Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meet GoogSista - New Female Android Assimilates By Wasting Your Time

**WARNING** This article is a little freaky and only for the strong minded. Read at your own risk. This post is my creative way of dealing with someone who was extremely difficult and manipulative who cost me considerable time and money over her "issues" I was blamed for last night.

Last night I learned there's a new breed of female evolving from the days of a far less intrusive technological society I lived in most of my life.  I urge the reader to take special note of what follows in my post demonstrating how the latest female android model  roll out looks, acts and sounds and what her primary function is.

I've learned this particular model of android I've coined "GoogSista" was initially programmed at Stanford, then transferred over to Google, Inc.  However, there are many more similar models being rolled out all over the country. I chose the tag GoogSista because this droid's been clearly programmed to appear as a sisterly type of friend to humans while being a Google propagandist roll out for new visionary ideas for the future.  Artwork above left by Artist David Ho - See Interviews - David Ho

Is it just me? I can't understand a word GoogSista's saying.  Is this a new form of language where meaningless words defined by Google are strung together to say nothing whatsoever?  I don't think my human brain's wired to hear any of it but am able to detect there's some time killing mechanism installed in this particular droid model.  

My brush with a female android posing as a human was as follows.  It may sound mundane to some, but for me it was a mind blowing encounter with an other worldly android.
"Yesterday GoogSista called while I was nearing arrival at her loan signing appointment claiming she would be 45 minutes late due to being stuck in traffic.  I thought it unusual that if she knew she was that far from home why she didn't earlier.  Why'd she call so late at 5:15 p.m. for a 5:30 p.m. appointment under those circumstances?  With this news I actually had to turn back since I rented a Zip Car with limited time available.  It wasn't really that big a deal to me though because GoogSista had rescheduled the signing near my home later that evening. Regardless, what followed were strange manifestations from this initial change of plans that made me feel as if I was in a Twilight Zone episode.
After the initial change in plans, GoogSista said she would meet me at the Fairmont Hotel at 6:00 p.m in my part of town.  I arrived on time, then waited 10 minutes naturally wondering where GoogSista was.  I tried calling thinking nothing of it but two times GoogSista ignored my calls letting it roll into voice mail.  I noted GoogSista wasn't trying to reach me whatsoever so I called a third time at 6:20 p.m. to learn I had apparently become an annoyance, triggering high drama hysterics!  GoogSista answered her cell in a panicked argumentative tone claiming she was on the other side of town near Noe Valley and that her predicament was all my fault, that I had somehow caused it all to happen and that I was being difficult 
In a highly defensive mode as if I was attacking her simply for inquiring as to her time of arrival the droid said "I've lived in San Francisco a long time. . "  What? I thought, what did that have to do with anything? It was almost as if some computer programmer triggered a coded script that then became accusatory of me as if I was extremely upset with her.  The fact was I had been relaxing on a couch at the Fairmont Hotel's lobby within walking distance of my home and wasn't upset at all. Turns out GoogSista would be another 30 minutes, at least that's what she wanted me to believe.
I responded to the new appointment time claiming I had no problem waiting and countered that I wasn't upset at all since I was enjoying the Fairmont Hotel's jazz pianist.  Apparently, this calm response triggered GoogSista's programming to make sure I would feel some unpleasant emotion because she later became a no show not even having the courtesy to call.  Clearly GoogSista was planting her mind control apparatus in my human experience, or at least believed she was.  What had begun innocently enough was really some kind of program to assimilate me into a helpless state of being that relied heavily on time manipulation and mind control.  In other words, I was doing my usual thing as a loan signing agent while expecting an outcome that was repeatedly being usurped.  My experience has generally been that borrowers are usually happy to cooperate in my helping them finalize their home refinance paperwork.  In this case, some other worldly factor was at work that blew my mind." 

After I did a little research on this odd android experience, I learned  GoogSista actually had arrived after all, but through another dimension of my psyche as a time vampire.  Somehow I was supposed to feel bad, that I had done something terribly wrong to GoogSista.  I wanted to understand what was happening in this matter so I began researching.  I discovered GoogSista looks a lot like Meg Tilly, (right)  the former actress from the 1980's who played in The Big Chill and Psycho II.  This Tilly look alike discovery occurred after I thought I had found a photo on Linkedin of GoogSista (left) that actually looked a lot like former actress Kristy McNichol from the 1980's.  Turns out the KM look alike was another person with GoogSista's assumed name who was an aerospace engineer.  I was relieved to say the least that this GoogSista droid wasn't modeled after Kristy McNichol after all.  Believe me, I'm aware how strange this post is, I thought I was in the Twilight Zone last night and this post is my expression of how I felt dealing with it all.

