Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Huge Victory for the Anti Smart Meter Movement - PG&E Now Offers Opt-Out Program in California

I wanted to thank all those, including Rosalind Peterson, who have worked hard towards enabling us in California to opt-out on the PG&E Smart Meters.  Yesterday I received a certified letter from PG&E letting me know that I have until May, 2012 to opt-out on their Smart Meter Plan.  They had attempted to install the Smart Meter for my apartment a few weeks ago but I requested a hold per the pending legislation to potentially opt-out.

For a Smart Meter opt-out there's a small $75 fee and a $10 per month charge but it's worth it.  People with Smart Meters will be paying more for their electricity so I don't have a problem paying the extra monthly charge under those circumstances.

In turn for my being able to opt-out I won't be subjecting myself to dangerous electromagnetic waves and to a violation of my privacy. These Smart Meters will enable the monitoring of people's appliance usage opening the door for future privacy issues as well.

Thanks to all those who helped contribute to my having a choice over Smart Meters.

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