and the military-industrial complex. Not only that, but Google, which is yet another corporate front for intelligence agencies, was a founding sponsor of the University as well. Merging Man and Machine: Singularity vs. Humanity - Activist Feb 9, 2012

If GoogSistas are allowed to flourish and evolve in the future, humanity's going to have one hell of a "time" so to speak dealing with these latest roll out models that rely on people's ignorance. One has to be aware and knowledgeable or be doomed to assimilation.  Let's face it, we're living in unusual times thanks to technology evolving into highly intelligent neurological machines. Don't ever forget these are not normal times in world history!  Most everyone is always carrying around some form of advanced technology these days being practically married to it.  We're merging with machines more than we'd ever like to know.

Other References:

Cyborg Brain/Machine Interface Is Now Reality -

Merging Man and Machine: Singularity vs. Humanity - Activist

Cyborgs Are Coming! Living Brains Implanted with Electronic Chips to Replace 'Faulty' Parts  - Daily Mail UK

Blogger's Note: 

For those familiar with this blog, you may note this particular post has taken a rather unique creative flare. Highly critical people will look at this article and say "she's nuts". It's just my creative writing and nothing more.  Do I believe GoogChick is really an android?  Not really, more like a spiritually void droid to be more accurate. I thought GoogChick's video really made her seem and sound like an android.  When I saw the video I also thought she looked a lot like actress Meg Tilly did back in the 1982 film Big Chill.

I attribute this change in creative writing to my recent use of essential oil aromatics, particularly lavender essential oil from Young Living I consume in my tea and put in my incense diffuser.  I may also be influenced by the brain booster Prevagen I've taken the past four weeks. I've also been wearing my Q-Link pendant as well that boosts the body's natural biofield to protect from electromagnetic bombardment from electric devices.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Police Officers' Sick Evil Orwellian Brotherhood of Darkness

I'm sure there are many women who are into uniforms and men of authority but I'm not one of them.  I had the misfortune of growing up near a future police officer a few doors down on Via Boronada in Palos Verdes Estates, CA who terrorized me and infiltrated other members of my family for sex from 1975-1986.

In 1976 future police officer Ken Greco trespassed on our property one evening jumping over the fence after one of his wild high school angel dust parties, to tap on my bedroom window hoping I'd come out to have sex with him. He sat in the woodshed near my window a long time and when I awoke discovered he had twisted a stick in my dog's choker collar to tighten the grip around her throat.  My gentle puli/sheep dog was partially blind and deaf and died the following year.

Future Officer Ken Greco would often drink beer in his vehicle while driving. I was a witness that Greco would get drunk and then expect sex from me.  The only reason the then boy was ever involved with me was because he lived two houses down. He used to raid our tomboy girl street football games which is how he initially infiltrated into my life.  I'd play touch football with Brenda Daly, whose a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego, and her sister Cindy Daly who's a doctor in Maryland.  I once overheard Greco talking to these neighbors saying bad things about me, since I was his target.  My mother later broke the news she had sex with this foul man shortly after her divorce and I've been sickened by it ever since.  Psycho also tried to have sex with my now deceased sister I was later told.

The Seeds of Suffering Were Planted Early In Life By This Orwell Scum

I remember this future officer bringing up George Orwell's 1984 back in 1976, it was required reading in high school literature classes.  I few times I felt I was being watched at night from my bedroom window which is why I was forced to keep the curtain's drawn.  Big brother planted his seed of destruction back then for my life that has carried through in a pattern of police typically violating my privacy using paranoid schizophrenic people, or scaring people about me with hyped up fabrications, distortions and lies.  Essentially police initially tried to hijack my life to make me part of their police family and Greco once suggested to me in my teens I should think of becoming a police officer.

This Greco idiot was later allowed to become a police officer in Hermosa Beach, CA because police cover-up for one another, it's a secret brotherhood. The only time a police officer ever gets in trouble is when he does something really outrageous and dumb, otherwise the skies the limit for those who practice evil using this medium.  From my experience, police don't really protect and serve, they exploit circumstances for political gain and are largely glorified thugs.  Police rely heavily on mind control, color of law and know what buttons to push to make vulnerable women in particular feel panicked and hysterical.

Police Failed To Rescue Petit Family After Tip Was Given to Bankteller They Were Hostages

Since I haven't watched television since 2007, I didn't hear about the Petit family murderers until recently.  I saw an article about how defense attorneys were attacking the only survivor of a home invasion, for his complaints about the legal system.  (See Home Invasion Survivor William Petit Criticized for Justice System Complaints - Mail Online) I did a little research to ultimately discover police failed to act when Ms. Petit went to a bank to withdraw money for the robber after she had tipped off the bank clerk.  Ms. Petit told the bank clerk she didn't feel she was in danger and that the robber was being nice and she believed they'd be okay.  An hour later Ms. Petit and her two daughters were sadistically tortured, raped and burned to death.  The police just waited and watched from outside without any intervention and later made excuses.