So my discovery turned up that GoogSista had apparently been modeled after Meg Tilly the actress of Psycho II.  How appropriate that the droid's programmers wanted to freak out their enemies this way.  Just think of it being much like how the military uses manless predator drones to attack enemies, these are manless droids conducting psyche warfare and psyops.

After this strange, rather inhuman experience with a droid, I began to reflect on the fact GoogSista took up 3.5 hours of my time as the first clue of who she was.  Just to think in one of my earlier posts I thought the MoFo lady was bad!  See post Mofos Still Living in a Bubble World About To Pop.  It turns out that in retrospect GoogSista was far worse being much closer to the Star Trek Borg assimilation model than the MoFo.

In this video, GoogSista confirms the most valuable resource humans have is time. 

I had already been forewarned about the roll out of this next evolutionary phase of female droids having had a similar supervisor droid at Kirkland & Ellis LLP back in 2006.  GoogSistas apparently suppress their own human nature so as to avoid human vulnerability.  This conflict of human vulnerability causes droids to trigger their time killer programs used to manipulate the vulnerabilities of our 'inferior' human species.  From my experience, assimilation through time manipulation of humans is one of the primary functions of a GoogSista. 

These are highly programmable female droids so what or who do you think programs them to carry out their plans? They seem much like the unmanned drones being controlled wirelessly from a hidden source.  The term "unmanned" should be hint enough whose behind these droids. They're manned alright, but wirelessly so that others can't detect the true source of control.

One of the reasons I liked former actress Kristy McNichol was she was so human with emotional intelligence.  These new models of female droids scare me being void of soul, spirit or any hint of human life.  I don't detect any soul whatsoever, just empty space with meaningless chatter from something trying to pose as a human being.

GoogSista was clearly programmed to waste my time last night.  It seems time was the key factor this droid used to attempt to assimilate me with.  Best to take note of it for future reference that these androids seem programmed to kill humans' time on earth through various types of manipulation of mind control.

"Before going much further, however, it is important for the reader to understand just what is meant when the term “Singularity” is used. Defined by TIME, “Singularity” is “The moment when technological change becomes so rapid and profound, it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history.” Simply put, Singularity is the moment when man and machine merge to create a new type of human – a singular entity that contains property of both machines and humans.

Unfortunately, Singularity is not a fringe movement as some might at first believe; it has a great number of followers, many of whom are in powerful positions. For instance, the Singularity University is a three-year-old institution that offers inter-disciplinary courses for both executives and graduate students.  It is hosted by NASA, a notorious front for secretive projects conducted by the government and the military-industrial complex. Not only that, but Google, which is yet another corporate front for intelligence agencies, was a founding sponsor of the University as well. Merging Man and Machine: Singularity vs. Humanity - Activist Feb 9, 2012

If GoogSistas are allowed to flourish and evolve in the future, humanity's going to have one hell of a "time" so to speak dealing with these latest roll out models that rely on people's ignorance. One has to be aware and knowledgeable or be doomed to assimilation.  Let's face it, we're living in unusual times thanks to technology evolving into highly intelligent neurological machines. Don't ever forget these are not normal times in world history!  Most everyone is always carrying around some form of advanced technology these days being practically married to it.  We're merging with machines more than we'd ever like to know.

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Cyborgs Are Coming! Living Brains Implanted with Electronic Chips to Replace 'Faulty' Parts  - Daily Mail UK

Blogger's Note: 

For those familiar with this blog, you may note this particular post has taken a rather unique creative flare. Highly critical people will look at this article and say "she's nuts". It's just my creative writing and nothing more.  Do I believe GoogChick is really an android?  Not really, more like a spiritually void droid to be more accurate. I thought GoogChick's video really made her seem and sound like an android.  When I saw the video I also thought she looked a lot like actress Meg Tilly did back in the 1982 film Big Chill.

I attribute this change in creative writing to my recent use of essential oil aromatics, particularly lavender essential oil from Young Living I consume in my tea and put in my incense diffuser.  I may also be influenced by the brain booster Prevagen I've taken the past four weeks. I've also been wearing my Q-Link pendant as well that boosts the body's natural biofield to protect from electromagnetic bombardment from electric devices.