Saturday, February 4, 2012

David Bowie - His Satanism's Worth Serious Cultural Review

**UPDATE** - A.D. Post.  For the past month I've been taking this brain booster supplement Prevagen where memories buried for decades have been gradually trickling to the surface of my conscious life.  It's interesting to note in all this floating to the surface of memories that Prevegen's main active ingredient is derived from a jelly fish.

One of my memories that's come to the surface recently is that of David Bowie, a bizarre cult leader god of rock and roll from the 1970's.  It took a little nudging to dislodge the memory however after I learned of David Bowie's 65th birthday and a recent cover story of him on Rolling Stone Magazine.

I have memories of purchasing two Bowie albums in the 70's, David Live and Changes, neither of which I enjoyed.  In fact, there was only one song I ever really liked of Bowie's, his staple earliest #1 hit Space Oddity.  I even went to a David Bowie concert at the L.A. forum in 1977 I paid fifty dollars to see that was a lot of money back then.  Why would I buy Bowie's music and even go to a concert if I didn't enjoy it one might ask?  My memories indicate it was all due to peer influence and daily exposure to one of Bowie's cult followers Sheila Rogers, a stunning, highly intelligent green eyed girl with goddess-like qualities who later went on to become a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine from 1986-1991.  We were both in orchestra class for four years.

Turns out years later I've learned the truth about David Bowie. Though he was a very likable fellow with a nice personality, Bowie was all about Satanism, making it trendy and hip for the masses to consume after he had developed a massive cult-like following.  This was not a good thing for young impressionable teenage minds such as my own to be exposed to. One thing was for sure, my Andy Williams fan mother didn't deal well with David Bowie's influence very well. One night back in 1976, I recall my mother ripping Bowie's drug induced stare poster off my bedroom wall, then throwing me to the ground and kicking me.  Ouch!

It's not that he wasn't enormously talented, gifted and a hard working, but David Bowie's act and music were pure illuminati based Satanism designed for mass consumption. In a recent article in Rolling Stone, Bowie states he idolized a fascist Hitler in the 1970's during his rise to fame saying Hitler was a rock star in his own right.  I thought Bowie was about love, not fascism.
"He became intrigued by Third Reich history and Nazi mythology. He had said years earlier in an interview, 'I believe very strongly in fascism.' In 1974 he told Playboy, 'Adolf Hitler was one of the first rock stars. Look at some of the films and see how he moved. I think he was quite as good as Jagger." - Cover Story Excerpt: David Bowie - Rolling Stone Magazine
What kind of idiot was David Bowie to say such a thing? Clearly Bowie was an ignorant fool, using his act to influence people's minds towards an agenda, one that was dark, disturbing, twisted and demented.
He lived for a time in a Manhattan town house, but after a tense conflict there one night with Jimmy Page, Bowie believed that the Led Zeppelin guitarist – who owned the English home of late black-magic philosopher Aleister Crowley – had put his soul in peril. Cover Story Excerpt: David Bowie - Rolling Stone Magazine
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not judging David Bowie, I'm just denoting how naive I was to think he was just a rock and roll artist and entertainer.  Bowie was clearly more than that, using the power of demons and Satan like few others had harnessed so masterfully.   One could even say David Bowie was a possessed man, and clearly his own attempts to become exorcised proved he was aware of his self-destructive path.

There's clear evidence of subliminal praise of Satan when Led Zepplin's music is analyzed played backwards.  When we heard about this in the 1970's we thought it was hoax rubbish.

Regardless, many times when people are possessed by demonic entities their ability to pull through and change makes them very special as a testament to others of the reality of these things existing.  I cannot sit in judgment of David Bowie, only observe he was not a mere rock and roll act, but something far more that came from a dark spiritual realm of demonic entities.  

The reborn Christians exorcized me of David Bowie's demonic influences back in 1990.  I thought the goons were cruel and ridiculous back then, but now I better understand.  You'd have to be spiritually blinded to still partake in this Bowie worship admiration society today.  To think there are even those who still refer to Bowie as a genius! 
Aladdin Sane Cover - 1973 (A Lad Insane)

The fact is that David Bowie's merely been a conduit for supernatural powers from the dark realm of Satan.  Satan tends to have supernatural qualities of genius, but it's a forgery, fake, faux version of real genius of the Creator of the universe.  Can Bowie create a galaxy or sun like star? What he did in the 1970's was some kind of demonic propaganda mind control apparatus to pollute human minds with.  Bowie's influence from that time period has done more destruction to youthful minds then he'd ever want to admit.  

Satan exists as the anti-thesis of God.  People have to open their eyes to the fact many of these rock and roll acts from the 1970's and beyond were full of Satanic influences.  People would greatly benefit from rooting out these influences in their subconscious minds by shedding some light on them.  Had I known back then what I know of David Bowie today, I would have completely ignored him.

Today the illuminati has a tight grip on music industry. I intend on doing more research and posting about illuminati influences in the music industry on this blog at a later date.