The brutal details of what police allowed to happen by not intervening when tipped off a family was taken hostage.  This outcome could have easily been avoided and police done their jobs.

I wasn't surprised to read about how the police failed to come to the aid of Ms. Petit because from my experience over the years they largely have the same sociopath mentality of the home-invaders.  Reports were that the two invaders had a male ego issue going on in finding it necessary to upstage each other to rape the two daughters and the mother.

How Palos Verdes Estates, CA Police Oversaw a Fictional Home Robbery to Enter Into Former Ram's Coach George Allen's Widowed Wife's Home To Later Request Gym Equipment

I'll never forget back around 1992 reading in the Daily Breeze (during a break from doing 206 hours of community service picking up trash on the beach from Officer Steve Eberhard's excessive traffic ticket) how the Palos Verdes Police Department had been giving former Rams coach George Allen's widow's home special surveillance.

The article went on to describe how a Palos Verdes Police Officer believed the home was possibly being burglarized having observed some unrecognizable person in the home at night.  The officer decided to enter the home only to discover it was just a guest. The story went on to describe how all the rather intimidating police activity prompted Ms. Allen, a widow, to donate her husband's gym equipment to the Palos Verdes Police Department.

In the article, Captain Mike Tracy, who I posted about earlier in my Valentine's Day article, was pictured hugging Ms. Allen along with his hand firmly planted on his holstered gun. I learned the thugs later got to place their donated gym equipment at a local closed junior high school.  The cops were essentially rewarded for breaking and entering a private residence without the owner's permission.

In yesterday's article Americans Are Oppressed Too former Reagan staff adviser Paul Craig Roberts wrote:
"Why are the police so aggressive toward the public? In part because their ranks attract bullies, sociopaths and psychopaths. Even normal cops are proud of their authority and expect deference. Even cops who are not primed to be set off can turn nasty in a heartbeat."
The bottom line is you can't expect thugs in uniform to come to the rescue of people, because many use police work to practice evil like doctors practice medicine.  Cops are really only out for themselves and their secret dark brotherhood. Cops often hide behind an image so they can convince juries not to convict them. The reason there's so much garbage written about me on the Internet is due to the fruits of police and their paranoid schizophrenic supporters who identify with them to spy on people seeing themselves as part of the Big Brother spy network and disinformation campaign. 

Other related stories of evil deeds of cops:

A San Francisco police officer was arrested a while back on two felony charges related to the theft of a vehicle registration sticker that the district attorney's office says he stole from a motorist during a traffic stop. - SF Police Officer Arrested On Theft Charges

This video portrays typical police behaviors allowed to thrive for decades prior to video cameras and YouTube becoming common. These officers are going to have a tough time defending themselves from this behavior due to it being recorded by a security camera across the street.

In another example, the forensic medical examiners the government outsources often produce results for the court testimony based on substandard work as reported in today's SF Gate article Forensic Medical Group Scrutinized.  Innocent people have gone to jail as a result of this kind of government corroboration to produce inaccurate results for court testimony.

Many Judges Are In On The Evil Brotherhood Game

Some judges are also in on these dark evil police brotherhoods. Surprise!  A cop can write whatever he wants in a police report and it instantly becomes fact since a judge will accept it as such. A citizen would require thousands of dollars to pay an attorney to defend themselves from false accusations from paranoid schizophrenic mental patients.  For instance, a paranoid schizophrenic 5 time court evicted woman took over a lease in 1999 to a phenomenal deal in San Francisco during a housing crisis thanks to the help of the SFPD.  

Two bankruptcy's later and the lady still lives in what is now an unkempt dump thanks to the help of the SFPD securing her lease with false police reports driving me off the property.  I had been working long hard nights at Morrison & Foerster LLP on a 5:30 pm - 2:00 am shift along with overtime and this crazy lady was calling the police on me behind my back.  I didn't even know they were coming onto the property to write up little police tickets based on a paranoid schizophrenic's claims. The lady was dishonest and had actually been evicted from the Progress Foundation's mental health housing program just a few years prior to conning her way into the living situation via the elderly leaseholder.  She had also failed to pay rent an entire year from another government subsidized program, where she contested the eviction.  Will this lady ever be paying back her $90,000 tax payer funded student loan for her non-job degree?  I don't think so, not at the age of 65 she won't.   (PDF of the roommate's crazy eviction case)

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